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Friday, February 29, 2008

who do you love?

do you belong to the 95% of the world's population who purchased an I love New York t-shirt at some point? within the big apple this shirt is quite possibly the most inexpensive item of clothing anyone could buy. the current prize averages out at $2. the time when it was hip to wear one of those is long gone and the question remains - what to do with it? trash it? lock it up until it will be fashionable again in the 2030s? the gentleman below suggests to turn the message of love away from nyc and towards oneself. i like it.

Friday News

Click here for a Stylehive interview with Chris March.

Here is another interview with Chris from BuddyTV.

Daniel Vosovic creates a "Modern Clark Kent" look for Bonfire.

Meanwhile, in Klumtown...

Click here to watch Heidi Klum and Ellen Degeneres make meatballs...

Click here to see Heidi jump on a trampoline with Jimmy Kimmel.

Finally, want one of those nifty Mood canvas shopping bags? Click here to order. Perfect when you want to look like you have an $8000 budget to create a 12-piece collection.

PARIS - ready-to-wear aw 08/09 shows, 02/28/08

Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses taking lead

Another celebrity and another Tom Ford crush. Actress Kate Hudson was out shopping this week wearing Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses.

These sunglasses are becoming extremely popular with Janice Dickinson, Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie sporting them.

Runways, magazines and designer eyewear collections are filled with cat-eye sunglasses whilst celebrities and the fashion set are rapidly falling in love with them.

Here are some cat-eye sunglasses you can pick from all avaliable at Otticanet.
  • Chloe 2121 cat-eye sunglasses
  • Chloe 2124 cat-eye sunglasses
  • Marc Jacobs MJ 065
  • Marc Jacobs MJ 044
  • Persol PO 2873
  • Yves Saint Laurent YSL 6135

Tilda Swinton Airport Style

This British red head always looks amazing- in the very quirky "umm what's she wearing" kind of way. Tilda Swinton is one of those women who is comfortable with her own looks, style and fashion taste and rocks it until she can rock no more. Tilda Swinton was seen at LAX airport wearing a classic outfit of black wide leg pants with a white jacket. However, it was Tilda's accessories that stole the show in these photo's as she toted around a feminine Prada Fantasy Fairy Bag which retail for $2000+. I love the bags from Prada's Spring/Summer 2008 collection, the prints, the feminity and uniqueness that stand out from a mile away. And then there's her sunglasses!! Tilda Swinton wears Lanvin Way Shiner sunglasses which retail for over $380, because of their great shape, high quality and Swarovski Crystal lathered arms. This style was seen on model Agyness Dean at the Lanvin shows.

Lindsay Lohan Paper Magazine

As the March cover girl of Paper Magazine, Lindsay Lohan lived up to her raunchy image and every man's expectation with thigh baring dresses and scarlett lips. When i first saw her dress, it instantly reminded me of the Jeremy Scott for Longchamp Le Pilage �Stomp� Bag, no surprise seeing that Jeremy Scott was the shoot's photographer.

Tahad tatot, kardad, et vanemad ei luba? No problemo, uus tattootint on �blacklight reactive` v�rv, mis reageerib UV valgusele. Kas see v�rv on ohutu kehale? jah, olla isegi FDA ametist kinnituse saanud, kui tattoo pigment, mida testiti loomade ja kalade peal, ning inimeste peal on seda kasutatud ilma mingite kaasreaktsioonideta juba 10 aastat. P�ris l�bus on pimedas!

Mary-Kate Olsen at Giambattista Valli Fall 2008/2009

Sitting front row and bug-eyed at the Fall 2008 Giambattista Valli fashion show, Mary-Kate Olsen looked every bit the Parisian Fashionista in a head-to-toe ebony ensemble.

Sticking to a parisian favourite in black, Mary-Kate Olsen owned the look by wearing the 'hard to pull off' two-toned Chanel S5018 sunglasses, a colourful beaded clutch, jewels on every finger and her signature unkempt hair.

I love this outfit from the top all the way down to those Giambattista Valli Victoria shoes.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trend Alert: Cutout Wedges for Spring 2008

How cool are these cutout wedges popping up for various spring shoe collections? I saw them on eluxury tonight and figured there must be more on the web. A quick web search turned up the usual - only high-priced designer versions. Why can't mainstream America keep up with the designers? It seems whenever something new and unusual hits the runway or high-end stores, it takes everyone else months, if not years to catch up? I did find a couple more wedges with cut-outs less than $100, but as I thought they were super fugly, I'll spare you the details. Here are the good ones I found:

Kors by Michael Kors - Danger Patent Wedges - $230
Super cute and pretty simple overall - it would be easy to pull off a look with these shoes...easy on the eyes...and easier on the pocket than the next two.

Sigerson Morrison - Belle - $315
Love the light and airy feel of these shoes...I'd definitely rock these with a flowy white skirt come spring...I mean, I would if I could actually afford them right now.

Stella McCartney - Crocheted Wedge - $1,095
I haven't figured out why these are so expensive, but I'm guessing that they were crocheted by a high-end consultant who charges outrageous hourly rates for their expertise crochet skills and that the material used in the crocheted part is interlaced with 20K gold...that's all I've got. What? You have a better idea? lol

NOTE: images by,, and respectively

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An excerpt: Not everyone understands his decision to do �Project Runway,� but, Kashou says, �I did the show knowing it would expose my work and lead to more opportunities.� Conversations, in fact, have begun with a potential investor and a hair-care company keen on sponsoring a New York runway show next season.

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i'm a woman now

so yesterday was my birthday and i turned 26 which means i'm now in my early late twenties. like that wasn't sad enough i was bitter about being back in london where i never have any money and i never know whether to go to that party or read a book on mentalization (i study psychology). since i didnt bother making any celebration plans i stopped by at the dazed&confused party which wasn't really happening either. the hottest people of the night are the ones below

you may remember him. so hot.


famous fred - my only guy-friend who manages to steal all the hot straight boys from me

Finale Part One in 60 Seconds

MTV's Jim Cantiello is back with his fabulous 60-second recap of last night's episode.

From The Mailbox

The Washington Post has a great recap of last night's episode AND an interview with Tim Gunn! Thanks Suzq.

Entertainment Weekly bids farewell to Chris.

Attention Washington DC: Carmen Webber will be speaking at Bowie State University today from 2:00 - 4:00. Click here for more information.

Lipstick Jungle

So at last Lipstick Jungle, the lovely, Candace Bushnell's new baby gets its airtime. This new show, which is touted as the new Sex and the City is about three chums who happen to be the biggest players in New York. There is Wendy Healy played by Brooke Shields, a top movie exec who is the bread winner of the family, Nico Reily played by Kim Raver a glam magazine editor who embarks on an affair with a younger guy and Victory Ford played by Lindsay Price, a fashion designer who is trying to pick up the pieces after damming reviews of her latest collection. Now I am sure you all know the details about Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia, the rival show but in case you need reminding then may I suggest you click here to read my previous blog.

I will be honest and admit that Lipstick Jungle has the advantage as I have read the book and taken a liking to all the characters. My first impression of Cashmere Mafia was not good but seven shows in I have found myself warming to the show and the characters. Ok the dialogue is a bit lame and the jokes few and far between in but Cashmere Mafia does a good job of portraying the way powerful women behave in the boardroom. Lipstick Jungle, on the other hand fares better in the way the friendship of the three women is developed. Unlike the Cashmere quartet, you can really believe that the Lipstick trio are best mates who have known each other for a long time. The way they bicker, reprimand each other, joke together and console each other; very often all over a three course meal, makes you want to buy this friendship. Also the jokes are a lot better and the one-liners are simply sensational. My only quibble is the casting; from what I read in the book Wendy is very tomboyish in contrast to her feminine husband, which is a far cry from the very glamorous Brooke Shields. I also would have had Nico down as a ravishing brunette as opposed to the waspy Kim Raver and Lindsay Price's wardrobe is so so wrong considering the character she plays. Come on, she is supposed to be a fashion designer not a reject from a pantomime. It will be interesting to see which show comes out tops. NBC are really going for it though, they have even produced a real version of Bonfire magazine, the publication that Nico Reily edits. Cool huh? It seems to be a growing trend, FX Networks did the same with Dirt; the TV series staring Courtney Cox in which she plays an Editor of a tabloid magazine .

Poll - Your Turn to be the Judge

We have three polls for you this week. The first asks if Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum and Michael Kors got it right. Click here to tell us who should have advanced to Fashion Week.
Top row, Chris March.
Bottom row, Rami Kashou
Photos courtesy of New York Magazine and Bravo.

We last asked you who should and will win Project Runway Season 4 when there were five contenders that displayed their collections at Bryant Park. Now that the field has been narrowed to three finalists, it is time to revisit those questions (Click here to view the collection of Christian Siriano and click here for hi-resolution pictures. Click here to view the collection of Jillian Lewis and click here for hi-resolution pictures. Click here to view the collection of Rami Kashou and click here for hi-resolution pictures.)

PARIS - ready-to-wear aw 08/09 shows, 02/27/08

Breaking news: Katoucha has died

The model Katoucha Niane, who was muse of YSL and one of the best top models in the Eighties has died. Her drowned body appeared yesterday in the Parisian river, Siene. She died at the age of 48, and it is believed it was an accident. She had disappeared weeks ago, after a party in which it is said she had drunk a lot. Most of the news said she probably fell down after changing from a boat to another, but they are only suppositions. Lately she spent her time fighting against the ablation. She suffered it when she was 9 -she confessed it in her biography published last year-.

La modelo Katoucha Niane, que fuera musa de YSL y una de las mejores top models de los ochenta, ha muerto. Su cuerpo ahogado apareci� ayer en el Sena (Par�s). Ten�a 48 a�os y se cree que fue un accidente. Hab�a desaparecido hace varias semanas, tras una fiesta de la que se dice que se fue bastante borracha. La mayor�a de las publicaciones basan sus suposiciones sobre la muerte de esta top en el momento en que ella se cambi� de un barco a otro cuando volv�a a casa, pero no es nada seguro ya que ni la polic�a ni los forenses han confirmado nada a�n. �ltimamente se dedicaba a luchar contra la ablaci�n, que ella misma padeci� cuando ten�a 9 a�os.

A great surprise at Ungaro

Esteban Cort�zar was able to meet the challenge with A level. I suppose a lot of people -as me- were doubting about his ability to represent the spirit of Ungaro, so defined and at the same time so changeable. He has the honour of have being the youngest designer ever in presenting his collection at the NYFashion Week. This one for Ungaro was a brief collection, and my favourites were the dresses. The collars remind me a lot Giles's ones, but the plaits and the perfect hangs make the difference. The flowers or even only the simple knots on the shoulder were the second best detail in the collection. Step by step he is doing a big advanced in cashmere, because he is able to work it and shape as he wants.

Esteban Cort�zar ha estado a la altura. Supongo que muchos, como yo, dudaban de su capacidad para representar el estilo de esta firma, tan definido y a la vez tan moldeable. Esteban Cort�zar tiene el aval de haber sido el dise�ador m�s joven que present� una colecci�n en la NYFashion Week. Lo que m�s me gust� de la colecci�n fueron los vestidos, con esos cuellos que recuerdan bastante a la colecci�n que Giles present� el a�o pasado, pero que tienen en los trenzados y en la ca�da el detalle que marca la diferencia. Las flores o los simples nudos a la altura del hombro conformaron el segundo detalle m�s destacado de su colecci�n. Poco a poco Cort�zar se est� convirtiendo en un gran visionario del cachemir, capaz de trabajarlo y moldearlo a su antojo.



Mags of the month

This month was very fruitful. Despite I had exams the first fifteen days, as you can see, I recovered soon. I must admit even though I've had a look at all of them, I didn't finish yet!

Este mes fue muy fruct�fero si tenemos que hablar de cu�ntas revistas le�. A pesar de que estuve de ex�menes las primeras dos semanas, como pod�is ver, me recuper� bastante r�pido. Ojeada ya se la di a todas, pero he de confesar que algunas a�n no las le� en profundidad.