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Friday, March 30, 2007

Laura Bennett at Charleston Fashion Week

BPR is honored to have Ayoka Lucas, Style Editor of Charleston Magazine serve as the BPR field reporter at Charleston Fashion Week.

The inaugural Charleston Fashion Week (CFW) presented by Charleston Magazine welcomed Laura Bennett as our celebrity guest who closed out the week hosting both the last night of runway shows and finale party as a benefit for Dress For Success. Her original Project Runway gowns arrived a week before and my assistant and I almost shut our office down for fear that anyone would touch them! Once they arrived, the buzz was out that Laura was on her way! In fact, one young man approached the tent early in the week with a Project Runway scrapbook in tow!

Click here to read more about this fabulously glamorous event.

Video Transcript - Tim Gunn Fix

We had some requests for transcripts for the Tim Gunn Fix videos. Thanks to Christine the attorney you can find the transcript for video 1 here and the transcript for video 2 here.

GENEVA - on the street, vieille ville and gare de cornavin, 03/29/07

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Summer Date Dresses - Chic vs. Sexy

How gorge is this dress!?

Banana Republic - Ribbon-tie sheath dress - $148 (click for details)

Wear this chic look for a more formal date - dinner at a classy restaurant? Hmmm...I'm thinking maybe martinis or a bottle of wine with din-din? This awesome, summer date dress is uber ladylike so your potential beau doesn't get any crazy ideas.

Now, if you want to give your date the wrong impression...jk, if you want to go for a more sexy look, I would go for this dress:

bebe - Sexy Bow Front Halter Dress - $139 (click for details)

Wear this dress for your next "night on the town" date. Dinner and a movies with this hauteness? Nah...more like dinner and a fun-filled evening dancing the night away. This dress is fitted in all the right places to show off your curves. The men will go ga-ga!

Which look do you guys prefer?

NOTE: Images and items from and respectively

BPR at Cosa Nostra!

BPR's Ace Field Reporter Christine graciously agreed to cover the Cosa Nostra Show for us! Thanks again Christine. Thanks also to Jeffrey Sebelia for including us on the Press List.

I attended the Cosa Nostra Fall 2007 runway show on Wednesday night on behalf of BPR. The show was held in a loft building in the arts district of downtown LA. I arrived and was let in early, as I was on the press list. Therefore, I got to see a lot that others didn�t. I saw the band do their sound check, Jeffrey milling about getting things in order, and the models getting their hair and makeup done. I tried to stay out of everyone�s way, and didn�t want to disturb anyone setting up.

After a while, people starting filing in, and eventually I started seeing people I knew from the show. I spotted Amanda Fields from last season, and snapped two shots of her. One speaking to a friend of mine, and one where she�s talking with Jeffrey�s mom, Pam. You can�t see Pam�s face, but trust me, it�s her! I also saw her husband, Jeffrey�s stepdad. Later on Nick Verreos came in with John Wade, and I also spotted Santino Rice near me, but unfortunately, I didn�t get a shot of him. Also in the crowd were a lot of folks that looked like rock stars, and might be! But I couldn�t identify anyone specific. Maybe someone else can!

Slightly after 7pm, the show started. They had fabric screens set up near the beginning of the runway and projected the models walking on the screens. The runway was a square, and I was at the end of one of the long sides, so I had a chance to get a lot of model shots, and see the garments up close. The entire collection had a punk rock/Victorian feel. The stitching and details were immaculate. Seriously stunning. I was completely blown away, and I was already a Jeffrey super fan. During the show I recognized at least two of the models, one from season 2, and one from ANTM. After an extensive collection of both men�s and women�s wear, the finale started, which ended with Jeffrey, occasionally waving and cheering with the crowd.

After the end of the show, Ima Robot played. I stayed for some of the band, had a cocktail, then joined the crowed in the long wait [over an hour!] for valet, which is were you really got to be up close with the famous folks. Amanda was next to me for most of the hour and she seemed really nice and goofy. Jeffrey�s mom and stepdad, Santino, and the guys that looked like a band were all in the mix with the rest of us.

The show was really professional and amazingly well done. I was so happy to be there, and was so impressed with the quality of the clothing. I already loved Jeffrey�s work, and this only solidified my original impression of him and his designs. Thanks to BPR for having me cover it!

Click here for the slideshow.

Click here for the Getty Images.


Wondering which PR designers will be at the auditions?

In Los Angeles:
March 30 - Robert Best
March 31 - Jeffrey Sebelia
April 1 - Jeffrey Sebelia

In Chicago:
April 3 - Michael Knight

In Miami:
April 5 - Uli Herzner

In New York:
April 7: Daniel Vosovic
April 8: Laura Bennett
April 9: Laura Bennett

Tim Gunn is scheduled to be at all of these auditions.
Representatives from Elle Magazine and GenArt will also be on the panels.


Video Advice for the Hopefuls

Season Four Auditions begin this weekend! Although we have not posted any messages from our BPR "hopefuls" we have an in-box full of questions:

"How long is the wait?"

"What time should I arrive?"

"What is next if I make the first cut?"

"Will my model be able to change?"

"Is there a bathroom?"

One designer didn't realize that he would be asked to send a video if he made it through to the "next round." So I thought it would be fun for BPRs to present our suggestions for an engaging video. I'll start...

Click here to continue.

Get Your Tim Gunn Fix Right Here!

Don't miss these two videos. Click here for the first where you'll learn (among other things) Tim's comfort food, his kindergarten career dreams, his recommended readingand his must-see movie.Then click here for the second video to learn about the trends he loves and about mistaken identity!

LAUSANNE - on the street, place saint-laurent and place saint-fran�ois, 03/28/07

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shopping Tip - Wait Out the Steals

Sometimes, the best things in life do come to those who's proof - look what I got tonight:

J Crew - Perry-stripe shirting skirt - Was $88 - Now $49.99 (click image for details)

This happens to me a lot. You see something in the really want to get it, but you don't "have" to have it. Do you splurge and let your shopaholicism kick into high gear? Well, it depends on your budget, your debt, and other stuff like that, but my personal shopping standard is to get stuff at full price that I love-love-love and have to have - I try to be as selective as possible with the full price stuff. If I really like an item but don't "have" to have it, then I wait it out. I figure, if I wait, and that item is still available when I go back to buy it on sale, then it's "meant to be." This policy has actually helped me a lot with not overspending b/c instead of buying something on a whim, if I'm not 100% sure that I love an item, I put it back on the rack and just wait it out. Once you see your "love" on a good deal, then it's time to pounce!

As they only had 2 of these left and I really love-love-love it, I bought this at full price:

St. Barth Bag - looks like it's sold out in the butterfly print, but click the image for details on the seersucker bag

With the shopping, at least for me, it usually depends too on what I have more of in my closet. For example, I don't have a really cute day bag (I mean my Chanel is gorge, but what if I go somewhere it might get messed up, like the beach?), so I've been on the lookout for a cute daytime bag for awhile and this fits the bill at a pretty reasonable price. On the other hand, I have a fair # of skirts, so I don't really "need" another one, but at a good price, I'm game!

NOTE: Skirt image and item from

More From The Mailbox

First, an update on Jeffrey Sebelia.

Here is another article from the Village Voice.

Also, tonight is Jeffrey's LA Show. Click here for details.

Attention Houston, Lot 8 is having a shopping party tomorrow night to benefit "Dress For Success."

From The Mailbox

Congratulations to Project Runway for winning the GLAAD Media Award for Best Reality Show.

Although there are plenty of press mentions (the mailbox is flooded!) no one says it better than the PRGayboys. Click here to read their post.

Here is the InStyle article.

...and here is Bravo's Fashion Forward Blog entry.

PARIS - on the street, rue de la tour des dames and le marais, 03/27/07

Looking for a Gift for little Lucas?

Thanks Susanne!

Bringing Skanky Back

Just when you though these celebs were bringing classiness and sophistication to their outfits, they shock you with a Nightmare Before Christmas outfit. These three celebs have always been the subjects of criticism by the fashion industry and sometimes its hard not to agree.

Paris Hilton's sense of style still baffles me. With all that wealth, a stylist and the potential to be a real beauty, she always seems to skankify her outfits. For every decent outfit she has 10 horrible ones. I don't care if your going to a Halloween party or one hosted by Hugh Hefner, theirs no excuse to dress like a skank. Sometimes she looks spectacular, other times not so much...

Christina Aguilera: I was wondering just how long the charade was going to last of her presenting her self as a classy timeless wannabe Marilyn Monroe. But as always "trashy is what trashy wears." Even being covered from head to toe in sunglasses, scarfs and trackies she still looks cheap.

Last but not least Victoria Beckham. As for her outfit, its not that bad, its actually quiet classy, HOWEVER the whole "no bra nipple displaying" scene makes us all think that she wants to join the Lindsay Lohan gang in America.
Next time you complain about not having money to buy celeb worthy clothes, take a look at these pics and be very glad that you dont have all that money to make a seriously expensive fashion mistake.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BR Does Business Chic

Anyone remember this outfit from a post about Banana Republic for work awhile back?

I suppose most of you already knew I'd buy the top from this outfit, but I paired it with a white Banana Republic skirt from last season and neutral linen peep-toe pumps (also BR last season) to re-create the Banana Republic outfit I was drooling over all pre-spring:

Hmm...the outfit looks better on the model...but oh well, I just love how feminine and spring-y this outfit is! At least I was comfy all day! Wearing this skirt is like wearing PJ's to work...and who doesn't want that?

Tim Gunn on the Today Show

Tim Gunn and PR-favorite Diane Von Furstenberg made a brief appearance on the Today Show this morning. They were shedding some light on the little black dress.

Click here for the video.
Thanks, Roz.

PARIS - on the street, le marais, 03/26/07

Victoria Beckham in a Christopher Kane Dress

On the weekend Victoria Beckham was out with her husband David Beckham wearing a new season Christopher Kane dress. This outfit has raised alot of Criticism about her taste and style..but i seriously don't know what all the fuss is about??

I think she has the perfect body to pull of this bandage dress and the colour looks lovely and unique with a hot pink zip down the middle.

Websites have been saying things like "if i had a mother that looked like her, i would be having seizures too" in reference to Victoria's second son who suffers from epilepsy. Nothing was left uncommented from her "botox facial expressions" to her "hideous short blonde hair".

I love this dress and on Victoria Beckham too. She has a great personality, sense of humour, she is a wonderful mother who doesn't have a nanny, shes been faithful to Beckham for along time even with all his behind the scenes action. Her style is so individual, sexy, and she doesn't follow what other celebs wear and i think thats worth acknowledging.

Warm winter Knits and Cardigans

Whats the best way to stay warm and stylish in winter?? With big Knits and cardigans of course. Take cue from the likes of Mary-Kate and Victoria Beckham and rug up in oversized cardigans, knit dresses and jumpers.

The hottest colours to choose are black, brown, cream and this seasons favourite-grey. These are timeless grown up shades which will keep you warm for many winters to come.

Celeb Trend - Scarfs

Since the launch of the Alexander McQueen Skull scarf, celebs can't get enough of these cute accessories. This seasons celebs are still wrapping their tiny little necks in scarves.

Celebs such as Paris Hilton and Kate Moss still love their rock chick edge skull scarf, while Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff are opting for simple neutral coloured scarfs for a classic timeless look.

Scarfs are so functional they can be worn as a belt as seen on Kate Moss, or take a 60's spin by wearing it as a head scarf which Nicole Richie prefers.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Victoria Beckham's off-the-shoulder top

Victoria Beckham is hitting up the streets of L.A and London in this seasons hottest take on tops-Off the shoulder. She looks hot hot hot!!! Tean with Skinny jeans for the ultimate posh look. Its a subtle way of looking sexy yet relaxed. So do like Posh and let those tone shoulders show!

Chloe Glasses rule the Parade

The new Chloe glasses don big lenses and have been spotted on the like of Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson. Mischa Barton loves them so much that she and Nicole Richie went on a shopping spree wearing matching Chloe sunglasses in different colours. They were also spotted on Mischa Barton's sister.
These chocolate brown or ivory sunglasses with gold trim bring a very classy, Jackie O feel to your outfit. They come in an aviator style or a round Jackie o style. Big sunglasses aren't going out anytime soon. Buy the real deal online at Bergdorf Goodman or at Neiman Marcus.

Funky Layers

This is what I wore today:

It's not my favorite-est look, but you gotta play around with your wardrobe sometimes to keep things fresh. I think I'd like it a lot better if the sweater were a tad less bullky, but it was all I had that I thought wouldn't look too crazy over the short-sleeved button-up I had on under it. The overall look kinda reminds of me of the funky layering technique I'm seeing all around - items I'd never pair together piled one on top of the other. I dunno, but I had fun playing around with my outfit today, so I guess that's all that matters!

Tank Top - Banana Republic
White, Short-Sleeved Button-Up - Banana Republic
Trouser Pants - Gap
Sweater - Anthropologie
Linene Peep-Toes - Banana Republic
Yellow Monogram Purse - Coach

Nina Delivers!

Welcome to the world, Lucas Alexander Conrod:

Arriving at an unfashionably early hour (6:03 a.m.), Lucas made a great first impression on his parents nonetheless. Garcia and Conrod "are very excited to finally meet their new son," her rep tells PEOPLE. "They are all doing great."

Congratulations to Nina and David on their new bundle of joy!

Thanks Janean and Lisa.

Amanda Fields for TRESemm�

Season 3 model Amanda Fields sure gets around. Recently she modeled for Kevan Hall, Anthony Franco and Samora (among others) at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles. The memorably chatty and always adorable model is now prominently featured online at TRESemm�. We're thrilled for her continued success. Well done, Amanda!

Hot Heads -Hats, Fedoras, Berets and all...

I love the Parisian look, so this winter I'm investing in a cute black beret. As the accessory phenomena is getting bigger and bigger by the day, celebs such as Kate Moss, Mary-Kate and Lindsay Lohan have all been seen wearing chic head gear such as fedoras, hats, berets and trilby's and is set to be a hot trend this season.

If you feel a bit shy about wearing a Beret or hat of any sort, try a dark colour that doesn't stand out too much until you get used to it. Or walk on the wild side with a colourful red beret, ala Ashlee Simpson.

Take a chance and try a trend that can transform your whole look!!

PARIS - open mic, pop in, 03/25/07

PARIS - on the street, le louvre and saint-germain-des-pr�s, 03/25/07