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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


***'londonfashiontrends' READERS***

Let's hope 2009 brings us more fabulous news and gorgeous shoes from the world of fashion!!:)

happy 2009! (i know, the second happy sth today, but that's just cause i want y'all to be happy!)


The theme tune is a bit like the signature song to The Devil Wears Prada (Jump by Madonna) and it has the formidable boss from hell so comparisons between Stylista and The Devil Wears Prada are expected. Stylista is a reality show that followed 11 wannabe fashionistas vying for the position as assistant editor at US Elle magazine. This job comes with other perks such as a plush apartment in Manhattan for a year and a wardrobe allowance from H&M for a year. Now who can argue with that? Stylista aired on CWTV between October 22nd and December 17th�in 2008.

The contestants were aged from 19 to 28 and all came from a variety of backgrounds and as you can expect had very different personalities. There were five of them who stood out to me - for example�Dyshaun - a wardrobe stylist who clicks his fingers a lot and squeals OMG quite a lot.
Then there was Kate - a former Law student who drama seemed to follow everywhere. She seems to get into arguments�with every candidate in particular�Megan - a boutique owner who is as calculating as they come. There was�Ashlie - fashion buyer who is passionate and not afraid of confrontation. Then there was�Johanna - a former Military Analyst who you would view as a fish out of water. �Fashion News Director aka boss from hell, Anne Slowey made no impression on me at all; she came across as stiff, cold and very awkward. She lacked the presence of Miranda Priestley/Anna Wintour and the sophistication. She was like a low rent version of Nina Garcia. Also what was up with her accent? Is it British, American, faux Brit or what?�

In each show each contestants are given two tasks; an assistants task that consists of something menial like putting together breakfast for Anne, pitching a birthday party for Anne's spoiled bratty niece or selecting an outfit for her to wear for a weekend away. The winner is given the power to choose the team members for all groups. A move that a few of the contestants relish as they have the power to influence the outcome of that episode's task as well as the actual competition. After the groups are decided they are given an editorial task which ranges from styling a photo shoot, working on a trends page, producing an ad campaign and working on a fashion shoot. This is really where the show comes into its own and sheer genius; think Project Catwalk and The Apprentice�- candidates getting down and dirty into an exciting and creative project and you get the gist. The groups present their ideas to Anne and her cronies, the weakest group is brought back in to face the music and the worst performing person or in many cases - the scapegoat is sent packing. The show wonderfully demonstrates that it is the combination of a great idea and the execution that makes a successful project.

Stylista has enough action to keep you interested but the constant bickering between the contestants gets tiring and very jarring after a while. �We all know that the fashion industry contains unsavoury characters but I feel that the producers went too far with this. No matter how bitchy fashionistas can be to one another the ultimate thing that remains is that they are always professional.�My opinion about Stylista is what a great show it is bloody shame about the drama. �However, there are some good stuff that came out of the show such as insider blogs from the peeps from Elle mag such as Fashion Bookings Editor,�Malina V. Joseph. More interesting are the stories from the contestants, Ashlie shares her Stylista experience with us in her blog�along with Kate.�

I enjoyed watching the show but what I have gained from the show is the amount of thought and effort that goes into producing those editorial pages; the pondering over the headline, strap lines, images and captions. Not an easy task and who said working on a magazine is all glamour. In case you are interested the person who landed the coveted position was Johanna who worked her ass off to raise her stake in the fashion game. She even went as far as to set up a blog where she could display her writing talents. Check it out here.�

Celine Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection

As the weather sinks below 0 degrees and it gets dull, dark and depressing, Celine's Spring/ Summer 2009 Collection is here to cheer us up with fresh spring bright colours that let us know that it is not always going to be cold and grey.

'All things bright and beautiful......' really fresh and cheery!

These are my absolute favourite. They are going to be a hot trend this summer.

These are just so fabulous. Bring on the summer!!

I like the polynesian-tattoo prints on silk organza dresses from this collection with matching shoes.....give me them!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

This year has been quite good. Despite the huge crisis we are in and the constant mention of money on the news and every-day-conversations, it is great to see how we manage to keep on writing and blogging just because we like it, and not because of the money. Isn't it a dream? For me it is. I hope you all have a fantastic 2009!

Black tights -� la Sedgwick- will be my inspiration in today's outfit

Las medias negras de Edie Sedgwick ser� mi inspiraci�n en el modelito de hoy

Este a�o ha sido bastante bueno. A pesar de la gran crisis -en Espa�a ya conocida como recesi�n- en la que estamos metidos, a pesar de la menci�n constante del dinero en los informativos y en las conversaciones diarias, es fant�stico ver c�mo nos las hemos apa�ado para seguir escribiendo y blogueando, simplemente porque nos gusta, y no por el dinero. �No es como un sue�o? Para m� s�. �Espero que todos teng�is un fabuloso 2009!

Happy new year!


Happy new year my lovely readers!! I wish you all the best for the new year and have a bad ass new year's eve party. Thank you all so much for visiting my blog, caring about the stuff I post here and for all your lovely comments. It means so much to me <3

Lots of love from Sydney!

happy last day of the year from berlin!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hi from sunny Sydney

wearing: a new vest that I got here in Sydney, a H&M Trend Men shirt and cut off shorts.

Another new purchase is this lovely light pink dress that I wore with my gladiator sandals, a H&M belt and a black wrap cardigan from Zara

Whitney in the City

So Whitney Port made her debut in her new show, The City which aired last night on MTV with a bumper edition. The City is a spin off of the popular so-called reality show, The Hills which is set in LA and in which Whitney is a co-star. After spending many years as an intern at Teen Vogue and stylist at PR company, People's Revolution as well as lending a sympathetic ear to the doe eyed Lauren, Whitney has swapped LA for NYC. She lands a plum job as PR for Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) and moves in with her old mate Erin Williams in a cool apartment in the Gramercy area of Manhattan. The perks of moving to a new city means meeting new people and checking out exciting bars and restaurants. We are introduced to Whitney's co-worker, the divine Olivia Palermo who is a high profile socialite or social as she prefers to be called. Olivia is quite clearly the catalyst to Whitney as Heidi is to Lauren in The Hills but with much better connections. Erin offers the fun factor and a lending ear particularly when it comes to guys. Talking of guys this is where the intro to The City differs from The Hills in that the guys are featured in the opening credits. One of then is Jay Lyons, a musician who Whitney met when she came to NYC for her job interview. She is quite clearly smitten with him but whether he feels the same way about her is to be seen. Then there is Adam Senn, a restaurateur and Jay's flatmate who is new to NYC as well.

This new reality show has been covered extensively in the media and blogsphere which is no surprise considering the phenomenon of The Hills. Aesthetically, The City is definitely easy on the eye and with the almighty Big Apple as a backdrop, how can you go wrong? As a TV show the plot leaves a lot to be desired; a considerable amount of time was spent on Whitney's love life. Is Jay a two-faced, two-timing snake? The answer is that Jay lacks so little charisma and presence that it was hard to care. Aside from her first day at work and New York Fashion Week, very little is seen of Whitney in her workplace which is very worrying as it was Lauren and Heidi's glam jobs that made The Hills the success it is. Olivia is a very different proposition; yes she has a life fuelled with dinner parties, lunches, fashions shows and celebrity galas but she has an edge to her that makes her interesting. For a start she is described as a real life Blair Waldorf; she even has her own publicist and is constantly being mentioned in gossip blogs and newspapers and she even has a fan blog that focuses on her life. Rumour has it that she runs her own PR agency which would make sense as she is trying to build her brand. I would say that The City has a long way to go before it earns the right to be called the reality version of Sex and the City. Still it was good to see Kelly Cultrone in the programme and more interesting are the reports that Kelly is to get her own show.

Check out the official blog for The City here.

Here's to 2009

Well here we go again, another year passes by and we look towards a new one with great expectation and promise. A new year is always exciting to me as it offers a new adventure with wonderful possibilities. 2009 also marks two years that I have been blogging and I never thought I would last this long. I thought I would get bored and move onto something else but if anything my appetite for blogging has increased. I have even more ideas and stories that I want to share with you and 2009 will be all about taking my blog to the next level - so watch this space.


It is necessary to recognize that these cosmetics by YSL are a bit posh and maybe twee, however, I cannot help but adore them. Especially today, that we all -well, almost all- are celebrating the New Year's Eve, they are great to carry on the festive clutches we have bought.

Es necesario reconocer que estos cosm�ticos de YSL son un poco pijos, incluso cursis, pero no puedo evitar que a�n as�, me encanten. Especialmente hoy, que todos -bueno, casi todos- celebramos fin de a�o, son perfectos para llevar en nuestras festivas carteras de mano.

Giambattista Valli Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection

�It�s about a metamorphosis. There�s a big change going on in these times,� said designer Giambattista Valli.

That is how Giambattista Valli refered to the look for his Spring 2009 collection, shown on the runways of Paris. This collection is truly magnificent. It is very feminine and classic. Valli has a lot of fans which include; Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, Caroline Sieber and Emma Watson, to name but a few, and you can see why they love his creations.

So gorgeous. I love strappy sandals and these are just fabulous!

These are my favourite shoes. I will take the dress too.

Absolutely gorgeous. So feminine and girly.

I love this colour and it works with the black dress.

Baby pink platform with crocodile texture.

Stella McCartney Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection

Stella McCartney's Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection is fabulous and very feminine. Just look at the clothes. The best recipe to look gorgeous and ultra feminine this spring and summer is to wear pastel satin dresses and skirts.