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Monday, February 28, 2011

Gossip Girl Break

I have to wait until April 18 for new episodes again...

They're doing this to me again? Especially after tonight's episode. I'm gonna die.

Wow...good thing I'm actually going to NY in between then.


"I hate how when someone becomes a part of your daily routine, it's so hard to adjust once you stop talking.

They end up being all you think about."


In honor of the Bachelor...
this is one of my wishes. I want to do this one day.

Bachelor...South Africa

Ok...kind of jealous of all the Safari business.

Chantal just continues to bother me. Her date was cool, because I think it would be awesome to see all those animals. Honestly though, wouldn't have wanted to be outside all night. I think it was kind of cool, but would have been cold and probably had a lot of bugs...what about all of those mosquito nets you see that they show in Africa? Maybe Chantal will get a disease. :)

BUT...Emily's was way better. That's one of my like top 5 things I want to do in my life. (well top five fun things...I want to ride an elephant) Also, how cute was her little outfit with the boots and everything? Loved her outfit at dinner too. And I think she got the better night option too. I know she's not going to win because they keep making it look like she will. They always do that.

I just don't like Ashley either. I liked so many girls other girls more at the beginning of the show. Ashley wasn't even dressed up for Africa...lame. And flip flops...not a good idea. Still think Emily had the best date. Ashley and Brad had the most awkward night date ever. What do you think of the mosquito nets? When he pulled her aside to talk to her before the rose ceremony to talk about their bad date, it just had to make her stomach drop, so I actually felt kind of bad for her. I guess it was kind of better for him to do it that way instead of making her go through the ceremony. I thought the way she acted was a little surprising, when he tried to say goodbye, but I can understand why she would feel that way. I probably wouldn't want to touch him either. But I guess that's what you get when you go on the show. I thought she held herself together well and was glad to hear her say she was going to look for the good in the situation. I'm glad she's gone, but that means that Chantal is going to win.

Also once again...did not love anybody's dress choice for the rose ceremony...come on girls...

UMM..Michelle's back next week for the Women Tell All...woo hoo!!! DRAMA!!!

Quotes From this Week:

"I want what's best for him...and it's me damn it." - Chantal

"I'm not someone who just goes and gets engaged to people." - Chantal

"Let's just get married here. Screw getting engaged" - Chantal

"What if that happened?" - Brad

"Brad left me alone in the wild and I was just confused...It's possible that a lion could come eat me."-Emily

"This is like the Lion King, but better" - Emily

"I'm not doing so well at dinner here. I'm really not." - Brad (about dinner with Ashley)

"I'm not looking for four years, I'm not looking for fifteen years. I'm looking for my whole life." - Brad

"You let me eat a worm!" - Chantal

Lady Gaga Was Born That Way

Gaga's music video for Born This Way was released earlier today. Directed by Nick Knight, choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson and written by Gaga herself, the video is a mix of space alien, mildly repulsive special effects and the skeleton tattoo man, Rick! The beginning of the video, focused on the birth of good and evil, used a kaleidoscope effect that reminded me of the prints from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection, a collection which happened to allude to many images of the afterlife/re-birth.

Gaga giving birth! Wonderful! Party! 
 Yummy fetus.

Gaga and Rick from Montreal AKA The Skeleton Man.

Besides the semi-cheesy script in the beginning, I really enjoyed the video.

On a completely different note:

Emily Blunt

Chick Crush Day 18
Emily Blunt

I really like Emily as an actress. I'm actually very interested to see her in the new movie, "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon coming out this weekend. I think she's very pretty too. I love her eyes. She was hilarious as the assistant in "The Devil Wears Prada", but since then she's played more series and substantial roles.

Anne Hathaway's Many Outfits

Anne Hathaway must have been pretty busy last night running around changing her outfit, but I'm fairly jealous, because her dresses were gorgeous. I did not like the dress she showed up on the red carpet in that much though. It was ok, and the color looked good on her, but I didn't think her hair looked that great. And she called it "vintage" was from 2002...really? Since when is 2002 vintage? I liked the back of it. I've just seen her wear better. Like all the other ones she wore last night...or the one she wore to the Golden Globes this year...anyway, here's all her pretty dresses...and her tux...really I just posted that one because I loved the shoes :)

(designer provided with a little help from Perez)


Lanvin Tux, Brian Atwood Heels
Tom Ford
Armani Prive


Oscar de la Renta
Vivienne Westwood

Goodbye to Fashioning February

Well that was the fashion month that was and boy was it one hell of a month. I had a really fabulous time doing Fashioning February, I had the pleasure of featuring Sasha Wilkes Liberty London Girl as Blogger of the Month and Jennine Jacobs from The Coveted about the Evolving Influence IFB Conference. This season I had the pleasure of seeing more shows than I have ever done before and despite my weary arms and feet, it was well worth it. I also bumped into a few blogger mates such as Nneoma from TwentyTenEightyFour, Muireann from Bangs and a Bun, Archna from Punchbowl Blog, Navaz from Disney Roller Girl, Keysha from The Cocoa Diaries and Marian Kihogo and met some lovely new ones such as Christine from Very Nice Threads, Omoyemi from Style House Files and Hannah from Bow Dream Nation.

Following suit from a few fashion bloggers, here are my numbers for London Fashion Week.

Shows attended: 15
Glasses of champagne: 4
Cups of tea in the BFC Press Lounge: 5
Blackberry photos taken: 74 (this surprises me - I had no idea I took that many)
Camera photos taken: 101
Celebrities spotted: 8
Interviews taken: 2
Visits to MAC lounge: 1
Bloggers met and greeted: 12

Well that's all folks, I hope you enjoyed Fashioning February and I will see you same time next year.

You can check out all the posts from the Fashioning February series here.

Fashioning February: Kiki Kamanu

Interview with Kiki Kamanu at Fashion Mavericks.
I was gutted to miss Kiki Kamanu's catwalk show at Fashion Mavericks which consisted of bling jacket dresses robes, high waisted dresses and glitzy shirts all made in bright and vivid colours. It went down a storm and was one of the strongest collections of the event especially the goody bags which were handbags and slouch bags made out of Ankara material. Kiki describes her collection as unconventional and eclectic and her designs have been featured on various runways in Africa and featured in international magazines and TV. What makes her collection so special is the blend of different styles, textures and fabrics from around the world which she meshes so seamlessly together. Think of Italian leathers mixed with Thai and Indian silks with elements of Dutch wax prints and embroidery by West African artisans. Kiki who has lived in Nigeria, USA and France gave up her job as a corporate event planner to set up her label when she found that her itch to stitch  would not go away. I was fortunate enough to go backstage and take a peek at Kiki's amazing collection and I also got to interview her about her collection and inspirations.

Check out the Armcandy Bag below made out of Ankara material. Look how cool they.

Check out Kiki's website.

MILAN - fashion week aw 11, day 4, 02/26/11

Oscars Best Dressed 2011

Our 10 Favorite Gowns of the Night
Let's get right to it, gals! Want to see our picks for the 10 best dressed women at the 2011 Oscars?

Mila Kunis went for envelope-pushing yet elegant in this lingerie-inspired lavender gown by Elie Saab haute couture. Hot body alert!
She called her Versace dress "tangerine orange" (a major color trend right now!) before the show, but we call Jennifer Hudson's frock smoking hot. Even chicer? She's got purple heels on under that train!

There's a reason she's Gwyneth Paltrow, gals: The Oscar winner knows how to look like a true star on the red carpet, and this metallic Calvin Klein Collection gown really let her true beauty shine through. Louis Vuitton jewels add just enough glam factor.

In more amazing metallics news, Hilary Swank stunned us in a glittering strapless gown by Gucci with a feathered train. Her sculptural hairdo was the perfect way to flaunt those fabulous shoulders.

Can you say flawless? Cate Blanchett always pulls out the big guns for the Oscars, but her structured lilac Givenchy haute couture gown was exceptionally beautiful. Her simple, sleek 'do is the perfect complement.

Reese Witherspoon is all-American red carpet royalty in this Armani Prive gown--it shows off her silhouette perfectly, and the vintage Barbie ponytail is tres chic!

She's only 14, but Hailee Steinfeld has been knocking our socks off on the red carpet. For the biggest red carpet of the year, she went sweet, demure, and age-appropriate in a tulle Marchesa dress. The length is absolutely darling!
Good friends Kate and Laura Mulleavy--otherwise known as Rodarte--whipped up this custom drapey off-the-shoulder maternity dress for Natalie Portman, and she's positively radiant. The rich plum hue and coordinating accessories get an A+.

Stunning actress + fantasy gown = red carpet perfection. Halle Berry knows how to bring it, which is exactly what she did in this frothy strapless Marchesa number.

What better way to make an entrance in a Valentino dress than with the designer himself on your arm? Anne Hathaway's strapless scarlet gown was the first of many wardrobe changes...check back on STF tomorrow for a full recap of the rest!
We're dying to talk Oscar fashion with you, ladies! Who was your best dressed? Who had all of your girlfriends talking? Cast your vote now, leave your comments, and tweet us about your favorites!(via glamour)