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Monday, March 7, 2011

Amico Bio is an Amico Mio!

Amico Bio is the healthiest tasty restaurant in London. That pretty much says it all. At home I try to stick to an organic vegan diet, after educating myself on the subject with the help of amazing Jeni Cook, I came to the conclusion that it's necessary. Organic certification is pretty much the only one you can trust and eating pesticides along with all the vitamins even if you stick to the "healthy" veg is just as harmful as it is good. Ideally we should eat organic/vegan/local/raw but doing my best is all I can do and suggest so far, just don't tell me you can't and then complain about being sick and old. When eating out I don't pay as much attention to my diet because it's practically impossible and would take most of the fun out of the experience. This is why when I first found Amico Bio at a press food event I was ecstatic to discover their food to be so delicious. The owner, Pasquale is an incredible host who's happy to tell you about their family's farm the ingredients come from and suggest a bottle of incredible organic wine. The restaurant is a tasteful space in a trendy part of East London. Everything from beer to the dessert is organic and vegetarian, with some vegan and even gluten free options. Italian food is ideal for vegetarian options so there's plenty of delicious options to please everyone. Possibly an important part of the experience for some is the price. And with succulent dishes like a vegetarian sunday roast option "Arrosto di Seitan" - seitan (an amazing roast beef substitute in tasty sauce), roast carrots, potatoes and braised cabbage for only �8 or ravioli filled with smoked scamorza cheese in cherry tomato and basil sauce for �7 it's hard to beat, considering the quality of the ingredients. Service charge is also at your discretion, but I'm convinced you will be leaving wanting to tip more than you were billed. However, despite the non-pretentious prices you're likely to spot an occasional Hollywood celebrity when you visit, as we well know, they tend to be more up to speed with the value of eating fresh organic fruit and  veg. All the information is on a really informative Amico Bio site See you there!

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