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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vera Bradley Bermuda Blue Shopping Spree

Vera Bradley has retired their Bermuda Blue pattern - my fave! This means two things (good and bad):

1. Bad - they've retired my favorite pattern, so eventually, I won't be able to buy any more unless I scour ebay *sad face*
2. Good - most stores are putting their retired VB on sale - some at 25% off, so I can buy my fave pattern at a discount, giving me reason to buy more, of course *happy face*

Here's what I got when I found out about the sale:

So I went a lil' crazy - I'm just a shopaholic - it's what I do!

Laptop Bag - So I can look chic if I'm working with any jewelry clients - casual chic, that is. I'd need a Gucci or something for upscale chic (as well as an extra couple thou laying around with nothing else to spend it on so I could spend it on the Gucci)
Curling/Straightening Iron holder - A must-have for any girl! Not only do they keep your irons looking chic, they are awesome for the travelling fashionista. Even if your iron is still hot, you can put it into this heat-protectant case to save the rest of your luggage
Purse - awesome for toting around every day or for a fun-filled vacation - especially good for vacations, actually, b/c all the pockets and space allow you to carry all your tourist essentials - bottled water, digital camera, ID, credit cards, lip gloss, etc.
Duffel Bag - So I can look cute when I'm on my way to the gym. You don't want to toss your change of clothes in a ratty old bag, do you? Not that it's not acceptable, but why not look cute at all times? Think about what Stacy and Clinton would say!

Are you a fan of Vera Bradley? Hit up your local VB selling shop soon before all the good styles run out! I believe they also retired Nantucket Navy, Hope Toile (orange-y pink), and Citrus (read flourescent yellow-green). Click here to view the patterns

From The Mailbox

First we have a model spotting in Knit 1 Magazine. Marilinda looks fabulous doesn't she? She also greets me from the window of the Old Navy at my local mall. Congratulations, Marilinda!

Thanks Jamie for the link - please continue to send us your model spottings.

Speaking of models... Guess who is going to host the Canadian version of Project Runway?

Read more about it here. Thanks Jimmy.

Planning a shopping trip to NYC this summer?

Here is some advice from Tim Gunn. I think we posted this last summer, but it bears repeating. Please send photos if you visit EMc2. Thanks Jonathan.

Attention Ft. Lauderdale: There will be a Project Runway-like competition featuring designers from the Art Institute on Saturday. More info here.

Meanwhile, there is still time to get your tickets for the "Bad Boys" event in San Francisco on July 27th. Meet Jeffrey Sebelia amd Santino Rice. Click here for more information.

Uli Herzner's designs are now available at

LONDON - blond readhead gig, koko + soho + mihiki, 05/30/07

Expensive Bag I Love, want and NEED!

This bag is currently my obsession. I am actually considering taking out a credit card to buy this bag! I can't go to sleep without thinking about it and i wake up thinking about it. It's from the Spring Collection and it's a Miu Miu Belted Leather Tote. I want the brown one sooooo bad. I love how it is simple enough to wear season after season, but the gold belt detailing on the sides give it a very edgy feel. It comes in White and Nut (brown), so for those of you who love it and can AFFORD it you can purchase it at Neiman Marcus for US $1080 but it is one beautiful bag to invest in.

Debate: Fashion Model's too Skinny?

I stayed away from putting my argument forward about this debate because i really don't know what happens behind the scenes in the modeling world. But after seeing pictures of models posted on a particular fashion and model forum, i was shocked to see how many girls were obsessed with super-skinny models.

The site I am talking about is a very popular one in which official top model images can be found. However, the girls and guys that frequent this particular site have started a new thread that worships super skinny models. They come together to post picture not of their favourite fashion models, but to compete to find pictures of excruciatingly thin models, some almost on the verge of saying "hi" to a brand new coffin.

A member would post a picture and fanatic members comment on how much they adore the model's arms, bones, elbows and yes their bony knee's as well. Many of the model's posted on this site are unknown models, however some familiar faces did pop up which does reflect negatively on the modelling and fashion industry and the power they have. Many regard these model's as "Thinspiration" and now the obsession with thinness has gone too far.

Mischa Barton Louis Vuitton Shorts!

When i first saw this photo, i wasn't surprised to see Mischa Barton of all people mixing and matching prints and styles, because after all it is apart of her eclectic style. But it annoys me when celebrities purchase such expensive clothing and still manage to look shocking. Mischa's red lipstick, stripe top, embroidered tank and decorative Gucci bag all make for one big mess! And a note on the shorts, I think Louis Vuitton is seriously lacking creativity lately, first it was the extremely overpriced patchwork bag with like 100 bags in one and then these shorts!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Beach Cover-Up - Summer 2007

I noticed a trend this weekend related to my personal style. Of all the things I could have worn over my bikini as a beach cover-up, I wore soft, crinkly, cotton skirts again and again...much like this one:

This is what I wore to go on a sunset stroll with my honey. I had a white bikini underneath in case we decided to get in the water again (which we didn't b/c it got pretty darn cold at night), which I paired with a white, casual, cotton skirt and white cropped sweatshirt. It was super comfy and I liked how the wind would catch my skirt now and again - not a la Marilyn Monroe or anything, just a slight, girly swirl of the skirt. Anywho, I just wore the skirt because it was kinda cold...most days I paired my skirts with lightweight tank tops or simply T-Shirts.

Cotton Skirt - American Eagle
Bikini - Candie's
Cropped Sweatshirt - Gap

Cropped & Cute

Do you ever bring home something you just bought that you know is really cute, but you're not sure exactly what to wear it with, so you just start putting random outfits together? That's what I did with a new pair of shorts I bought at The Limited before my vacation a few days ago. The Limited was running a promo (not sure if it's still going or not) for 50% off select cropped pants and shorts, so these bad boys were only $22.50!

The shorts are a pretty, satin-y material with a removeable sash for a belt. I paired them with a camisole, cropped eyelet jacket, and simple black heels. The camisole is also from The Limited - they have the best camis! I love them b/c they're stretchy without being tight, they're tagless, they don't have a built-in-bra (I hate those), and they come in a ton of colors. They are a must-have in my book.

Camisole - The Limited
Cropped, Eyelet Jacket - lotus
Satin-y Shorts - The Limited
Black Heels - Enzo

Dear Season Four Designers,

You must be very excited and quite busy making last-minute preparations for your trip to New York. How long will you be staying? Hopefully for several weeks, or even a month, so pack plenty of clothes.

Have you explained to you boss where you are going? What you are doing? Did you have to tell a little story or could you tell the truth? Who else knows the truth? Your spouse? Sweetheart? Best friend?

Are you on a diet? Working out? Got a fresh haircut?

Wow, so much to think about!

We have all sorts of Heidi Klum sightings in NYC - West Village mostly - so she is ready to begin. You must be very excited about meeting her... And Tim Gunn! And the other designers!

Have you been imagining what the challenges might be? Devising strategies? Practicing your confessionals?

If this is your last time to check in to BPR before you head to New York we want to wish you the very best. Whether you are the first designer "auf" or the eventual winner, BPR will be here to cover your career. We already consider you a friend.

We can't wait to meet you!

Team BPR and All of the BPRs

LONDON - hanbury street + grill room, cafe royal + the end of the road residency, the social + white heat, madame jojo's, 05/29/07

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nicole Richie -Chanel Python Tote

I just wanted to shed some light on this gorgeous bag. It's called the 'Chanel Python Tote' and is currently my favourite designer handbag. The colour, the texture and the size all work together beautifully...if i had that much money, this would be the bag i would have my hands on!

My my What a Furry bag!

OK, i saw this bag in a store recently and it's one of those bags that around 99% of people would hate! However, I'm not quiet sure. Although i doubt i will be raising to the shops to add this bag to my collection, i find it some what interesting. It different, its bold and animal friendly. This bag hold quiet alot and has alot of potential to look great provided you feel your look can pull it off. Anyways, if this is your thing, you can find cheap faux fur bags on Ebay or at

M�gi tuleb Muhamedi juurde...

Olen unistanud, et saaks juba seal Ameerikas �ra k�idud �kskord, aga ikka on asjaolud n�nda, et peab j�lle reisi teadmata ajaks edasi l�kkama, N: sellised olukorrad nagu: j��d just rasedaks, v�i pead laenu maksma ja t��l k�ima, v�i ei leia lastele hoiupaika mingikski ajaks. ;(

Ja kummaline, et sellises situatsioonis hakkab see maa ise endast m�rku andma.

Naabri vanamees on k�ll puhtat�uline inglane, aga temaga tuleb k�ik majaasjad selles keeles selgeks r��kida. �lemaja naaber j�lle on just Ameerikast Eestisse tulnud, elas seal teine mitu head aastat.

Lisaks kingiti mulle t�na selline tore raamat nagu Minu Ameerika (Epp Petrone), autogrammiga. N��d saan mitu �htut huviga lugeda ja kujutada ette, nagu oleksingi seal! Milline r��m! :)))

The Men of Sweden

The Sartorialist gave us plenty to smile about when he captured the essence of the new age fashion forward man in Stockholm Sweden. Swedish boys know what they're doing, with their impeccably sophisticated style which would give us ladies a run for our money. These men are so in tune with fashion and their personal style while still maintaining masculinity.


1) Skinny Jeans or Pants- Lean mean Skinny jeans are here to stay! With many men embracing this trend as it's a fresh take on the years and years of overly baggy jeans. Try ones that are looser around the top half while tighter around the carves and ankles.

2) Scarfs- Although it is heading into summer in Europe, scarfs always add a touch of class to any outfit for next winter

3) Military Jackets- Military jackets are structured, beautifully cut, and gold brass buttons will surely make others salute.

4) Wayfarer style sunglasses- These 80's style sunglasses are the hottest property in shades for both men and women in all colors. Don't like the trend? Stick to the cool 70's aviators or get youself a pair of bargain priced wayfarers on Ebay or the classic Ray Bans on Otticanet. In no time chain store like H&M and Target will surely make their own versions if you can wait that long!

5) Neutral colored pants- Brown, cream, beige, grey and white pants are a fresh look for the chillier nights of summer.

6) Great hair- Short, long or in between- Whichever way you like it, make sure you keep it in tip top condition and style it in your very own way.

7) Standout Sneakers- An awesome pair of sneakers can do no wrong. Get yourself a pair with cool graphics, bold colors or try them in the funky metallic trend! Vintage Nike have a great range. For the rest go for a classic pair in white or find a great pair of sandals for those hotter days.
Pictures sourced from

LONDON - durrr, the end, 05/28/07

Perfect match- Red Bags and White Shirts

The New York Times' Bill Cunningham notified us of two hot trends for summer as seen on the most fashionable everyday New Yorkers. The trends? Red bags and White Shirts. Summer has yet to roll around, but all the summer babies are in need of a fresh outlook and what better way then to get fresh then in a crisp white shirt. These separate trends however, make for a stylish chic ensemble with fiery red clashing with gleaming whites!

Crazy Over the Bindi

When the print Campaign came out for the Louis Vuitton Bindi sunglasses, i could not help but be engrossed in its unusually beautiful design. From the retro frame, to the unique quartz gem in the middle, the Indian inspired Louis Vuitton Bindi sunglasses were sure to capture (and cover) the eyes of many a Hollywood starlet. Few month's on we've got Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Lindsay Lohan wearing these hot shades in various colors. Beyonce has made these sunglasses her statement "it" glasses while on her world tour. Gwen owns both the black and white ones, as seen in her film clip. As for Lindsay Lohan she wears these sunglasses from America to the Bahamas!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Trend: Utility Style Dressing

This is one versatile trend. Lately we've been seeing the return of the overalls with Rachel Zoe stapling the outfits onto her former client Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan, but Utility style dressing has taken on a whole new stance. With Doc Marten inspired boots stomping around as seen at the Chloe Shows, Overalls have also been present in all forms from skirts, to shorts to pants. Suspenders and Cargo Pants in Khaki colours also add to this Tradesman's trend. Glam it up with cute print cardigans, platform shoes and contrasting shapes.

Purchase: T-Shirt

You know how it go food shopping and you come back home with clothes. Its inevitable really, so today I ended up buying a groovy green T-Shirt for $15. I didn't need a T-Shirt but this one just screamed at me so i had to have it. It says "You Cant stop The Music" and it kinda reminded me of those House of Holland T-shirts which you can see on and it will be a great everyday casual T-shirt.

Nina Garcia Judges the Miss Universe Pageant Tonight

Here is a post about the pageant from Nick Verreos.

Also, more about the pageant here.

It seems like yesterday we were watching Tara Conner in her Kayne Gillaspie gown!

LONDON - boombox, hoxton square bar and kitchen + wet yourself!, public life, 05/27/07