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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rainbow Hair is For Boys

butterfly windchime

These are patches I cut from a piece of fabric I found at school. I'll probably sew them onto a shirt or jacket. I'm also planning to hand-stud a denim motorcycle jacket I got for $20 off Hot Topic. I'm going to try and emulate this design, except inverted:
Radioactive Flesh
Also, today I was wishing I was a boy because this hair is completely rad:
Ethan James
If I had bangs like those I would probably bump into a lot of stuff, though I sort of already do. The tips of my bangs get into my eyeballs and make me tear up, which is not always the most convenient thing. However, I'm considering getting rid of my them (the bangs, not my eyes) because I get really frustrated when I can't blow-dry them perfectly straight and symmetrically. It's an everyday ordeal you guys. I'm completely enamored of ombre hair as well as light-brown hair with pastel streaks. I want to give it a try seeeeeeewwwwww badly but I want it to look amazing and the only way that's going to happen is if I shovel out a truckload of money at Bumble & Bumble or something.
Alexa Chung's ombre hair is something I'd want to "copy." We share the same natural hair color it's foolproof. 

This was in Teen Vogue awhile ago. I love it but I would look awful with a hair that light. I'd have to adapt it with a darker brown base color. Of course this is all in my imagination because my parents will probably say no.

I love this why am I not a boy?

that's not me.


P.S. I don't actually want to be a boy.

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