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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Victoria B, Back To Brown

Victoria Beckham has been out on the town showing off her new hair colour, and why wouldn't she?? it looks fantastic!!

Here are just a few pictures of her hair back to brunette, while celebrating halloween with her kids, appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show and being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM.

Benetton wool bag - Love or Hate?

Source: United Colors of Benetton

I can't make up my mind about this bag. I've seen it while browsing the Benetton website and on the pictures it looks quite nice. But I'm not sure how this bag will look when it's filled with heavy objects, I can imagine it becoming quite deformed.
Anyway, I don't know if I should hate these bags or love them. They're quite special I think but I'd have to go see one in the store to really judge.

Also what color is prettiest? My favorites are the red, the grey(not pictured here) and the yellow one (combined with something grey...)

LONDON - urban nature, mile end & shoreditch, 10/31/07

my new love - part II : AA interlock mini skirt

As I posted yesterday, I ordered a black mini skirt from AA. I got it in the mail today and I love it already! I was a bit unsure about the fit but it's perfect and the length is exactly as I wanted it to be.

1. AA interlock mini skirt in black, the skirt that I ordered
2. AA Lam� Late Night Mini Skirt...I dunno about the fit of this skirt..if it's the same as the interlock mini skirt I think I'd get it in black. It so nice looking <3 I think it would look great with a oversized white shirt tucked in or unter a nice black top. Hmm so many ideas. I have to try it on the next time I stop by AA.

my new police club <3

From Here to Paternity

Nick Hornby, Mike Gayle, Matt Beaumont, Ben Elton and John O'Farrell have all played their part in shaping the image of modern male writers. Hornby and Elton have even had some of their books made into films. Enter Matt Dunn, a former hack who managed to bang out his first novel, Best Man while sunning himself in Spain. His second novel, The Ex Boyfriend's Handbook was so good that it bagged him a shortlist for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award and the Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy. The Margate native's talent lies in creating believable characters who are aggravating, fascinating but also very funny. His latest title, From Here to Paternity introduces us to Will Jackson, a general lad about town who is determined to become a Dad by hook or by crook. He employs very dramatic tactics to fulfill his dreams while entertaining us along the way. After totally falling in love with his last book, The Ex Boyfriend Handbook, I decided it was time to take Mr Dunn to task.

It isn't everyday that you read a book about a guy who is desperate to be a Dad. How did you come up with the idea?
Because while several of my female friends were desperate to have kids, none of my male friends were (or would admit to it), and the fun in writing for me is to take some of those traditional male/female dilemmas and flip them around, so I started thinking, if there was a guy who actually felt like that, how would he behave? What would he do to achieve his goal? And it developed from there, really.

Modern fiction aimed at young women is obviously massive over here and in the US. Where do you think the male version fits in?
Well, judging from the emails I get, my books are read both by women and men, and I've been told that women read my books to get an insight into the workings of the male mind, while men read them just to take comfort in how pathetic we are when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex.

A few authors I have spoken to find the term Chick lit insulting, what do you think of the term, Bloke lit?
It's less insulting than Dick Lit, I suppose! I don't really mind how I'm classified, although if there's a possibility that it excludes part of your readership then that's obviously not a good thing. But these novels are hard to classify anyway - read the classic lad-lit novel, High Fidelity, and you'll see how that appeals to both men and women. Similarly, something like the Shopaholic series is so well written and funny that it has a much broader appeal than the pure 'chick lit' market. It's always other people who want to categorise, rather than the writers themselves, so there's not a lot you can do about it. Plus it's a bit strange that if blokes or lads can never talk about their feelings, then why should books about how they feel be classified as bloke or lad lit? All I try and do is write as good a book as possible, and hope that it doesn't exclude anyone from wanting to read it.

Your books tend to convey friendships between guys and how they behave towards each other. How do you manage this in your books?
By reproducing the kind of interactions I have with my friends. It's really how we are, you know!

The lead protagonist, Will is certainly a character. Do you know anyone like him?
Most of my characters are composites of people I know. It makes it easier to write them, and hopefully they come across as more realistic characters. And there's perhaps more than a little bit of me in him too.

How did you get into fiction writing?
I always wanted to do it, ever since I wrote something at school, read it out in front of the class and they laughed. It just took me longer than I'd planned before I actually decided to sit down and start writing a novel.

What authors do you admire and why?
There are so many, but in particular, Nick Hornby, for showing me there was a market for the kind of thing I wanted to write. David Mitchell, for being perhaps the most brilliant novelist today - I'd pay to read his shopping list. Will Self, simply because Great Apes is a work of genius.

What advice would you give to budding authors out there?
Start typing. It really is as simple as that. If you can manage a thousand words a day, you'll have finished your first draft in a few months. Read everything you can in your genre to give you an idea of the level required to get published. And edit yourself mercilessly.

The life of an author must be a busy one; can you describe a typical day?
Er... I sit at my laptop and write. For a couple of weeks a year it's busy, when you're involved in promotion and so on, but most of the time it's just you and your computer.

Where do you do most of your writing? Desk, garden, coffee shop?
Desk, staring at a blank wall. It's the best way. Distractions are a bad thing.

What project are you working on now?
My new novel. Sort of a sequel to my second book, The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook.

From Here to Paternity is out now. You can check out Matt Dunn's website here.

Happy Halloween!

Has it really been a year since last Halloween when we were holding our famous costume contest? Here is a review of our top three:

Are you feeling inspired? Thinking about dressing as Veronica Webb for Halloween? How about Heidi Klum? Jay McCarroll? We'd love to see photos!

More Halloween ideas from Nick Verreos are on the TVGuide Channel's Fashion Team Program. You can watch the entire episode on Nick's blog. It is really great.

Have a safe night, BPRs!

Is this a cowboy boot revival?

Both Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted recently stomping around at their leisure in non other then cowboy boots!!!

Yes the same boots that Sienna Miller made infamous and every department store picked up on and every teeny bopper picked up!

Ok lets not be too harsh here, i suppose I'm being judgemental because to tell you the truth i cannot pull of cowboy boots if my life depended on it, i just feel so awkward in them.

But i seriously hope, these don't come back anytime soon, because Jean Paul Gaultier's runway showcased a few and combined with celebrity power they may just be back in full force.

Victoria back to Brown

FINALLY!!!! I am so thrilled that Victoria Beckham has finally gone back the beautiful brunette that she once was.

I absolutely despised her as a blonde, purely because it made her look older and was never as flattering on her. I suppose it was about fitting into the whole LA scene, but hey, everyone looks better in their own elements, and judging by the colour in the pictures, the hair looks GORGEOUS!

Paris Hilton Halloween Costume

At first i wasn't surprised that Paris Hilton totally slutted up her Halloween costume on order to show of as much of her bodily functions as possible, but when i discovered she was actually dressed as 'Alice in Wonderland', well that took Disney to a whole nother level.

I really cannot recall my mother reading to at night, describing Alice "trotting through the forest wearing thigh high tights held up by dainty suspenders while cheekily revealing her ass cheeks to onlookers as she headed towards the Mad hatter's home".

i do not know were this girl gets her inspiration from, nor do i know why her mother, sister, family...anyone...actually lets her out in public dressed like that, but my fond memories of Alice in Wonderland are slightly scarred after these photos.

Notable magazine covers

Cate Blanchett is the cover girl of contemporary fashion magazine I.D's December issue, and my does she look exquisite, so exquisite in fact that she doesn't even look like herself.

Not that I'm saying Cate Blanchett is not exquisite, she is definitely one of Hollywood's top beauties, but this cover looks so high fashion, which just goes to show you the multi talent, that is Cate Blanchett-an actress, a spokeswoman, a mother and now a model.

One could only dream of possessing a fraction of the talent that Miss Blanchett has.

As for David Beckham's Arena magazine cover, nothing much going on there besides his absolutely gorgeous looks, sex appeal and well, he is my eye candy of choice ;)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best Sweaters for Fall 2007 - Part 3

Here's a continuation from Best Sweaters for Fall (click here to see Part 2)


Hazel Ruffle Trim Cardigan - $98

Lauren Ralph Lauren Ruffled V-Neck Cardigan - $159.00

Exclusively Misook Ruffle Trim Tie Sweater - $580

Sweater Dresses:

Forever 21 - Knit V-neck Dress - $24.80

Calvin Klein Belted Sweater Dress - $118 Lewis Cho - Tent Sweater Dress - $265

Which has been your fave style so far?

NOTE: Images/items by respective web sites

Best Sweaters for Fall 2007 - Part 2

Robert Rodriguez Scarf Cowl-Neck Sweater - $396.00

NOTE: Images/items by respective web sites


I already have a pair of latex-style leggings from H&M, but they only had a 'medium' left and I have to say it doesn't really look the way I want it to. They're a bit too wide and way too long. So I'm really concidering buying another pair, maybe from AA...but they're so damn expensive. The picture I used is from the Zara homepage so I think they will have some in store soon...have to look out for it. If they fit nicely and are cheaper than the AA ones I'm definitely going to get them.

From The Mailbox

Here is a link to Episode Four of Project Runway Canada.

Alison Kelly's designs are available by special order. This includes her jewelry as well as her clothing. She was recently featured in Daily Candy. Click here for more information. Thanks Alison.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the premiere of Project Runway Season Four. I know that BPRs are very informed already and I do not usually include a link unless it includes new information. This one is fun. Heidi admits that there is one designer she is "totally rooting for." Who is it? Any guesses?

Be sure to vote in our poll!

LONDON - brick lane, 10/30/07

LONDON - the dandy sultan, 10/29/07

Pure Thoughts

It looks like everyone is going au natural these days because every time I look round a new organic skin care has launched. Even the big boys are getting into the act; cool, hip nature company, Origins has launched an organic range and funky homeopathic company, Neal�s Yard Remedies have just introduced a new holistic facial. From the opposite side of the radar is Pure Thoughts; a tiny company that makes skin care with natural ingredients. Dubbed innocent indulgence for the skin, they offer alternative skincare for women without all the nasty chemicals. The company was set up by Leanna Doolin and Michael Houlden in 2005. They are based in an idyllic cottage in Derbyshire where they produce hand made soap, skincare and bath products. Pure Thoughts might be tiny but they are certainly sweet.

I received a sample box last week that was wonderfully packaged in an oat coloured box with a pretty seal. I tried out the peppermint lip balm, I love my lip balm and have used brands such as The Body Shop and Lush and this one is pure bliss. It has a wonderful texture that is not too creamy or oily and the peppermint leaves a wonderful tinge on your lips that so so yummy. The soaps are not bad either and the various oils that they contain do not strip the oils from your skin like some products, instead they moisturize it and leaves it feeling soft and dreamy. The soaps are divided into five collections; Essential Collection, Infusion Collection, Herbal Collection, Cleansing Collection and Working Hands Collection and contains bars such as Lavender & Chamomile, Pure Gardeners Delight, Tea Tree & Nettle and Honey & Oats. For a real special treat you can indulge in a wonderful bath spa with a Luxury Bath Bomb in Peppermint & Rosemary, Lavender & Chamomile or Patchouli & Orange. Or you could relax in a Herbal Spa Soak or chill out to music with a Luxury Bath Melt in either Lavender, Lemon & Lime or S.Wood & Ylang & Ylang. You can also go the whole hog by using a face mask in Yoghurt & Green Clay, Strawberry & Pink Clay or Banana & Yellow Clay. To complete all that pampering you can use a Body Butter Bar in Orange & Mint, Lavender & Chamomile, Fennel & Mint Foot or you could try a Shea Butter Whip in Lavender or Peppermint. Pure Thoughts is also the ideal place to look for the perfect gift; you can choose from the Fresh Herb Collection, Calm Collection, Cook�s Collection, Facial Collection and many others.

All products are available to buy online.

Check out their website

No RTTR for Season 4!

Project Runway Season 4 will premiere on November 14, but not like we were expecting. Bravo confirmed with us today that there will be no Road To The Runway episode. The premiere will jump right in to the first challenge; we'll have to wait and see if and how they incorporate the designer auditions into the show.

We're disappointed. We love watching the audition process, seeing the previous season's designers again, the whack-a-doo wannabees and the close misses. We especially loved the round table on the Season 3 RTTR between Tim, Nina, Heidi and MK as they perused the designer's portfolios. It helped give us a feel for what to expect from the new cast and built excitement for the first challenge.

How will we be introduced to the new cast now?

Meanwhile, a handful of Season 4 audition tapes have been posted on the Bravo website. (Don't miss the video of Jillian Lewis!). Is this all we'll get to see? Stay tuned...


... Oslo ( Nov. 1st - 4th)
Why not spending the week-end in Norway after all?

... Paris (Nov. 9th - 13th)
I've been invited to take pictures of the crowd at the music Festival Les Inrocks. An exhibition will take place a few weeks after.

... Munich, Germany (Nov. 29th - 1st)
I'll go there for a TV interview. By the way there will be a party at baby!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Drew Barrymore is a Gucci Goddess

I am so pleased Gucci has picked Drew Barrymore as the face of the new Gucci Fine Jewelry collection.

She is the first celebrity to feature in a Gucci campaign and a not so obvious celebrity choice at that, but she looks absolutely magnificent and makes the jewelry look even more beautiful.

Celine Dion still looking good

Extraordinarily talented songstress, Celine Dion, is still looking great after years away from the spotlight while shopping up on Sloane street in London.

I actually really like her outfit, although it's pretty much grey, but its interest is brought through her layering. And it's cute how shes matched her bracelet to the colour of her sunglasses.

A quick question, does this women not put on weight??? She looks just as thin as she did back in the day, that lucky thing.

Angelina Jolie and Maddox

Angelina Jolie took Maddox out toy shopping this week to spend some quality mother and son time together.

Ok it was more of a toy shopping spree, but either way Angelina Jolie looked casually chic doing it, wearing her signature pencil skirt and black tank with ballet flats and Michael Kors MK 526 sunglasses (thanks to Flashy shades for the info on the sunglasses).

If only we could all look so good so casual...

Star Spangled Season

Stars definitely seem to be a prominent print on the runways this season, with Chanel going all Patriotic on us with Stars and stripes, while Anna Sui used stars for accessorising purposes only with scarfs, brooches and bangles.

Previous seasons saw Viktor & Rolf going all out with the theme as seen on their flamboyant star printed shirts, skirts and tuxedos.

Thandie Newton was also seen this week wearing a discreet starry handbag, while Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell opted for cute shirts. will be interesting to see if this become a mass trend.

Best Sweaters for Fall 2007 - Part 1

Here are my fave sweaters for Fall 2007:


Forever 21 - Cable Knit Sweater - $34

Gap - Sideways cableknit cardigan sweater - $88

Neiman Marcus - NM Exclusive Donegal Open Cashmere Cardigan - $295


Jones New York Sport Stripe Hoody - $89

L.A.M.B Striped Wool Sweater - $165

Neiman Marcus - Autumn Cashmere Wrap Sweater - $342

More fun sweater styles to come...later this week!

NOTE: Images/items from respective sites