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Monday, June 30, 2008

Why I love HC

Can I say just wow?! I love everything Galliano has showed for Dior Haute Couture. And when I say everything, I mean it!

Puedo decir que simplemente me encanta todo lo que Galliano ha presentado para Dior Alta Costura? Los sombreros, los colores, las transparencias, la cintura marcada, todo.


Topshop HACKLE High Leg Fringe Gladiator Sandals

Topshop's HACKLE High Leg Fringe Gladiator Sandals, �25 are so hot. Just like Etro's Suede High-Top Fringe Gladiator Sandals, these are the sandals to be seen in. I love these so much, am getting all five colours. Yes.. Five!!! They also come in black and purple.

From The Mailbox

Click here for an interview with Christian Siriano in What's Up? Thanks Chris.

Click here to submit your questions for an upcoming interview with Tim Gunn in Time Magazine. Thanks Orli.

Click here to visit our Shear Genius blog and to read our exit interview with Oshun.

PARIS - men's fashion week ss09, 06/29/08

daily inspiration

This weekend was great - the sun was shining constantly and it was really hot. I spent most of my time outside by the lake side or by river side listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, eating lots of fruit and occasionally taking a swim. The time I spent inside I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii with my boyfriend, so much fun.
Then yesterday the Euro 08 finale took place and I went to the fanzone one last time. What a great night that was, the city was electric everybody was celebrating.
I've never seen the city so alive and buzzling as it has been now during the Euro, it was one big party almost every night. I hope all of your had a great weekend!

from StockholmStreetStyle

I recently got this skirt but so far I've only worn it once and in a rather unspectacular combination. This cute Swedish girl combined the skirt perfectly, making it look cool and laid back - like a rebel princess who ran off to become a rockstar ^o^ I might try something like this once the weather gets a bit cooler again. Right now I can't imagine wearing layers or something like a nylon skirt >.<

On another note, today the Haute Couture F/W 08.09 season starts in Paris. Today's highlights include Christian Dior and Giorgio Armani Priv�, yay!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

welcome to the jungle - we've got fun and games

last night's superfabulous ponystep felt a bit like a safari. befitting successor of legendary club night BOOMBOX this new monthly sunday night extravaganza features elegant gazelles cavorting the dancefloor, sexy lions roaming the bar and plenty if tourists showing off unique souvenirs. ROARRR

for more ponystepping go to knicken

Click Here To Apply For Project Runway Season Six

Click here to download the application. Deadline is July 9th. Good luck designers!

Rehearsal Dinner Dress - a la Bahamas

So, the coolest thing happened when I finally picked out my rehearsal dinner dress...I'll start from the beginning to tell you all about it...

I went shopping with one of my bridesmaids to find the perfect rehearsal dinner dress, and we looked EVERYWHERE! It was sooo much harder to find the right one than I expected it to be. Perhaps I was just being extra picky...I dunno, but it just was. Anywho, I fiiiinally found a dress I loved at Neiman's - a white and yellow ombre dress with a big tie behind the neck. It was stunning and of course, it was like $350. Yikes! I wanted a nice dress since it was for such a special occasion but not $350-nice! Knowing there were only two of these dresses left, I regretfully put the dress back on the rack and waved goodbye, hoping I would forget about it.

I ended up going to Banana Republic a few weeks later and found a beautiful eggplant-colored, one shoulder, satin-y dress with a simple waist-tie that I thought just may be the perfect rehearsal dinner dress. The dress looked great on and was super comfortable and lightweight - exactly what I was looking for for my tropical event. Still, I couldn't stop thinking about the yellow ombre dress. I put the BR dress on hold and decided to think about it. On my way home, I decided to swing by Neiman's to try the yellow ombre dress on one more time to see if I really loved it that much more than the BR one.

When I got to Neiman's I went upstairs to find the rack where I had originally found the yellow ombre dress and as my heart sank, I realized it wasn't there. *sad face* I quickly asked the salesgirl if she remembered the dress and much to my hopes & fears, she told me it was on sale. I followed her as she went to the sale rack to see if it was still there and it was! But, it my size, I wondered, as nervous butterflies twittered around in my stomach. You'll never believe, but it was! Better yet, it was roughly 30% off - a much better fit for my budget. I knew it was meant to be.

Here she is:

See how the colors stand out so nicely:

This yellow & white ombre dress is by Alice & Olivia. I can't find the dress online, but you may have better luck w/ an in-store search. Since our rehearsal dinner was a beach bonfire, I paired my dress with simple metallic flip flops by J Crew. �Ahh...beautiful beach bliss.

Best shops in town - II

Esquina is a very urban shop located in Plaza Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela. It offers an interesting selection of clothes by Spanish designers such as Sita Murt. (I really love the blue long dress by her which appears on the video). The relationship between quality and price is good, and there are different styles to choose from.

Esquina es una tienda de ropa muy urbana, situada en Santiago de Compostela. Ofrece una selecci�n de prendas muy interesantes, especialmente las que est�n firmadas por dise�adores espa�oles, como Sita Murt (me encanta el vestido largo azul que aparece en el v�deo). La relaci�n calidad-precio no est� nada mal, y tienen muchos estilos diferentes de d�nde elegir.

Ver mapa m�s grande

PARIS - men's fashion week ss09, 06/28/08

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Topshop must haves!!!!!!

RUFFLE Fringe T-Bar Shoe in Gold, �60.

RUDY2 Platform Sandal, �60.

FONDA High Cuff Sandal, �50.

FONDA High Cuff Sandal, �50.

The must-haves for this season from Topshop. This is why Topshop is the true leader of the highstreet.

PARIS - men's fashion week ss09, 06/27/08

Songs for Summer Sketching

I was recently tagged by the lovely Laurel over at It's Her Factory, but rather than songs that are 'shaping my summer' I have decided to present a list of songs that I find inspirational and love working to - sitting in the sun with nothing but my headphones, a sketchpad and my imagination.


List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they�re not any good, but they must be songs you�re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they�re listening to.

Without spending hours rummaging through the hundreds and hundreds on songs on my computer, I have come up with a list below which strike me immediately. It's in no particular order...just whatever popped out of my head first.

1. I Melt With You - Nouvelle Vague - This will always be a favourite of mine with it's witty and playful elegance.

2. Demolition - Patrick Wolf - A musical genius. This hauntingly simple song sets my imagination on fire, not intruding upon but gently stroking my imagination!

3. Verita - Josh Groban - Listened to in solitude, this song pulls at every heart string and sends shivers down my spine, even though I don't understand Italian.

4. Bad Education - Tilly and the Wall - With a tap dancer for a drummer and vocalists who wail like heartbroken children yet still manage to sound beautifully enchanting, this song is a must. It's a heavily layered folksy song, with twangy guitars, amazing percussion makes me want to climb trees and frolic in the sun.

5. Money Note - Camille - As much a performance artist as a singer/songwriter, Camille is an exciting new talent. She sings mostly in her native tongue - French - however this song is made up of groans, whoops, screeches and other aural agitations. Wonderfully imaginative.

6. You Belong - Hercules and Love Affair - This is a bit techno-gay/pop, but I love it none-the-less. It reminds one of my housemates of an ex, and is sung on a weekly basis in our flat! Imagine yourself sat on our balcony, sun blazing, beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other with this blasting from the living room. Pure bliss.

7. Purple - Skin - This is one of those rock anthems I can listen to over, and over, and over again. I never tire of Skin's voice, and her painfully passionate delivery.

Almost everyone I was going to tag has already been tagged, someone's beaten me to it, so I'm going to miss out that part. Rebel rebel!

Today's Outfit: fringe time

Pretty simple outfit today for going to the lake:

hat: Zara, top: H&M, shorts: self made ages ago, fringed gradiators: Topshop, fringed clutch: H&M