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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WARSAW - agata, centrum sztuki wsp�lczesnej & ren�e, plac trech krzyzy, 06/30/10

Lady Lala

Lorraine Russell has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. Having worked as a stylist in the music industry with some serious A list stars, she has built up a tremendous amount of experience not to mention some great contacts. She has put these great contacts to use in her blog, The Lala Report which covers news and events in popular culture focusing specifically on music and fashion. She started the blog last August as an outlet for her love of the entertainment industry and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

What made you start blogging?
Outside of blogging, I also work as a freelance fashion stylist, primarily in the music industry.  The blog was set up due because of a few reasons;  My friends use to refer to me as "The News of The World", because if they wanted to know the latest in popular culture, they would ask me. They also encouraged me to set up a blog, as they were tired of getting random emails about the all the celebrity gossip that was happening across the globe (even though they have admitted to to loving my many random emails lol). I also wanted to use the knowledge that I had developed over my working years in the music and fashion industry in another way other than styling,

Describe the concept behind The Lala Report.
The concept of The Lala Report is just reporting to readers what's happening in the latest in music and fashion, on both sides of the Atlantic. I feature new music video, fashion trends, music and fashion news, sometimes things "in between".

Over the last year bloggers have really made their mark in the fashion and music industry, how do you think they will continue to push the boundaries over the next few years?
With the demise of many publications, the internet has become the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way of getting whatever information you need to get.  Blogs allow not only you the "blogger" to have a format where you can express your opinion, but the general public can also to have access to sharing their opinion on whatever topic mostly interest them, whereas before this was not possible with "hard copy" magazine publications. This makes your blog develop a character and can pre-determine what subject matters you write about, by what your subscribers show interest to.  Hard copy magazine prior to the invention of the internet would dictate what they would write about, there wasn't that much involvement with the reader. I think bloggers will have as much influence as major publication editors (i.e. Anna Wintour, US Vogue editor).  Some have already carved out successful career of the back of there blogs (i.e. Perez Hilton).

You come up with a lot of topical issues on your blog, how do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspirations from the "main" stories of the day, or just stories that interest me. As I have been running my blog from August 2009, I feel that I know my readers well, and I know what they would be interested in hearing about. I also see what being talked about on networking sites like "Twitter" and Facebook.

What do you do when you are not working on your blog?
I always work on my blog, its a daily thing for me.  I am currently working on some up and coming projects which I will talk about on my blog in the next few months.  Both are very exciting and challenging. I also have a weekly slot on Bang 103.6 FM where I do a weekly entertainment roundup on the drive time show with Mr Silk. I have been working with Bang since October, and its a format that has worked very well for both of us.  My first show invited interest from an online US site called Udub News. They had asked me to become the face of their section called "Girl, Did You Know".  My blog page is now linked to that site, which has increased my subscribers, and introduced my alter ego "Miss Lala" to a new US audience.

Describe a typical day in the life of Lorraine Russell.
Blog, project 1, project 2, gym, blog. Not necessarily in that order. lol.

What are your favourite glossy magazines?
Grazia, Heat and Now.

Name five blogs that you read religiously
Mad News, Concreteloop, Punchbowl Blog, The Urban Gentleman and Bossip.

How do you see The Lala Report evolving over the next two years?
Jeeze, I tend not to think about that, as I do this primarily for the love.  Its been good to me so far, bringing me lots of opportunities.  Hopefully it will continue to bring me more great projects and opportunities to work on.

You can read Lorraine's blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter here.  

Project Runway Season 8 Promo Video


Whose Legs Are These?

Photo: Bartholomew Cooke/LATimes Magazine

The stockinged legs in the foreground belong to one of our favorite Project Runway models. Can you guess who this is? Mouseover for the answer.

Heidi Klum to Produce "Seriously Funny Kids"

ANOTHER reality show from Heidi? Where does she find the energy? Click here for more from Variety.

My Space - Wendi Bekoe from Wendi B Writes

Most of us reach a mini crisis point in our lives when we think �Help, I�ve not done half the things I planned to do when I was younger.� For some this can result in a total meltdown or for others it can lead to something positive and creative. This is what Wendi Bekoe experienced earlier a few years ago when she reached a landmark bday and this lead to the creation of This Person Called Me which is a blog which is the diary of her inner thoughts. This year she followed that up with Wendi B Writes which covers topical issues on social and popular culture. Wendi is a busy lady, when she is not blogging she is holding down her nine to five job and also freelances for Candy magazine. I caught up with her to find out where she blogs.

Describe the concept of your blogs
My This Person Called Me blog started a few months before I turned 30, and it was an online diary for me to vent my panic and frustrations at not being where I wanted to be or where I thought I should be as a 30 year-old. Since then it has become a witty, sometimes sad, but very honest account of my progression in finding a relationship and career I can be happy with. Wendi B Writes is a blog predominantly aimed at women, but of course everyone is welcome. It consists of topics, features and discussions relating to anything to do with social and popular culture. A lot of the topics come from things I see, experience, or just generally chat about with friends. I also have a section called Who Remembers? that features anything old school we remember growing up. The blog is also a portfolio of pieces I have had published elsewhere.

Where do you scribe?
Usually at home on the sofa, in front of the television, or sometimes at work on my lunch break... and maybe after my lunch break too... Shh!

Why that place?
The sitting room is the most comfortable place for me (apart from my bed, but my wireless internet doesn�t stretch as far as my room!) and I have the Sky TV there and family wondering around, who I can run ideas across. I�m not actually one of those people who can work in silence; I like to take inspiration from things going on around me.
What is on your sofa at the moment?
Right now cushions, a notepad and pen, my Blackberry and hands-free kit, and myself.

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall?
I don�t have any visual inspiration up on the walls, I find that I rather jot down things I see or ideas I have in my notebook. But I do have a vision board in my room, with buzz words and images that I�m gradually working towards achieving.

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?
Since I live at home I don�t have an office space, but in terms of my bedroom I�d say I have an organised mess! So to the naked eye it may look untidy, but I know where everything is.

Check out Wendi's blog, This Person Called Me and Wendi B Writes.

You can follow her on Twitter.

Click here to read previous My Space posts.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Portrait of Shannon in her Christian Siriano Wedding Gown

tell me what you know about dreamin�

Mango trousers, Zara heels, crop top from Australia, necklace from ebay and ShopLush bag

Sun & Sea in OC

You've been dieting since New Year's, you've been in the gym every other day, you've gone Brazilian and even Jersey Shore girls would envy your fake bake, but you can't find a hot bikini to save your life.  No woman will deny that a good swimsuit makes all the difference. Enter OC. A couture designer with a line of swimwear to sweep you off your feet. A Kiev native Oleg Skirda is a purist in his own right. His craftsmanship is impeccable, every stitch is measured by the millimetre and sewn by hand. His self taught skills in rare french techniques are not only perfected but improvised. His swimwear is no exception, only this time Oleg has also taken it upon himself to defy gravity and give us a breast lift using only his own developed push-up cups which have been perfected to a science. OC has two swimwear lines - swimwear and haute couture swimwear. Haute couture is hand-sewn with Swarovski crystals and pearls, Japanese beads, and vintage Italian beads and sequence. The design can't be duplicated, it comes to life without an initial drawing and sewn directly on the model. It's created to underline the natural beauty of a woman's body, and believe it or not, these works of art are made for fun in the sun - you can swim and even wash them without worrying about damaging precious details. "The real bikini is what mother nature gave a woman - her body, I'm simply accentuating her work" Oleg Skirda. For prices and delivery please contact Oleg through his site.

The Facebook Movie

I had heard mutterings regarding a film about Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg starring Justin Timberlake but nothing concrete was established. Then today I came across this post on fellow pop culture blog, Mediacation. It looks like the Facebook film is truly on � in fact considering that the trailer has already been made it would be safe to say that it is more than on. The film is aptly called The Social Network and is about the rags to riches story of social media�s first wunderkid. The cast ensemble consists of Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake playing Sean Parker, Napster co-founder and Facebook founding president, Andrew Garfield playing Eduardo Saverin, the founder they fell out with as well as Rashida Jones. The Social Network has serious talent attached to it; the director is Oscar winning, David Fincher who brought us The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the producers are Hollywood�s big time producer Scott Rudin who has worked on numerous hits such as Clueless, First Wives Club, The Queen and Notes on a Scandal., Michael Deluca  who worked on The Love Guru and 21 as well as Kevin Spacey who really needs no introduction. The trailer does not give too much away but it kind of has a dark and moody feel to it with a slice of intruige.

The Social Network hits the US in October.

For more information check out the website.  

PARIS - men's fashion week ss 11, 06/27/10

All the photos of my stay in Oslo are up on my visual diary.

berlin: big city farm

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Not Too Late - NYC Fans Head to Season 8 Event!

Photo: Mark Yonskie

Our Mark Y is on the scene and reports that Tim Gunn is on site!

If you are in the New York area here�s your chance to be part of Project Runway! Come join us and cast a vote for your favorite look in one of Project Runway Season 8�s challenges.

Stop by our designers� showcase on Sunday, June 27th from 2pm-4pm & let your opinion be heard!

Helen Mills Event Space

137-139 West 26th Street NYC 10001

Between 6th Ave. & 7th Ave. on the north side of the Street

You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement and an appearance release in order to enter the showroom. No cameras allowed.

Congratuations, Shannon Siriano

Shannon Siriano and Evan Greenwood were married yesterday in Detroit and of course Christian Siriano designed his beautiful sister's elegant gown.

Photo courtesy of Brad Walsh

Congratulations to the happy couple. Shannon, you looked glorious!

PARIS - facundo, men's fashion week ss 11, 06/26/10

new york: jeans & t-shirt

Clothes Show London

One of the mini regrets of my life is never making it down to The Clothes Show Live. I loved the show when it was on BBC back in the 80s (yeah I know I am showing my age) and I also liked it when it made a return a few years ago. The event started in London in the late 80s and then moved to Birmingham a few years later. I always meant to make it up there but never got round to it so last year I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was returning to London. Clothes Show London is aimed at a slightlt older crowd but netherless the aim is still the same which is to offer a great fashion experience to the capital's fashionistas and boy did they succeed. The event runs for three days and is jam packed with fashion and beauty events with a dash of music on top. There were performances by Paloma Faith, new 'male' band The Wanted and a selection of indie rock bands performing at the Sketchbook Magazine stand. Celebrities in attendance were former Clothes Show presenter, Caryn Franklin, TV presenter, George Lamb and his father Larry Lamb, fashion journalist, Hilary Alexander and Hollyoaks stars, Ricky Whittle and Stuart Manning. The venue was packed with stands selling clothes, make up and offering beauty and health tips. After a wander round and a visit to the press office, I decided to check out the fashion show.
This fashion show was like no other that I have seen. For a start it was huge with a whooping 415 outfit changes presented by 40 fabulous models and dancers in eight different scenes. The concept was based on fashion cities around the world such as Tokyo, New York, Paris, Milan and, London. Set to fantastic back drops that celebrated the cities's style. High street, designer, boutique and couture; it was all here. The show kicked off with an image of the world globe and an icon making its way to. Tokyo. We were treated to a. Martial arts dance which was fast and furious and then the fashion began with Shibuya girls and guys parading down the stage. We moved onto New York with its Hip Hop era with breakdancing and grafiti in the background. Then there was there was a Sex and the City lifestyle with Macy's as a backdrop. Then it was onto Rome with clothes that featured the sexiness and sassiness of Italian style. Pretty soon it was Paris and this section paid homage to Moulin Roiuge with lots of ruffles pieces, suits and elaborate head wear. Last but certainly not least was London featuring the punk scene, Carmaby Street and 80s fashion. The funkiness of Brick Lane was featured and we reached full circle with the naughties and the re embracement of Brit fashion. The whole show has a lot of energy from start top finish.
Talking of Carnaby Street, this little nugget in West London celebrates 50 years of fashion and music so it is only fitting that they occupy a stand that recreates that magic. The stand consisted of the iconic Carnaby arch with a selection of the famous streets that make up this popular street as well as brands like Pepe London, Lee Jeans, Make Up Store and Lazy Oaf. Also the wonderful people from Sketchbook Magazine have a space where they hosted up and coming bands. Clothes Show London is a fun event which is perfect for a girl's day out. My only gripe is with the prices: the cheapest was �26 and you had to pay �8 for a goodie bag which contained a programme and a discount card. The platinum premium tickets were a whooping �38 which included the goodie bag and a premium seat at the fashion show. I find this pricing excessive because when you think about it you are simply paying to go shopping; there are no exclusive events there that you cannot get elsewhere. In my opinion I don't think visitors were given real value for money. Note to organisers - introduce an early bird booking price of �20 which includes a goodie and entry to the fashion show. 

Clothes Show London ends today at 6.30pm. 

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range

Achieve fair, healthy skin inside and out with the new Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range. It's a 4-product skin regimen that covers the 8 dimensions of healthy fairness - Protect, Shield, Lighten, Renew, Block, Calm, Prevent, and Restore.

Each of the products under the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range has HealthyWhite Complex, a combination of natural ingredients that effectively work on the surface and deep within skin to provide women with visible skin-tone improvement. It's a combination of Essential Soy, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Ascorbyl Glucoside (Stabilized Vitamin C) and Portulaca Extract (natural plant extract). These ingredients target hyperpigmentation at its source.

The Fairness Regimen

Each of the products in the Neutrogena Fine Fairness� range now available in the Philippines � Fine Fairness� Cleanser, Fine Fairness� Toner, Fine Fairness� Lotion SPF 30/PA++, Fine Fairness � Cream � work synergistically to bring out the skin�s natural fairness and radiance.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness� Cleanser (PhP 297.00) is the first step in achieving long lasting radiance. This purifies the skin as it thoroughly removes impurities, helping improve overall fairness and clarity. The rich and creamy foam removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells without stripping skin of its natural moisture. It also contains Vitamin C, Essential Soy and skin-lighteners to improve fairness and translucence of skin.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness� Toner (PhP 458.25) is a whitening toner that helps improve overall fairness and translucence. It contains Vitamin C and Essential Soy� to help reduce discoloration for a more even skin tone. Special liposome delivery system deposits whitening ingredients into skin to help lighten overall complexion. Natural extracts and skin conditioners also replenish moisture, keeping skin soft and hydrated.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness� Lotion SPF 30/PA++ (PhP 720.00) prevents the appearance of melanin on the inside and at the same time, moisturizes and protects skin on the outside. With HealthyWhite� Complex and light-diffusing minerals, it boosts the whitening process and reduces uneven pigmentation. In addition, the UVA and UVB formula with SPF 30 shields skin from darkening and photo damage. This oil-free whitening lotion improves overall skin fairness, reduces dullness and sallowness, while smoothening skin and making pores less visible.

Suited for use at night, the Neutrogena Fine Fairness� Cream (PhP 774.00) protects inner skin against melanin to give an even, translucent skin tone. It also has high concentrations of HealthyWhite� Complex, thereby giving skin a healthy, rosy glow while you sleep.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekend News from Heidi Klum, Malan Breton, Christian Siriano and Tim Gunn

Heidi Klum is on the July 2010 cover of the Russian Tatler magazine.

Christian Siriano is in Italian Vogue.

Click here for the latest musings from Malan Breton.

Tim Gunn supports the New York Fashion Industry in this article from the Wall Street Journal.

MILAN - chantal, duomo, 06/10/10

chatting to Conrad from tape tv

a while ago i told you about how the smart urban stage took over berlin for a couple of months bringing you shows and parties from a wide range of hosts. anyone from motor fm to tape tv was involved. talking of tape tv, I had the opportunity to have a chat with Conrad Fritsch, �ber-smart and forward-thinking head of the online tv channel. Fritsch understands the complicated needs of the internet user and the fact that when we feel like having one particular thing, say milk for example, in reality we probably want organic 2 % milk from company X. same goes for cars, water, furniture, friends, vacation, fashion, laptops, blogs, ......, hot tubs and online television. the latter was subject to our conversation which you can check out in the video below..

by the way: this video was originally produced for the smart urban stage blog, which is very much worth checking out.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bitch is the new Black by Helena Andrews

She is a bitch and so am I. Bitches get stuff done...Bitch is the new black!
Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, 2008
Everyone is going on about this book and how great it is. I must admit the title did not do it for me but after a reading a few rave reviews it piqued my interest so I requested a review copy from Harper Collins US. Bitch is the new Black is a sort of memoir by Helena Andrews who is a hot shot journalist who has written for top magazines such as The New York Times, Marie Claire Magazine, O Magazine and Politico. Despite her glam career and fancy Ivy League education, Helena has not had the most easiest of childhoods; what with a lesbian and pot-smoking mother, a grandmother who kidnapped her in order to save her from her dysfuntional upbringing to being the only Black kid in her area. She survived all that drama and has built a great career for herself but alas her life is missing one thing - a good man. This leads her to ask the question whether her success is scaring men away. Currently I am reading I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk but as soon as I have finished that I will be right onto this book so look out for a review.

Bitch is the new Black is available to buy from amazon.

Check out the website here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

You have to go here...

Last Sunday morning I headed to Salisbury without great expectations. Summer solstice in Stonehenge. Yeah, it sounded good, but I wasn't hoping to see the sunrise. For my first time at the event, touching the stones and being literally in the middle of Stonehenge was more than enough. And luckily enough -for first time since 2003- the clear sky let us enjoy the sunrise. The magical atmosphere cannot be described with words. Since you get there, an ethereal feeling of belonging involves you. At a glance, the out of training eye might be a bit shocked by that Woodstock meets weirdos-convention that all this seems to be about. But after a little while, you can only perceive the magic and those edgy aesthetics became part of it. You better go next year and check it by yourself. It is said that the life-changing trips are always worth it. This is one of them.

El domingo pasado me dirig� hacia Salisbury sin ninguna expectativa. El solsticio de verano en Stonehenge. S�, sonaba bien, pero yo no ten�a ninguna esperanza de poder ver el amanecer. Para ser mi primer 20 de junio en Stonehenge, poder tocar las piedras y estar literalmente en el centro del monumento megal�tico era m�s que suficiente. Y este a�o, por suerte para m�, y por primera vez desde el a�o 2003, el cielo despejado permiti� ver a los presentes el incre�ble amanecer. La magia del ambiente no puede describirse con palabras. Desde que llegas un et�reo sentimiento de pertenencia te envuelve. A simple vista el ojo desentrenado puede pensar que ha ido a un acontecimiento en alg�n lugar entre Woodstock y una convenci�n de raritos. Sin embargo, tras breves momentos lo �nico que se percibe es la magia y esa est�tica tan diferente de algunos de los asistentes ayuda. El pr�ximo a�o mejor acudid y comprobad por vosotros mismos. Dicen que los viajes que cambian vidas siempre merecen la pena.