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Monday, May 31, 2010


The photos of my 1st day in Buenos Aires are up on my visual diary.

Culture Club

When Matilda Egere-Cooper announced that she was launching a new blog called The Cultural Expose' I was intrigued. I follow about a zillion blogs, all of which are fantastic so I was curious to see what this one would be about. The Cultural Expose basically follows Matilda's life from a cultural perspective; art exhibition, film releases, TV programmes, music, food, travel - it is all here on this blog. Matilda is an established music journalist who has written for publications such as The Independent, i-D, Blues and Soul, Dazed and Confused and the BBC. On top of that she also works as photographer and covers portraits, events, documentary and human interest stories. I caught up with Matilda to find out to find out about life as a blogger, photographer and journalist and to find out where she finds the time to do it all. 

What made you start blogging?
I started my first blog, Waltzing Matilda, in 2004 as a sort of online portfolio for all my music journalism work.  I recently launched a new blog on April 1st called The Cultural Expos�.

Describe the concept behind The Cultural Expos�.
I have quite an active social life when I'm not working, and I've always been the go-to person among my friends in terms of knowing about different things to do or places to go. So I started the blog as a document of my own "urban adventures", but also as a guide for people who might be into arts, culture, activities and travel and want to know what's going on.  Saying that, there's A LOT I haven't done in London yet, so I'm trying to rectify that while I still live here - and I'm all for inspiring and sharing the love, so if I'm getting hook-ups, I want people to get hooked-up too and try something new.

You recently changed your blog over to The Cultural Expos�. What were the reasons for this?
I've recently developed myself as a photographer - and I wanted to do something where I could combine writing and my photography that was distinctive in its own right.  If you check out my older archives on Waltzing Matilda, all you'll see is music coverage, but it started to lose it's focus a bit.  It still exists though.

Over the last year bloggers have really made their mark in the media, how do you think they will continue to push the boundaries over the next few years?
I think bloggers will start to define themselves by producing more original content, one particular blogger I respect for this is Jamal Edwards at sbtv.  This kid (he's only 19) has created his own hip-hop & grime entertainment channel and produces all the videos himself.  Understandably, he's one of the most popular sites out there at the moment in his field. Similarly is The Sartorialist - a fashion blog consisting of street photography created by the site's author, Scott Schuman.  Eventually, these types of bloggers (if they wanted to) can license their content to interested parties because the value will be second-to-none, really.

How do you get your ideas for your blog?
Well, it all started with Speed Dating.  I organised a night out with some friends and when I blogged about it, I was quite surprised by the number of people who were surprised that I did it.  So it had me thinking - what are the things that people a) have never considered doing b) would do only if someone else did it first c) have never heard of d) never had the time to do but would make time for it? With this in mind, I started getting ideas through conversations, reading newspapers (you'd be surprised what you come across in the classifieds LOL) and magazines. 

What do you do when you are not working on your blog?
I'm a freelance journalist, photographer and journalism tutor. 

Describe a typical day in the life of Matilda Egere-Cooper.
Ha ha!  Never a typical day with me, unfortunately.  But a week tends to be a combination of researching, writing, teaching and mentoring, lesson planning, managing my blog and social networks, doing my 365 photography project, eating good food and going somewhere. I'm also doing an evening French class at the moment, so I "try to" study every morning lol.

What are your favourite glossy magazines?
British Journal of Photography, Rolling Stones, Photo Pro Magazine and Essence

Name five blogs that you read religiously?

How do you see The Cultural Expos� evolving over the next two years?
The photography and travel focus will grow and I'm already working on a project which will be developed later this year.  I'm also keen to develop a community so hopefully that will be established in a couple years time too. 

You can read Matilda's blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter here.

Jonso - Go Do

Go Do from . on Vimeo.

Talented Boy Does Killer Cover of Paparazzi

Protect 486 Scooter Armor

Protect 486 is an anti-theft armor with burglar alarm, and also protecting your scooter from sunshine and rainwater. It was inspired by natural defense mechanisms of animals like the armadillo, which looks like your portable private garage for your scooter. Designed by Marc Graells.

Bearded Beanie

Bearded Beanie($46) from etsy seller taraduff, the beanie is knitted in mustard yellow and dark gray stripes with a crocheted edge. The beard is hand crocheted onto the hat in brown. This hat fits most adult head sizes. It is one piece like a mask and fits snug to stay in place for any outdoor activities.

Bullfighting - Horn through mouth

One of the famous Spanish matadors Julio Aparicio from Sevilla, 41, survives after having a bull�s horn pierce through his throat and into his mouth. The accident was happened in Bullfight attractions in Madrid on Sunday, May 23, 2010.
Medical team in Madrid Hospital was successfully to rescue him by 6-hour operations to recover his jaw and tongue. Doctors are reporting that Julio Aparicio is conscious and in stable condition.

Hairy underwear and else

AMSTERDAM - jordaan & spui, 05/29-30/05

7 Tips for Natural Glowing Skin

How to Achieve Natural Glowing Skin

Exfoliating will remove your dead skin cells and reveal a new layer of skin. However, avoid overdoing it because your skin will get irritated. Do it once or twice a week.

Exposure to the sun's harmful rays and elements like wind can lead to damaged and dry skin. You need to take a skin supplement to help moisturize your skin from the inside out. Choose from Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, or Glutathione capsules.

When you start to get your blood pumping, a flush comes to your cheeks naturally. So have a healthy and active lifestyle. Don't just stay in front of the computer - get out and stretch those pretty limbs!

To stimulate your blood circulation, get a steam. Cleanse your face first, then fill a bowl with hot, steaming water. Lean over the bowl with your face near the water. Drape a towel over your head to keep the heat. Do this for 10 minutes and after that, rinse your face with warm water and follow with your favorite mask.

Sleep is the vital time during which our cellular systems rejuvenate, your skin included. Get at least 7 hours of sleep for your skin to maximize its cell repair.

I don't mean "starve" yourself. Diet means ditch those meat and junk food packs. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables for a glowing skin.

Stress can become your skin's worst enemy so you have to destress from time to time. Get a deep breathing, read a book, laugh with friends, listen to your fave music - whatever you do that makes you feel happier.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

News from Tim Gunn, Nick Verreos and Amanda Fields

Click here for more photos from Nick Verreos and Amanda Fields at the FIDM "Alice in Wonderland" Fashion Show Gala.

Click here for photos of Tim Gunn on the set of The Smurfs movie!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

las vegas: off strip

Sex and the City 2: The Stories. The Fashion. The Adventure

Well as practically the whole world is bashing the Sex and the City 2 movie (read the excellent post by Katie Chutzpah hitting out at the critics) I have decided to have a go at the book. Yesterday while feeling excited about the prospect of seeing Carrie and the gals again I got happy and ordered the book from amazon. My thought process was that I would be able to labour over the book today while remicising over the film. You see I was expecting the film to be good but it wasn't and I was also expecting the book to be good too but guess what? It wasn't either. So hello to a less than pleased Ondo Lady. 
Before I go any further let me explain the concept of the S&TC books, now I am not talking about the one written by Candace Bushnell but the brilliant ones that acompany the show and films and written by Amy Sohn. These are well crafted items which are designed to lay luxuriously on your coffee table. Hardbacked and rectangle shaped they contain wonderful images of the characters, the show and people behind the scenes. For instance Sex and the City Kiss and Tell which is based on the TV series delves into the history of the show. The foreward is by Sarah Jessica Parker who tells us about how she initially turned down the role of Carrie because she did not want to go back to TV. There are also chapters on each of the four ladies which covers their personalities and how they have evolved since the first series and there is also a summary of each episode. As well as the fashion the book looks at the apartments of the four ladies and discusses their individual styles. The men of S&TC are featured as well as city the show is set in. This one of my favourite books because not only is it pretty with it's pinlk cover it provides you with every nut and bolt that you would love to know about the show.

Sex and the City: The Movie is rather similar to the first book as it kicks off with an intro from Sarah Jessica Parker who gives us a recap on the years between the end of the series and the film. Writer and director, Michael Patrick King's intro is very interesting as he gives us his ideas and aspirations on the fllm which I found really intruiging. The next few pages goes into the logistics of turning S&TC into a film. I guess I just took it for granted how it easy it would be to make the fiilm and get all the crew and props back. Well this section goes into the technicalities they faced. Like the beginning of the first film the book gives us a summary of the show season by season and on the character's lives. However, this is where the similarities between the first book ends, the next part of the book is a pictorial narration of the film. I mean if you have not seen the first film and read this you really will not need to as everything is given away. I must admit at over 120 pages long I felt a bit cheated because I was expecting a lot more features. There are a few nice touches like a piece on the Vogue shoot, why they chose the Vivienne Westwood dress and Carrie's apartment makeover. Of course you couldn't have a S&TC book without the fashion and there is a look book which documents all the clothes. Sex and the City: The Movie is not as brilliant as the first book but is is a must have for die hard S&TC fans and as I said before the pictures are beautiful.

Which brings me to Sex and the City 2: The Stories, The Fashion, The Adventure, the first thing that stands out is that thei book is not written by Amy Sohn but by someone called Eric Cyphers who I have never heard of and also the cover is more luxurious. It has a nice pouchy feel to it which I really like. However. this stops there. I hate the colour which is a light grey and a far cry from the girly pink of the first one and dynamic black of the second one. Believe me the content is not any better either: there is the usual introduction by Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King where they talk about filming in the Middle East. There is the summary of what the characters have been up to since the first film then there is a section on filming in Morocco but is is all really lightweight as if they wanted to skimp over it. This is followed by Q&As with the four actresses which I find boring as they are not saying anything I have not heard before. The next section is on the men of S&TC and the supporting cast. Then of course we have the fashion but instead of a couple of pages of looks we have over 100 pages of the outfits featured in the film. Each outfit has two pages dedicated to it with full credits! Talk about blatant advertising and product placement. I felt disgusted and frankly ripped off. The whole book reads like a catalogue promoting designer clothes as well as a luxury holiday in Marrakesh. Talk about style and no bleedin substance. Me no likey!! My advice is if you want a fabulous S&TC book then just stick with the first one which has quality writing, fashion and fun.

The Sex and the City books are available to buy from amazon.

NEW YORK - james, crosby street, 05/10/10

The photos of my two first days in S�o Paulo are up on my visual diary.

Friday, May 28, 2010

new orleans: lovely brown dress

A New Interview with Tim Gunn from Charlotte Style Magazine

Tim Gunn dishes on growing up in Washington, his career and Project Runway. Click here for the full interview.

A highlight: There was a really great moment when Nina puts her hands over her eyes and tilts her head back and she says, �If I see another one-shouldered dress, I�m going to scream.� And Michael stops her and says, �Nina, how many neckline treatments are there? I can count them on one hand.� (He laughs a few times as though he�s back in the moment.) But it�s not in the show. And if you were sitting at home, wouldn�t you like to hear that?

Broadway Market

Who has never heard of Notting Hill or Candem? These two are probably the most popular markets among no Londoners. I remember how excited I was about the markets the first time I came to the capital. I totally fell for Notting Hill market. The neighbourhood is really beautiful and the charm of those antiques pieces, unforgettable. I hate to be so clich�, but my friend and I even looked for the bookshop of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts �Notting Hill� movie (1999). Candem was not as charming, but it was good to appreciate the diversity of this big city. I have gone to Notting Hill or Candem markets just a couple of times since I moved here, there are many small not-so-popular markets to be discovered in the city that those two are not so appealing anymore.

Located in Hackney, (East London), Broadway Market is a really small, familiar and charming paradise for food lovers. This market, which dates from the 1890s, was first inaugurate by Fred Cooke, who started selling jellied eels. The market later grew to serve shepherds driving their flocks to the City of London. But by the Nineties only two stalls where selling their products.

In 2004, volunteers from the Broadway Market Traders� and Residents� Association revived the community. It has grown beyond expectations. It is now described as the most successful community market in London. And I am not surprised. If looking for clothes, this is not the best market because there are only a few stalls selling garments, -some interesting retro outfits and also stuff for babies- however, it is a great place to spot new fashion trends.

We got to Hackney Central station, only 10 minutes away from the market and after crossing London Fields, the delicious smell of food announced us that we were near of the market. Picking lunch there is quite difficult: from French crepes to German sausages and a great variety of Eastern food, it is hard to make a choice because everything looks and what is even worst, smells tasty. If the choice is cooking yourself, vegetables, cheese and organic eggs, and so meat and fish are sold aswell.

Time for dessert. What to go for? There are several stalls selling great looking homemade cupcakes, brownies, cakes and alike. I can confirm, without no doubt, that Violet�s cupcakes are really one of the best cupcakes I�ve ever had. I tried the soft, spongy base cupcake with an Indian Alphonso Mango icing. Yummy! They also have different cakes and cookies, even though their cupcakes are said to be their most brilliant product.

Apart from the market, that street is a great spot for special bookshops. The Broadway Bookshop is quite small and cozy, the atmosphere captivates you as soon as you get in, not any 3x2 best-sellers or any typical titles, a well-read staff willing to help, shelves full of books that make you dream and the inviting location makes you want to come back soon.

Highly recommended, write it down and if you ever come to London, just don't miss it.

How to get there:

Ver mapa m�s grande

Thursday, May 27, 2010

austin - hope

In the Editor's Chair - Adriano Sack

I always get excited about the launch of a new magazine. I guess it is the concept of someone's new vision, cool ideas as well as a new magazine design. I came across Ilikemystyle Quarterly while infiltrating my ever so beloved Google Reader and checking out a post on Glowing Doll. Ilikemystyle Quarterly is the world's first user generated magazine, where members are invited to contribute to the publication. Imagine all your favourite posts put together into a glossy and trendy magazine and you soon get the picture. Based in Berlin, Ilikemystyle Quarterly was founded by Adriano Sack and Eva Munz and the first issue hit the streets last month. The ilikemystyle publication is so on point that it has it's own little trailer which was created to promote the launch. I caught up with Adriano to get the lowdown on this cool magazine.

How did you get into journalism?
While I was studying architecture in Hamburg I worked in a very notorious club as a bartender so I guess I was a nightlife person. The local city magazine needed a party reporter and hired me so I left architecture school and never looked back.

Describe the concept of Ilikemystyle Quarterly and the idea behind the name. is a social network for people interested and obsessed with fashion and who have a healthy appetite for self-exposure. Our users upload pictures, write comments, befriend each other etc. The print magazine, Ilikemystyle Quarterly is based on the website showcasing the diverse talents of our userbase. As far as I know it's the first user generated magazine. The project is called i Like my style because you have to like yourself to be liked by others. Obviously there's is a gentle irony to that name.
The design is very slick, how did you decide on the art design of the publication?
Our art directors Judith Banham and Alexander Wiederin created an unfussy, elegant look with a twist, because we felt the content and the images don't need to be pimped by self-indulgent design.

Who is behind the publication?
A couple of media and fashion people such as digital manager Klaus-Peter Frahm, movie director and writer Eva Munz, fashion designer and critic Martin Cho, philosopher Michael Ladner, cultural critic Emily Segal. And the users of our website.

How many members of staff work on the magazine?
No staff. We're all free radicals.

Describe a day in the life of Adriano Sack.
A prototypical day in New York:
8.17 am: I drink a glass of hot water as recommended by Chinese mothers (it�s good for everything).
8.19 am: I skip yoga to check and write emails instead. To distract myself I click through Spiegel Online, NYT online (including their fashion site The Moment),, some fashion blogs.
9.13 am: I call contributors, advertising clients, our tax consultant, my boyfriend who lives in Berlin, and some best friends and I write some stuff.
1.03 pm: I have lunch with Michael Bullock from Fantastic Man at a vegetarian Japanese noodle place.
2.00 pm: I go to the fashion boutique Opening Ceremony and the St. Mark�s bookstore. I�m so happy that they are carrying our magazine, that I end up not buying anything.
2.58 pm: I discuss stories, layouts and the long overdue redesign of the website with our art director.
7.03 pm: I go to some gallery openings, decide not to go to the movies and have dinner with friends instead.
10.05 pm: whatever.

Which blogs do you check out regularly?

What magazines do you read?
Der Spiegel, Pin-Up, Fantastic Man, Vogue (from every country my favourite being French and Russian), and literally every magazine in the world: from the rather heady neo-conservative German Cicero to Spanish Hola to Straight from Hell.

What tips do you have for anyone who wants to become a magazine editor?
Join and become a contributor. In case you want to work for other magazines/newspapers/website: 1. Find a rich wife or husband to support you because only few journalists make good money. 2. Travel the world, learn languages, sleep around, try exotic drugs. There�s nothing worse than journalists that have not experienced pain, beauty, danger and irresponsible fun. 3. Read the classics, old and new ones: from Tolstoi to Truman Capote to Christian Kracht. 4. Write only about things that matter to you. 5. Don�t take yourself too seriously. 6. Most important: Make your contributors shine.

You can check out Ilikemystyle Quarterly here.

Check out the trailer below, it is pretty cool isn't it?

MADRID - natalie, malasa�a, 05/25/10

Runway News - Quirky Duo Coming to Lifetime

"Lifetime is once again expanding its "Project Runway" universe."

This falls into the "We couldn't make this up" category.

Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice are going to cross the country making women over, certainly leaving a wake of diaphanous gowns behind.

According to Variety the new show was developed at Lifetime by exec veep JoAnn Alfano and will be produced by Rich Bye.

This intriguing item came to the mailbox yesterday. A highlight: ...producers have not yet publicly confirmed the name of the show said Peggy Hutton, Weatherford Chamber of Commerce secretary, and Trish Lynn, coach of the Cowgirl Chicks. The names of the two designers who worked on Project Runway�s first season are also not being released, Hutton said. And, the show will air sometime in July or August, said Lynn.

But, what is known is which Cowgirl Chick is going to get a gown made for the group�s banquet Saturday.

Surely this article is referring to the new show.

Any suggestions for a title???

The other project, tentatively titled "Love's Divine," will star Heidi Klum and her popstar husband, Seal as they travel the country counseling couples.

Heidi Klum Celebrates the Launch of her New Maternity Line "Lavish" in Beverly Hills

Photo: WireImage/Mayer

Heidi Klum enjoys a night out at "A Pea In The Pod" In Beverly Hills - May 26, 2010. The Project Runway host presented her Summer 2010 "Lavish" maternity collection.

early morning

I'm obsessed with breakfast. My current favorite is rolled oats with milk and maple sirup topped with pecan nuts and fruit (today: strawberries and pinapple). And of course my obligatory glass of orange & carrot juice ?

I'm leaving for a short vacation in Madrid with my sisters today so I need to go packing now. =P