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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fashion Friend Finale - Week 9/30/2007

Couture in the City wants you to play "Fashion Hit or Miss" with recent celebrity styles

ShopDiary has the low-down on how to win over $325 worth of fashion and beauty goodies

So FASH'on found a very interesting video about young Yves Saint Laurent

The Glam Guide brings us Fall 2007 gowns inspired by Old Hollywood - nice!

NOTE: J Lo photo - - if you are the owner and object to its use, please email me at shopaholicd at gmail dot com and I'll take it down.

A Note From Amanda Fields

Amanda Fields seems to be everywhere, doesn't she? East coast, west coast, in music videos, at the Emmys - she's one busy girl!

After the Project Runway Season Four designers were announced, Amanda wrote to tell us that she has walked for Elisa Jimenez and Rami Kashou. You can see Amanda wearing Rami Kashou at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Los Angeles, Fall 2007 at the right. Click here for that collection. Watch a highlight video below.

Here is her opinion: Rami Kashou has a great shot at winning or at least of going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. His work is flawless and the fit is very complimentary. Not sure how he is in a time crunch, but from the work I have seen, keep an eye on him!!

We agree Amanda - Rami looks like a frontrunner.

About Elisa: She likes her models to do very interesting things on the runway. She wanted us to make a sweeping hand motion at the end representing something we really wanted in our lives. All of her pieces we wore in 2 ways.. meaning we modeled it once, then backstage they changed it a little, and then we wore it a second time.

Elisa sounds like a true original.

Video - Project Runway in Japanese

Just for fun, here's the opening montage from Episode 1 of Project Runway Season 2 in Japanese. I enjoyed hearing the voices they used for the designers (especially Jay McCarroll), Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.

PARIS - the quiet night before the storm, le baron + la fleche d'or, 09/29/07

LONDON - the doggy scarf, commercial street, 09/29/07

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rie Reports from the Keith Michael Show

Wow, what a fun-filled day Wednesday, the 12th was!! First, my friend, Travis, and I attended Malan Breton�s show and met Emmett McCarthy as well as the fabulous Laura K!! Later that night, we headed over to the West Chelsea club, Cain, for Keith Michael�s show. Getting there a little early, we were able to see Keith�s family arrive. His mother, Cindy, who looked absolutely radiant, stepfather, and sister, Sarah, were just a few of the relatives and close friends there to support him. When Keith saw his mother step out of the taxi, he literally ran over to her, beaming like a child on Christmas morning. Laura K. had the opportunity to talk to Cindy and she mentioned that Keith and Sarah never fought as kids! Wow!! My brother and I used to absolutely terrorize each other, so it�s hard for me to fathom never fighting with a sibling.

Click here to continue.

Rough Guides 25 Years

I have always loved the Rough Guides series, not because I am an avid traveller but because of the amazing concept of the brand. Flicking through those cool books which are designed with flair and written with lots of humour is a delightful experience. Rough Guides are predominately known for their travel guides and they have practically covered every country and city on the globe. In 1994 they digressed from travel and began to publish guides to topics such as World Music and then the Internet in 1995. Rough Guides are now producers of CDS, maps, phrasebooks and guides to anything from blogging, history, chick lit etc.. They are one of the most successful travel publishing companies in the country and have sold a staggering 30 million books.

This year everyone's favourite travel publishing company reached the landmark of 25 and decided to celebrate in true style by launching 25 Ultimate Experiences. Ultimate Experiences is a series of inspirational and pocket sized books that focus on popular, fun and exotic countries to visit. The idea of the books is to showcase a mix of ultimate adventures to inspire and excite readers who are either looking for high-octane adventures such as climbing Kilmanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa or something mellow like watching a live performance in a Roman amphitheatre. The books are magazine like so you can dip in and out and are a really fun read. You can check out all the titles here.

25 Ultimate Experiences are in the shops now!

Attention: Baltimore

Don't miss Tim Gunn at the Baltimore Book Festival tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:00. We'd love a photo!

The "grandmather" jacket

Long jackets are a must-have this season. It reminds me the jackets that my grandmother had years ago, the ones that she wore after 7 p.m. The preferable material is wool, and the length must be just until the end of your back. I love to combine a nice belt with the jacket, which should be unbuttoned. It is better and cooler if you don't wear a coat on it.

Pics by The Sartorialist and

Britney Spears back in shape

Although Britney Spears is dressed like an absolute hillbilly on her way to Starbucks yesterday, i can't help but be glad for her. I think her body is looking fab, her shades look cool, she seems to actually be smiling genuinely and no ratty hair seems to be in sight! Baby steps for steps!
And congratulations to her for being the artist with the number 1 download of itunes in 12 different countries for her comeback hit Gimme More!!!

I'm loving Burberry Prorsum shades!

Burberry Prorsum's Spring 2008 eyewear collection seems to be very promising when looking at the previews seen on the runways this week.

Burberry seems to have moved away from the rounded, oversized 60's styles for fall to 80's shield and mask styles sunglasses. Although all the models waring them seem to have veruy different face shapes to one another, they all seem to pull them off just as well.
I can't wait for the range to come out!

Pregnant Christina Aguliera!

For some who got famous off Daddy's career and being the side kick of socialite Miss Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie sure seems to have gotten a lot of attention over the years...and it seems to be getting more and more vapid during her maternity days. But who can blame you when she dresses the way she does!?

Christina Aguliera, another mother-to-be, looks just as fantastic in her maternity get-up. Thank to celebrities, i actually think the days of tragic maternity wear such as thick elastic banded denim jeans are behind us, which is a blessing for all us future mothers!

LONDON - sexbeat, 333 basement + wet shoreditch, 09/28/07

Backstage Style Apring 2008: Rock Chick

It seems that many models are bound to be seen in very rock chick looks off the runways. This season proved no different, with doll-like models such as Lily Donaldson toughing up their pretty images with skinny jeans, leather jackets, leopard print and shoe booties topped off with a smoky eye.

Always been a fan of this look and always will be!

Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw Style

More and more images of the filming of the Sex and the City movie continue to surface on the internet. Wonderful outfits, crazy combinations and lustful accessories all seem to be the norm.

However, all sites seem to be crediting Sarah Jessica Parker for these oufits, such as 'Sarah Jessica parker does it again', Carrie Bradshaw is a style queen bla bla bla bla bla!

I agree that to some degree the wearer of the outfit has an impact, as to the way the look comes across, BUT to me Sarah Jessica Parker is purely modelling the stylish work of Pat Field, its ALL Pat Field, not SJP oh and NOT Carrie Bradshaw...thats a fictional characters name for crying out loud!!

Hilary Duff at Lax airport

Hilary Duff looked casual cool at Lax Airport yesterday, keeping her outfit minimully coloured with tones of cream and black. She accessoried with a Louis Vuitton Damier bag, Chanel flats and Marc Jacobs MJ 098 studded aviator sunglasses, which can be purchased authentically online at Otticanet for US $ 235.


If you are in Paris this coming month, between Le Louvre and Centre Pompidou, don't forget to visit Colette.

With "From the Street to the Night", the famous Parisian boutique is presenting the first global exhibition about street style and party pictures blog culture. Do you check these photographs everyday online? Enjoy to see them hanging on a wall for once...

Friday, September 28, 2007

What's Your Guilty Fashion Pleasure?

Everyone (ok, almost everyone) has some secret fashion adoration that isn't exactly always mainstream or widely accepted. For me, I secretly love knee-highs. Perhaps I've watched Clueless one too many times, but if knee-highs would come back into style, I'd be all over it. Ok, so even when I was in high school, I got nervous wearing knee-highs in public, but I'd at least think about it. What I'm really trying to work towards is not caring so much what other people think, but that is so hard sometimes! That's why I'm trying to work on putting together some more risque items. :)

Anywho, here's Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) on the set of the new Sex and the City movie:

What do you think of knee highs?

What's your guilty-fashion-pleasure?

Photo source: Just Jared dot com

Fab Flats for Fall 2007

I love flats. I love heels, too, but sometimes, you get to the point where you just need a break from them. That's a good time to turn to your (at least my) other fave: flats. Here are some fab flats for Fall 2007:

Fa�ade 'Madison' Flat - $89.95
Gray is the new black, right? The bow is sooo cute, too!

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Trinity' Flat - $108.95
Flats with some subtle color. I'm feeling the detailing on the front.

Juicy Couture 'Edith' Flat - $225
I'm so in love with these Juicy flats, it's sad. I think I'm going to have to buy these with my limited October budget money. They're very Jessica Alba, no?

NOTE: Images/items

From The Mailbox

Rami Kashou is among the nominees for the Moss Adams Fashion Innovator Award at the LA Fashion Awards. Good luck Rami!

The mailbox is full of Heidi Klum news. Popsugar sums it up best!

Meanwhile, sister site Fabsugar announces the Season Four contestants. profiles several of the Project Runway season four designers.

Seattle is claiming Jack Mackenroth as a native son. Doesn't everyone want to claim Jack?

Get Glamorous offers an excellent recap of last night's Guide to Style.

Deb sent in this link to photos of Tim Gunn in his Chucks!

E! online presents the new cast.

Here is an interview with Tim Gunn also featured today on Rungay.

Finally, just in case you missed Tom and Lorenzo's introduction to the cast - check it out!

LONDON - volume magazine party, aka + old blue last + on the street, shoreditch, 09/27/07

OCTOBER is gonna be SO COOL!

Here's my freezing line-up for the next weeks:

Paris (Women Ready-to-Wear SS 08 Fashion Week): Sep. 30 - Oct. 8
aka the biggest gathering of profesionnal fashionistas on Earth.

Stockholm ( & 1 day in G�teborg): Oct. 9-14
i.e. let's see what kind of clothes the Swedes are wearing for the Fall 07.

Reykjavik (Iceland Airwaves): Oct. 17-21
aka the "ultra-hip" music festival at the end of the World.

See you around.

Versace Spring 2008

Donatella Versace really knows how to get the oomph and sexiness out of any girl with her creations that bring dorky items such as the jumpsuit and casual city shorts to a whole new level.

City shorts in tough leather, jumpsuits with drape and waisted belts, while making color clashing work so well. This is a move away the nauseating blingtastic designs we are familiar with in past Versace collections.

Fendi Spring 2008

The Fendi collection went through 3 different stages on the one runway. The house started with very light, breezy in stark white. Then moved towards a free spirited hippy look of the 70's and reverted back to contrasting textures from the floatyness of chiffon to the roughness of sequins, all in a much darker colour palette, proving that black can never be beaten!

Dsquared Spring 2008

Dsquared received a lot more attention this season, with their clever move to put miss Rihanna on the runway. It created quiet the buzz with the masses. This manoeuvre may have been a clever distraction from the many revealing, verging on tacky designs paraded on the runway.

I could only note three decent wearable items in the whole collection. This included a pocketed black coat with tri-panel detailing, a brown leather jumpsuit (idea sounds bad, but it looks unique in reality), and a gorgeous yellow pea coat which wins because of its timeless simplicity and striking color.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2008

I really enjoyed the Dolce and Gabanna Spring 2008 collection. Therunway looks were alot more feminine and the artisitic designs on some of the outfits were purely stunning. The collection is abstract art meets your great grandmothers antic curtains. Alot more wearable and free of the corset clinging styles that Dolce is known for....and my do i love the Printed shoe booties!!!

Who wore it better?

At the Welcome to L.A party hosted for the Beckham's, Victoria opted for an excruciatingly high and (probarbly painful) pair of Giambattisti Valli shoes with black side bow detail and delicate ankle straps.

While recently Mariah Carey *Cringe* wore a lower heeled version of the same pair in white. I have issues with big feet, especially the type that hang over your shoes, so Mariah Carey's toes are doing her any favours in regards to my opinion, therefore my girl Victoria has my vote!

Who do you think wore these unique Giambattisti Valli shoes best?

Wow these two always look sooo happy...

Just another picture of the beckhams looking radiant and always, heading to Mirabelle resturant in Sunset boulevard!
Poor david though, he found out yesterday that his father has suffered from a heart attack, the couple are on their way to London to support him.

Ashley Tisdale: Maxi dress sighting

Although the weather is getting colder around the globe, in Australia it the temperatures are rising :) And it's great to get rid of months of wearing layers, to simple easy to wear outfits, such as the popular maxi dress!

Haven't worn long dresses in a while actually, especially not for casual occasions, so this summer will be a great change...but nearly every single store has an exact or pretty close copy to the Lispy Colour Block dress that Lindsay Lohan wore this summer.

Jack and the City

I discovered these photos while visiting the MySpace of Project Runway Season 4 designer Jack Mackenroth. It seems that Jack is featured in the new "Sex And The City" movie.

First he walk past the girls - Samantha is checking him out.... Carrie notices too...

...Oh well.

Jack is at the end of this clip.

For more photos check out Jack's MySpace.

John C Reports From Lot 8 in Houston

Hey BPRs!

I attended the premiere party for Chloe Dao's case collection for Pacific Design at Lot 8 last week! Chloe was a very gracious host and spent the evening socializing with all the attendees when she wasn't busy signing or posing. The parties at Lot 8 have consistently been a blast, and this one lived up to the reputation! Much fun was had, and all of us were very impressed with Chloe's designs. The cases are functional and practical, yet also fun and fashionable (not to mention that they're priced well below designer cases).

You can check out all the merchandise at I purchased the Nucleus 15.4 Blue/Red Pinstripe laptop case for my boyfriend, and he absolutely loves it (though it helps that he can show off a personal message from Chloe that's written on it!).

Much love,

John C.