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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Laser Hair Removal: Yay or Nay?

I was watching that TV show Kimora Lee Simons: Life in the Fab Lane tonight and on the show Kimora was getting laser hair removal. What-d-ya-know but my SO tells me that I have a message about winning something from that bridal show I went to this past weekend. I check the message to find out that I won a $300 gift certificate to get a laser hair removal treatment. Wow! Cool, right!? It would be except the thought of laser hair removal kinda scares me. Just what do they do to your skin anywho to make it hairless? Doesn't the whole process sound like something could so easily go wrong? I know...I'm paranoid.

As you know, I value your opinions, so please vote on my poll, and if you have a moment, leave me a story about you or a friend who's gotten the treatment or heard one way or the other if they're safe. I'd love to hear about your personal opinions and/or experiences. Thanks so much! :)

Laser Hair Removal? Yay or Nay?
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Katy's Take

I was really intrigued when I heard about this challenge, because I had just recently finished up working on a project for DIFFA Dallas. Each year DIFFA Dallas has a big fundraiser/charity event where they ask designers and artists to work with a denim jacket and transform it to whatever they want. The only requirement is that there is some portion of the original jacket in the final piece, other than that, it�s totally up to the designer what to do with it. Back in Dec, I posted this about what I was working on and this week�s PR challenge inspired me to post the finished dress (I had been meaning to post it, but had been falling behind on everything!).

Anyways, just thought it was funny that I had finished a denim �makeover� and then find out that Project Runway did the same thing!

Click here to continue reading Katy's Take as she reviews each design from Episode 10.

Kate Moss for DKNY

It's strange. Normally, when I see an ad campaign with Kate Moss, I instantly think "she is so beautiful", "she is so sexy". It's quite difficult taking a pic of Kate looking badly. In this ad she looks everything but cool. Her closed eyes, the weird position of her arm, and the worst of all, cellulitis in her thigh! It's annoying, and at the same time, it's comforting check models are also humans for once.

Not everything is so bad though

*Pics from and tfs


My reads of the month:

Jack Mackenroth on Best Week Ever

Jack Mackenroth dishes with the BWE Team here. Thanks Caroline, Claudia, Lisa and Michelle!

Jaapani meistrid

Stuudiosse toodi raamat HORIYOSHI III, The Art of Japanese Tattoo.
Horiyoshide suguv�sa on juba v�hemalt kolmandat p�lve tatoveerijad, nagu juba raamatu nimest v�ib aru saada. Lisaks on nad kuulsaimad sealmaal.
Isegi sisaldab videot �he Horiyoshi t��st. Siin see on:
Lugu on nimelt selles, et nad tatoveerivad vanal moel, nagu seda kunagi Tahitil tehti, nimelt mitte masina ja elektri, vaid 2 pulgakesega, millest �he k�ljes on n�el(ad) ja teisega l��akse esimese peale v�i kasutatakse ainult �hte pulka ja toksitakse n�.k�ega. Vahepeal siis v�etakse v�rvi juurde.
Samas viivad tattoo j�ljed meid isegi 2000-3000 aastat tagasi Egiptuse aega, muumiateltki on leitud tattoosid - millega ja kuidas neid tatoveeriti, on teadmata, siis ju elektrit polnud, kui on leitud mingeid peenmehhaanikalisi juppe, mis v�isid olla osa tattoo valmistamise protsessist. Ilmselt nad siiski tatoveerisid nii, nagu me seda youtube�ist praegu n�ha v�ime.
Jaapani tattoo mustrid aga on saavutanud populaarsuse �le kogu maailma.
Lahe on ka see nende n�. s�rgi-alune-tattoo stiil.
Mulle isiklikult meeldib tohutult jaapani tattoo, see kuidas nad seovad erinevad pildid omavahel taustaga (milleks on tavaliselt kas pilved v�i lained) kokku ja tekib �htne pilt. V�i teisiti �eldes, nagu oleks riided seljas.
Siinkohal paar mustern�idist.

From The Mailbox

Kathy Griffin is wearing a Rami Kashou dress on the cover of The Advocate this month. Thanks Cecelia. Click here for another picture of Rami's beautiful frock on the runway.

The Midseasonreplacements recap "Jean Genie" is up!

NY Daily News has an update on Jay McCarroll and Camp Beverly Hills.

De Novo has posted a great new interview with Daniel Vosovic. Thanks Andrew.

The Austin-American Stateman offers a fabulous interview with Elisa Jiminez.

STOCKHOLM - fashion week by berns aw 2008, 01/30/08

The Meaning of Sunglasses: A Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable

Ok, brace yourself because this is a heavyweight of a style book. Fashionista journo, Hadley Freeman's writing debut is on the ethos of fashion industry and all other elements. The Meaning of Sunglasses: A Guide to Almost all Things Fashionable is an A to Z of fashion with a twist. It does not cover the all and sundry of fashion but topics and subjects that the author finds intruiging. This approach results in a very funny, witty and very well researched book. As an officiando of The Guardian and ultimate style mag, Vogue, Ms Freeman certainly knows her stuff. However, unlike other fashion journos, she posseses a look on the industry that is cynical and analytical. Freeman like her books teaches you how to embrace the fun in fashion and not to take it too seriously. I mean it is only clothes right? Ok as well as shoes, handbags etc. Every echelon in the style stakes is covered here; vintage, music, film, fashion designers and even a certain Kate Moss. Normally I do not care for blurbs on press releases but the statement issued from the PRO that this title 'shucks off its imposing mystique of fashion and makes it relevant to people beyond the usual Vogue readership' is true to its word. Hadley takes fashion from the snooty elevators and brings it right down to grass roots level with her delightful entries.

The Meaning of Sunglasses: A Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable is published by Viking and out in February.

if you're fabulous and you know it sing along

last night was another fun night at sing a long, karaoke for east london bohemia at the electricity showrooms. only the third time it happened and already it's filling up with fabulistars. the new place to be apparently. too bad just that it closes down at 12 (noone really got there till 11).
a number of perfectly hot males were present, maybe next week they'll be balanced out with some more ladies. their foxy styles are below.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Video - The Malan Show Episode 2

Chic & Sweet: Dior Ruffly Red Purse

I'm not sure if it's the fact that Valentine's Day is coming up or just that I have a thing for super girly things, but I am loving this super-cute, chic & sweet tote:

Dior Gipsy Ruffled Medium Hobo - $1755.00


Wednesday Mail

Here we are on a lovely Wednesday smack in the middle of a new season of Project Runway. So why are we so depressed? Oh, yeah. Nevermind.
No new episode this evening, but we do have some mail to share:
BPR reader Thereza sends along the above photo from Valentino's couture show at Milan Fashion Week. She asks: Team Fierce or Valentino?
Don't miss this great interview at Newsday with Jillian Lewis that shows her at her most humble, honest, likeable self.
Looks like SJP loved her Project Runway experience so much, she wants to get in on the action herself!
Here's an interview at Bluefly with Zulema Griffin who plans to debut her new collection.......on YouTube!

Balenciaga Knee-Boots

I absolutely love these boots by Balenciaga. They come in a ankle version and knee version. The Olsen twins have been seen wearing them and now Nicole Richie sports a pair, with hubby Joey Madden, making one of her first post-pregnancy public appearances,on Jan 25.

Sergio Rossi Platform Patent Pumps

Sergio Rossi's platform patent pumps, �255, are a strikingly beautiful contrast colours. Wear these with day and evening outfits.

Christian Louboutin Moro Shoe Boots

There has been a lot of interest in the 'Christian Louboutin Moro shoe boots', �520.00, and in particular the one that comes in black and white. Unfortunately that has been since sold out, but not to worry, the all-Black is here and it is just as gorgeous. Get it while you can.

Lanvin Ballet Flats.

Lanvin Flat ballerina shoe with bow, �245.
Lanvin Flat leather ballerina shoe, �245.

I love ballet shoes because they work with everything and anything.

STOCKHOLM - fashion week by berns aw 2008, 01/29/08

streetstyle inspiration: stockholm fashion week

From facehunter

I love this girl's outfit! She pulls off these knee socks so effortlessly. I so adore the streetstyle in Stockholm, I've only been there once about a year ago but I'm going again this March for 5 days and seriously can't wait. Scandinavian people always looks so well-dressed and stylish to me.