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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Latest Obsession: Katie Holmes Rehearsals

As she headed to rehearsals for her latest Broadway play All My Sons by Arthur Miller, Katie Holmes was under the watchful eye of many fashion critics. Many Anti-Scientologists ripped into her about her dress sense, way of life and style transformation.

I'm probably in the minority here, but i absolutely adored everything Katie Holmes wore as she headed in and out of the theatre doors to a paparazzi choca-block. Her distressed baggy jeans by PRPS Jeans with a starting price of $300, were ridiculed because they brought back the 80's peg-leg look.

I prefer Katie smartened up in her high-waisted, wide leg, J-Brand jeans with a casual t-shirt, cardigan and sky-high heels or skinny jeans with a well fitted blazer and metallic coated ballet flats.

Although her looks were kept simple, her handbags were top notch. The first photo shows Katie Holmes carrying around a Chloe Python Paratay bag which has also been seen on Mary-Kate Olsen. She has also been seen toting around a tan YSL Muse 2 bag, Hermes Kelly bag and Giorgio Armani oversized crocodile tote.

She has also been seen numerous times wearing the a crazy amount of high end sunglasses. She has been seen in Michael Kors 526 Crocodile sunglasses in dark navy (4th picture), also seen on Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner. Other sunglasses seen on Katie include Oliver Peoples Sofiane round sunglasses in Red Passion (3rd picture) and a few buckle temple classics by Roger Vivier (1st & 5th pic).

You may not agree, but all in all, she was understated and fabulous.

Topshop ROLO T-bar Platform

Topshop ROLO T-bar Platform, �65. (also comes in Navy Blue and Gold)

These hot sandals from Topshop are perfect for teaming with darker denim. Pair with wide-leg jeans to complement the '70s-inspired platform and retro T-bar style.

Topshop Alexia High Sandal Boot

Topshop Alexia High Sandal Boot, �70. (also come in Black)

These beautiful high sandals from Topshop can be perfectly matched to any outfit! These will definately boost your confidence so show them off!

Because a crisis don't come alone...

It's not a good time for business, unless you have high-quality products, and rich clients. It's the case of Spanish-based brand Loewe. Founded in 1846, it was bought by LVMH in 1996, and now has shops all around the world. The story of the little artisans who founded first the brand is marvellous because they treated the leather in an exquisite way. And their tradition continues till today. The "amazona" bag is my favourite. I guess it's a good time to invest in one classic piece, and here you have a clue about one.

Modelo "amazona"

No corren buenos tiempos para los negocios, eso es m�s que evidente. Exceptuando aquellos que venden el lujo que compran esos millonarios para los que la crisis significa perder "unos dineros de n�". �ste es el caso de la marca espa�ola Loewe. Fundada en 1846, fue comprada por el grupo LVMH en 1996, y ahora tiene decenas de tiendas en todo el mundo. La historia de los artesanos que comenzaron el negocio es fascinante. Como todos los negocios que alcanzaron el �xito, su modo de tratar la piel con la que trabajaban era exquisito. Y su tradici�n continua hasta hoy. El modelo "amazona" -ya, muy m�tico- es mi favorito. Supongo que lleg� la hora de invertir en una pieza cl�sica, y aqu� ten�is una pista sobre una.

A/W campaign - Loewe

Episode Eleven Trivia Contest

This week's prize package has been generously provided by our friends at This is a Season One package including a Season One DVD, A Jay McCarroll-designed tote bag and autographed card (exclusive to this giveaway!), and a Project Runway Journal. Most of these items are available at the Project Runway Store.

On to the Trivia - good luck everyone!

1. What is the number of the girls' apartment?
2. What is the name of Jerell's model?
3. Which model does Suede choose in this episode?
4. What was the budget for this challenge?
5. What color is the barrette that Kenley wears for most of this episode?
6. Which designer suggests a cape?
7. Complete this quote from Tim: "Kenley, it would help if you removed the sarcasm and the __________!
8. How long has Suede been playing the cello?
9. How late did the designers work on this challenge?
10. What did Kenley wear on her head during her runway walk?
11. What did Korto use to treat her denim and shoes?
12. Which judge said, "Don't make mom jeans!"

Pre nekoliko godina Kate Moss nacrtala je auto - portret koristeci ruz za usne.

Ovih dana portret je prodat privatnom kupcu za 33.600 funti, sto je 61.850 dolara. Cini se - preterano...

Sada, vredi li toliko?

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Victoria Beckham za Indonezanski Harper's bazaar

Victoria Beckham nasla se na naslovnici Indonezanskog izdanja Harper�s Bazaar za Oktobar.

You Know You Love Me

Oh my god, I have just seen the latest episode of Gossip Girl and it was sensational! After a rather shaky return to the small screen it seems that my favourite show about the shenanigans of the posse from Upper East side is back to it's wonderful best. The crafty weeded plots, amazing twists along with the razor sharp dialogue is well and truly alive. When Gossip Girl aired last year it featured a wide division between the haves and the have nots. The haves being Serena Van der Woodsen, her side kick Blair Waldorf, the brooding Nate Archibald and all American bad boy Chuck Bass who spent their trust funds partying it up in Manhattan. The have nots were Brooklyn natives Dan Humphreys and his sister Jenny who were forever on the fringes of social activities. This is until Serena returned from exile back to New York and started dating Dan. Soon Serena became a bad girl turned good and the circle became more open, lines were blurred and before we knew it all the characters became some what entwined.

In a fairytale Serena and Dan would have lived happily ever after with their mates and family looking on but hell this is drama and damm it - Josh Schwartz created this show and one thing we have learned from The OC is that nothing is at it seems. So Dan and Serena broke up, Jenny gave up trying to nab a spot with the inner circle at school, Dan went back to being Lonely Boy and Blair still reigned as the original Mean Girl. However the most dramatic turn round was Serena; we all know that she and Blair had a bit of a competitive thing going on which is stemmed from Blair insecurity. So in order to accommodate her Serena often toned down her vibrant personality. Blair repaid the gesture by being fiercely protective of Serena and woe betide anyone who crossed her. So imagine my shock when I see Serena throw down the gauntlet to Ms Blair and tell her that she is no longer going to hold back so she no longer steals the limelight from her. It seems that Serena wants to sparkle and this time no one is going to put out her bright light. Well that along with Dan enlisting Chuck to help him find his writing mojo, Lily turning out to have a deep secret (who doesn't in GG?) and the secret of Chuck's childhood is revealed, I am safe to say that this episode was a corker. Long may it continue.

Gucci torbe

Guccio Gucci je 1921. pokrenuo kompaniju koja se bavila ko�nom galanterijom i otvorio mali ducan u rodnoj Firenci. Gucci proizvodi su bili spoj elegancije i vrhunske izrade majstora iz Toscane zbog cega su vrlo brzo postali tra�eni, privlaceci kupce �irom svijeta koji su htjeli dobar i otmen proizvod. Vec tada proizvodio je torbe, rukavice, cipele, remenje i kupace kostime.

Tokom rata zbog nedostatka klasicnih materijala Gucci je stvorio poznatu �Bamboo bag� od trstike koja se u prodaji mo�e naci i danas.

Vec '50-tih godina otvorio je svoje prodavnice u Milanu i u New Yorku. Nakon njegove smrti, sinovi su nastavili tradiciju, te se pro�irili u London, Palm Beach, Paris i Beverly Hils.
Nakon �to su Gucci torbe nosile Jackie Kennedy i Liz Taylor postale su nezaobilazan deo visoke mode.
'70-tih godina kompanija je do�la u finansijske probleme te se deo prodao i od tada nije u porodicnom vlasni�tvu.

1994. u Tom Ford postaje kreativni direktor unoseci neke promene i novitete.
2000. godine stvoren je novi original �La Pelle Guccissima� ko�a s otisnutim novim logoom koji je nakon toga postao novi za�titni znak.
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From The Mailbox

Photo courtesy of

First we have a couple of late recaps! Click here for Nick Verreos.

Click here for Girlyshoes.

This is really cute! Check out "Project Gunnway..."

More from Uncle Nick (and Season Six) here.

Click here for a dose of Tim Gunn. I'm imagining Tim shopping at Ralph's in his suit... Awwww....

Here is an interesting interview with Christian Siriano.

Finally, here is a TVGuide exit interview with Suede.

Stay tuned BPRs, I am working on an Episode Eleven Trivia Contest with some fabulous prizes. I'll post it within the hour.

Paris Fashion Week: Maison Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Ann Demeulemeester

I'm not too sure about the actual clothes but the presentation was amazing.

Balenciaga is always one of the shows I look forward to the most. You can count on Nicolas Ghesqui�re to come up with something interesting and very fashion forward.
This collection definitely lived up to those standards - very futuristic and well done. I don't like it as much as I liked his previous collections though. I really disliked the pants shown with the first couple of look - they didn't seem well cut at all. Also the glitter dresses at the end were a bit unexpected and I don't really know if I like them. But Balenciaga is always a look that needs to grow on me a little.
All in all I do really like it. I love the mini dresses with the heart shaped applications - they probably make it hard to move your arms tough, haha.

Ann Demeulemeester

Perfection, I am in love with all of it.
The shapes, the details...everything is so pretty.

Paris Fashion Week: AF Vandevorst, Isabel Marant, Undercover

I liked the majority of this collection. The lingerie inspired pieces are so sexy yet the looks have something very innocent about them. Then there are the more masculine looks that I also really liked - especially in combination with those sexy tights.
I really feel bad for the models - that lipstick is soooo horrible. I get that they probably wanted to achieve some kind of "little girl that played with make up" look but I still find it unnecessary.

I really like Isabel Marant. It's so wearable and young - I somehow always enjoy it. But it's also never anything really extraordinary or innovative. I really like it though.
This collection is very diverse and has so many great individual pieces that could be worn in so many different ways. I'd love to own most of it...especially those boots. They are LOVE!

I didn't make these into a collage as they would've lost their "old painting"-feel that drew me to the collection in the first place. After taking a closer look I grew very fond of the all-white collection. It's all so beautiful!

Paris Fashion Week: Gareth Pugh, Balmain, Nina Ricci

Gareth Pugh kicked off Paris Fashion Week with a bang. No other designer would've been as capable of demonstrating the change from commerical Milan to visionary and innovative Paris as Gareth with this wonderful collection. All the clothes look like pieces of art and I'm already looking forward to seeing them in editorials.

Almost every fashion blogger has already raved about this collection so I'm not going to write much (and let the clothes speak for themselves). Only that I find all the looks incredibly hot and I'm madly truly deeply in love with those shoes. that's all. over and out. =P

Another fashion blogger favorite.
I fell in love with these light victorian inspired dresses immediately. What makes them even prettier to me is the contrast with the mesh tights and black shoes. It makes the dresses appear even more fragile and stand out.


Jedan od najvecih modnih kreatora XX veka, Yves Saint Laurent, preminuo je u nedelju 1. juna u svojoj 71. godini objavila je Fondacija YSL.
Njegov uticaj i znacajna na zvezdanom modnom nebu ostavio je dubok i neizbrisiv trag u svetu mode i luskuza. Brend YSL ostace zauvek stimbol univerzalnog stila, inovativnosti i mo�da ponajvi�e, stvaralacke hrabrosti...

Kraj njegove modne vladavine desio se 2002. godine, kada je njegova modna kuca formalno zatvorena. Formalno abdicirajuci u korist imperije GUCCI koja je kupila brend, ostvario je ideju da svi proizvodi YSL, nastave da predstavljaju sinonim za stil i trend...

Njegov �ivot u modnom svetu zapoceo je veoma rano. Genijalnost koju je ispoljio, prakticno odmah po�to se zainteresovao za modu, ucinila je da vec sa 17 godina, do�av�i u Pariz iz Al�ira - rodjen je u Oranu - postane desna ruka tvorcu novog modnog poratnog poretka Christianu Dioru.

Posle samo tri godine rada za CD, umire veliki maestro, i estetiku i stil brenda Christian Dior, "nasleduje" upravo mladi dizajner. Na�av�i se u veoma te�koj ulozi da nadma�i "nenadma�nog" i ucini skoro nemoguce, posle samo 12 meseci pojavljuje se sa kolekcijom koju potpisuje za Christian Dior. Poput svog ucitelja odlucuje da napravi radikalne izmene i da vec izgradenu siluetu posleratne �ene nagla�ene linije struka i bogatih nabora na suknjama i haljinama potpuno izbri�e sa modne scene. Iduci ispred svog vremena trasirao je put novoj emancipovanoj, modernoj �eni, �eljne slobode i dinamike savremenog �ivota. Hrabrim "presecanjem" sa tradicionalnom formom, predstavlja svoju kolekciju "Trapeze" i trijumfalno se penje na upra�njeni modni tron.

Modni svet, koji se vec i uljuljkao u ulogu siroceta velikog Diora, u ekstazi glorifikuje mladog srame�ljivog kreatora sa naocarima. Nedugo zatim , kada do�ivljava nervni slom zbog poziva za odlu�enje vojnog roka, francuska kuca, zarad svog imid�a ali i recidiva old fashion stila u odnosu prema skandalima, vrlo brzo zamenjuje princa naslednika sa dizejnerom Marc Boganom. Razocaran i duboko povreden, princ bez krune, povlaci se na godinu dana i vida rane otvoriv�i svoj prvi butik u 14. arondismanu, nedaleko od �anzelizea. Od tada datira i emotivno poslovna veza sa Pijerom Ber�eom koji ce do samog kraja koordinisati i sporovoditi sve zamisli koje genije YSL bude kreirao i stvarao...

Njegova prirodana boja i kreativni beg bila je crna. Crna su i tri inicijala (YSL) koja po svetu predstavljaju snagu i moc brenda, crn je i smoking koji je zauvek ostao omiljena "uniforma" francuskom dizajneru koji je sa podjednakom lakocom oblacio u njega i mu�karce i �ene... Ipak u trenucima stvaranja njegova paleta je �iva i vatrena ba� kao �to su i njegove, sada vec istorijske kolekcije, inspirisane delima Mondriana, Pikasa, Matisa, Van Goga kao i dalekim putovanjima, bogatstvom nasleda mnogih naroda i kultura koje je tamo otkrivao....

Trag koji je tokom svog rada i delovanja u svetu mode ostavio Yves Saint Laurent nije se samo zavr�avao na trendi kolekcijama i asesoarima... Jedan je od prvih dizajnera mode koji se bavio i sociolo�kom kritikom dru�tva, upravo kroz svoj rad. U vreme kada je on to pocinjao, mnoge nama danas bliske stvari i nacini nisu bili niti poznati niti prihvaceni. Godinama je zbog toga brend YSL sticao i "branio" titulu logoa kome skandali i provokacija nisu bili strani... Kolekcijom "40 -te" za koju je inspiraciju na�ao upravo u mracnim godinama rata, izazvao je buru reagovanja na "smelost" kojom se upustio u koketiranje sa jednim tako nesrecnim i tu�nim periodom za svet. Sa druge strane dobija podr�ku u velikom broju poklonika koji velicaju njegov rad.

Kampanja za njegov parfem YSL "Homme", kada se 1971. za potrebe iste, slikao nag, bila je �amar, uljuljkanom kvazikonzervativnom dru�tvu i vrednostima koje je savremeni nacin �ivota prevazilazio i cinio paradoksalnim... Ova kampanja u�la je u anale svetskih promotivnih aktivnosti i postigla fantastican uspeh. �est godina kasnije (1977) opet je iziritirao javnost svojim parfemom koji je nazvao "OPIUM". Komentari na ime su bili lo�i i kriticki, ali uspeh parfema trijumfalan, sve do dana�njih dana...

Veoma mnogo YSL, saradivao je sa najvecim umetnicima 20. veka. U mnogima je pronalazio prijatelje sa kojima je razmenjivao ideje i nacine za svoj umetnicki izra�aj. Oni sa kojima je najdu�e saradivao i dru�io se bili su Margerit Dira, �ana Koktoa. Ipak, stvar koja je obele�ila citavo njegovo bice je parabola da je YSL bio izuzetno nesrecan covek koji ni kroz umetnost nije uspeo da sebe "ocisti" od unutra�njih demona koje je nosio do poslednjeg dana. Samo cin kreacije i veza sa Ber�eom predstavljali su za njega lepu stranu �ivota. Sve ostalo bilo je sivo i turobno..

Pravi opis njega napisao je upravo njegov emotivni i poslovni oslonac Ber�e, u sledecih nekoliko reci: Iv se na maestralan nacin upisao u knjigu francuskih genija i to na jednoj od najznacajnih i najlep�ih stranica. To bi trebalo da ga ucini, neosporno srecnim. Ali ako bi to prihvatili na taj nacin , onda svakako ignori�emo da kreacija uvek slavi "vencanje" talenta i patnje...

Umoran i bolestan, Iv se 2002. godine povukao. Snimci njegovog poslednjeg pojavljivanja ostace upamceni kao trenuci kada se iza njegovih cuvenih crnih kockactih naocara nadvio veo tuge i duboke patnje za onim �to ostavlja... Tada je rekao: Upoznao sam strah i u�asnu samocu, i one la�ne prijatelje koje zovu sedativi i opijati. Bio zarobljen u depresiji i sanatorijumima...

Ovom recenicom samo se potvrdilo da je u svoj svojoj genijalnosti bio usamljenik koji je duboko patio za necim jo� vecim i znacajnijim. Za slobodom koju mu njegov brend posle nekog vremena nije dozvoljavao i za usponima koje je posle mnogih padova te�ko osvajao.
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paris fashion week day 3: At Issey Miyake

I have to hand it to Issey Miyake, his show today helped a great deal pulling me out of my paris fashion week frustration. Taking inspiration from the amazon jungle, the japanese designer impressed by taking light, water, earth, wind and translating that into clothing. voila your spring summer 09. click on the slideshow below to see impressions of the show.

Girl put your Beanie on!

No longer reserved for family trips to the snow, the beanie is new cool kid in the hat department. The look which sprung off the well groomed heads of Paris and Milan fashion week attendees, saw it make its way on many catwalks, promininetly that of Alexander Wang.

Rachel Bilson has adopted the look by wearing her simple black beanie with a loose white tank, Chanel chain handbag, gold sandals and the celebirity favourite, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses in tortoise shell.
Nicole Richie also looked super darn cool as she headed to Beverly Glen Country Mart for ice-cream with her man's brother, Benji Madden. She was L.A personified in her downtown city style.
Miss Richie wore distressed looking frayed 'Nicollette' shorts by Abercrombie and Fitch, teamed with a grey American Apparel t-shirt, laid back haviana flip flops and a studded vintage style belt. As with her fashion equal, Rachel Bilson, she too opted for Ray Ban sunglasses. Nicole Richie wears Ray Ban Large Metal Aviators. This is a look that is definitely going to be a staple for me this spring/summer in Australia.

Pre-Order Project Runway Season 4 on DVD

Yes, it's long overdue but that won't stop you from adding Project Runway Season 4 to your collection. Click hereto pre-order the DVD. You don't have this on iTunes so order now!

PARIS - ready-to-wear ss09 fashion week, day 3, 09/29/08

The Unique Bride

It's every bride's wish to have a magical, extraordinary wedding. Some succeeded, some did not. For the photos below, be the judge! (Sorry, I already did some serious bashing!)

So you want a looooooooooonnnnnnnnggg train huh? These people will be happier if you pay them for the extra service.

So what's wrong with this bride? She's wearing a dress made of toilet paper! Hope she makes it to the reception still clothed.

Too excited for honeymoon? Why don't you skip the ceremony instead?!

Royal? Not! Saint? Definitely not! This dress is ghostly!

Uhmm.. Halloween wedding? This is too annoying to be scary.


I discovered bloglovin' through another blog and stated using it a couple of days ago.

The site allows you to follow your favorite blogs easily by showing you the latest post from all the blogs you follow and the best thing is - it shows you the blogs in their original layout and style and lets you browse through the posts like in a book or magazine. I really like the tool as it lets me access my favorite blogs in seconds from anywhere. I also just discovered that you can organize the blogs into groups. I really recommend this to any blog addict out there!

Follow my blog with bloglovin�

Monday, September 29, 2008

Preview Videos - Episode 12

A field trip and tears on the runway. Stock Market drama or Mood swings?

The Rachel

She's cute, tiny, girly and a total fashionista who lives and dies for her passion; basically a real life Carrie Bradshaw. Rachel Zoe is not joking when she claims that fashion is her drug. The super stylist collects Birkins - which she dubs, The Birk - like some people collect stamps. I could never grasp the whole Rachel Zoe thing since magazines started raving about her a few years back up to when she released her book, Style A to Zoe. So when I heard that she was to star in her own reality show I was very quick to scoff. The twenty minute preview of The Rachel Zoe Project did not do Ms Zoe any justice as we saw her personal and private life full of drama (read my blog post here). Then I watched the first three episodes and somewhere between the first and second, I was hooked. Rachel Zoe's life is like a fairytale; she is like a godmother albeit a petite one and gets to play with clothes all day. Attending fashion shoots, show houses and meeting with designers to find gorgeous outfits to dress her celebrity clients in. Despite the conflict between her key staff members and several dramas, Rachel never flips and instead maintains her composure and treats her staff like they are her equal. Moreover, our super stylist has an amazing home life which she shares with cute hubby, Rodger who is clearly head over heels in love with her despite the fact they have been together for over 15 years. The Rachel Zoe Project is totally compulsive viewing the same reason why people love The Hills because Rachel is living the life that many ladies aspire to.

After 15 years as a stylist, Rachel is taking it the next level by building The Rachel Zoe brand. Whether she pulls this off is any one's guess but I am damm sure that she will give it her best shot. Watching the show does throws up a few questions. Such as does Starbucks sponsor the show? Every character is seen donning a Starbucks cup in practically every scene, so this is either amazing product placement or Rachel and her posse are some of the most caffeine addicted fiends that we have ever seen.

The Rachel Zoe Project is on Bravo TV on Tuesdays

paris fashion week day 2: at DIOR