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Friday, October 31, 2008

SYDNEY - on the street, central + surry hills, 10/31/08

Happy Halloween!

Are you planning a Project Runway-themed Halloween costume? Dressing up as Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum? We'd love to see your "Pterodactyl from a Gay Jurassic Park," or "Garbage bag dress" costume. Please send photos!

Click here for Laura Bennett's Halloween column from The Daily Beast.

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Sweet P in Seattle Tomorrow

Photo: Tommy Clark
Model: Heffner Management

Tomorrow night is the launch party for Sweet P's "Ghosts in the Garden" collection! The event is at Havana in Seattle. Click here for more info.

The designs are a collaboration between Sweet P and her husband, Sage Vaughn, and will be available for purchase at Pulplab beginning tomorrow.

Click here for more photos!

Are you ready, my ladies?

Ukoliko vec niste nabavile nesto od military garderobe, ucinite to sto pre!
Cak ni VB nije odolela ovom ratnickom talasu...Undercover
Prethodna cetiri modela od Temperley

Military jakna Rock & Republic, kaput i odelo Moschino, plavi kaput od Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, zatim Gucci i nesto zenstveniji, ali sa ogromnim sesirom Givenchy...

Ponovo Givenchy, narednih sedam modela Dolce & Gabbana, i poslednji model Diesel.
Costume National

Old collection, but new sensation, over and over!


Sarah Jessica Parker - Zar je potreban komentar?
To se zove STIL!

Please, just DON'T

I am not very fond of dressing up. Despite sometimes it's funny, I don't get the aim of looking worse than you normally do. The best example is Gisele B. I really admire her work as a model, and she is this perfect woman, who looks between a cheap whore -sorry for that word- and a crazy girl. Is that even a fancy dress? I am not really sure... The second example is more pathetic, yes it's Roberto Cavalli playing Karl Lagerfeld -I guess when Karl suffered overweight-. At least he assumed by that -I am just guessing- that they cannot be compare. We really don't do Halloween here, I mean, it's starting know but there is not an ancient tradition of celebrating that, so I just want to say all of you, PLEASE, be clever when choosing your fancy dress for tonight;)!

No me apasiona realmente disfrazarme. Aunque a veces puede ser divertido, no entiendo el af�n por buscar estar m�s feo de lo normal. El mejor ejemplo para ilustrar esto es la gran Gisele. Su trabajo como modelo es incre�ble, y casi con seguridad, es la mejor modelo de la d�cada actual. Sin embargo, en esta foto est� entre una pu** barata y una mujer loca. Y tengo mis dudas de que eso sea realmente un disfraz. El segundo ejemplo es m�s pat�tico. S�, ese es Roberto Cavalli disfrazado de Karl Lagerfeld -supongo que iba de cuando Karly estaba rellenito-. Por lo menos, as� Cavalli ha asumido -quiero pensar- que no pueden ser comparados de ninguna manera. Aqu� en Espa�a no tenemos esa tradici�n de celebrar Halloween como en otros pa�ses -v�ase USA o UK- pero ya est� comenzando... y desde aqu�, solo quer�a decir, por favor, sed un poco inteligentes eligiendo modelito para esta noche!!

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The darker side of love

�Love does this to us / shows us its darker side as loss.�

Move me. Imperative. This is what I want poetry/painting/music to do.

The best art rubs against us, makes us tectonic plates, and like the moving of land masses, reveals us as greater, at the very least different, than before our moment of experience. Especially now, when we�ve all become so post-modernly cynical � indeed, I feel cynical just writing about humanism and I am a humanist. We need art to reflect beauty, but also truth. This reads like some vague bohemian manifesto, unless you�ve experienced an �encounter� which brings the immediacy of the importance of �truth� as an ideal to light.

Dooley�s poem (which I�ve copied out in full below) serves as a fine example. She transcends metaphor and avoids being trapped by the modernist obsession with linguistic novelty. In my mind she manages to make a remarkably beautiful statement of truth about a rather commonplace truism: that you don�t know what you�ve got till it�s gone (courtesy of Joni Mitchell) or as my mother always used to say, you need the bad times to appreciate the good times. But using the loss of a lover�s gift of earrings as a wider metaphor for the darker side of love is subtle and haunting.

I�m not afraid to reveal my aesthetic prejudices: I think, especially as a humanist, it�s important to understand and use language to explain why I find beautiful what the girl sitting next to me on the tube in the morning finds disinteresting at best. I like beauty in its traditional sense, of course, but I also need that spark (which having gone on about defining prejudices is quite a flighty use of language, I realise); that quality which moves, provokes, and surprises. But what I really find interesting about the idea of truth is its companion, recognition: the idea that this �other,� entirely separate human being sees the same thing, the same truth, but in a completely different way. You read the poem and you think, ah yes, loss of love, of course, but you now, because of this person�s alternate understanding, conceive of the commonplace in an entirely fresh way. And that is what gets me really excited.

In which Paula loses an earring and has it restored to her

An orb spinning
slips from its ken,
from your certain touch,
and is lost.
We search all that can be held
try to picture all that cannot.

It matters terribly at such a moment,
this shift in your earth�s axis,
the disappearance of a nameless planet.

Good then, that at the water�s edge
and just in time,
ornament resurfaces as lucky charm.

You hold it now, in trembling hands, joyous.

Love does this to us,
shows us its darker side as loss.

For now, your head is straight again,
you are well-balanced.
Those earrings catch the happy salty light.

Maura Dooley

happy halloween y'all!

BPR Podcast wtih Kenley Collins

Laura K talks with Kenley Collins, Project Runway Season 5 finalist. You can hear the podcast here.

Kenley teaches in New York at Sew Fast Sew Easy. You can see Morgan modeling for Kenley at Fashion Week here. You can shop for her fashions and accessories at