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Saturday, May 31, 2008

LONDON - on the street, shoreditch + tottenham court road, 05/31/08

JUNE - sea, six (cities) and sun

Curious about where am I going to shoot these next weeks?
London (until Jun. 6th + 11th-16th)
Istanbul (Jun. 7th-9th)
Munich : opening of the Absolut exhibition "Selected" with my photos (Jun. 10th)
S�o Paulo Fashion Week (Jun. 17th - 23rd)
Paris Men's Shows (Jun. 26th-29th)
Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns (Jun. 30th - Jul. 4th)

Release dates of the next episodes of The londonfashiontrends Show on
Jun. 6th: Mexico City part 2
Jun. 13th: Stockholm part 1
Jun. 20th: Stockholm part 2
Jun. 27th: Moscow part 1
Jul. 4th: Moscow part 2


This post is about one of the best Spanish-based illustrators: Jordi Labanda. Oh, and yes, I am a pink freak.

Jordi Labanda is a well-known fashion illustrator in Spain. He was born in Uruguay but he lives in Barcelona since he is 3 years old. With his cartoons, he represents an optimistic way of life: elegant and rich people in cool locations and cool outfits. It's always about partying, having fun, beautiful people, basically, the savoir vivre. In other hand, some of his illustrations could be interpreted as critic with consumerism. He uses the gouache technique, as many illustrators, for its matt and uniform results. He publishes in several newspapers and magazines, such as Spanish Marie Claire, or Sunday supplement "Magazine", among others.

Notebooks covers. Aren't they lovely?

Jordi Labanda es un ilustrador de moda muy conocido en Espa�a. Naci� en Uruguay, pero desde que tiene 3 a�os vive en Barcelona. Con sus vi�etas, representa una manera optimista y libre de problemas de vivir: gente elegante y rica, siempre en sitios que despiertan la envidia de cualquiera, y siempre con modelitos dignos de menci�n. Siempre est�n en fiestas, pas�ndoselo bien, todos son guapos, altos, delgados, la m�s pura representaci�n del savoir vivre. Por otro lado, y analizando m�s que a simple vista sus ilustraciones, muchas son una cr�tica ir�nica al consumismo feroz que est� instalado en casi todas las mentes del mundo Occidental. El utiliza la t�cnica gouache, conocida y preferida de muchos ilustradores por su acabado mate y uniforme. Colabora con diversas publicaciones, como Marie Claire Espa�a, en la es due�o y se�or de la �ltima p�gina, as� como con el suplemento dominical Magazine, entre muchas otras.

I really love this scene, everything looks so cool!

It's terrible because he has pencilcases, pens, pencil, notebooks in all sizes you can imagine, agendas, bags... and now also t-shirts and bikinis. Here, my small collection:

He has published two books, one in 2003, called "Hey Day", and the second in 2005, called "If I've seen you I can't remember it" (personal translation of the Spanish book). Now the RM Verlang publisher is publishing, for first time, the cartoons Labanda publishes each Sunday in newspaper' supplement "Magazine". There are five little books, at 8 euros each, I can say it's worth it.

*pictures from

Jordi Labanda ha publicado dos libros, uno en 2003, llamado Hey Day, y otro en 2005, llamado "Si te he visto no me acuerdo". Ahora la editorial RM Verlang ha publicado, por primera vez, cinco libritos en forma de colecci�n, que agrupan todas las ilustraciones que el uruguayo ha realizado para el suplemento dominical "Magazine". Cada uno cuesta 8 euros. Ya se pueden encontrar en las librer�as, y yo solo puedo decir que merece la pena.

Thomas Wylde Gladiator Sandals.

Thomas Wylde Gladiator Sandals.

One of my very fav sandals for this season,these will be a definate hit!! Although not yet out , they can be ordered from Net-a-porter.

circus couture

nisha from the broken hearts

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte

How bad are these killer babies from Christain Louboutin for Rodarte??? I'm seeing a whole new market for "Assault Shoes". These Shoes are fierce!!!!

Take off.....

I'm off on my summer holidays for a week or so, so I'm not going to be posting for a little while. I was going to do a big post this morning to make up for my absence, but of course I left the packing until the last minute and have been running around like a headless chicken (we all know the woes of packing a suitcase, especially last minute and with the 20kg rules in place). I shall be back soon, posting ideas and inspiration, and maybe even some from my trip (though the main reason of this trip is to forget about fashion and relax...but we know you can never truely forget about fashion).

Don 't miss me too much,

Friday, May 30, 2008

LONDON - on the street, soho, 05/30/08


I need to ask you a real favour. Tomorrow is taking place my graduation ceremony. In less than one month I will be -if the exams go well- an official journalist. Wow, these four years have been crazy, time flies... So here I am, I really don't know how to wear the purple scarf. The right picture is just terrible, I know, but I was trying. I want you to tell me which one do you prefer, I wanna hear more opinions. Thanks a lot!
Hola! Necesito pediros un gran favor. Ma�ana ser� mi graduaci�n. En menos de un mes ser� oficialmente -si los ex�menes van bien- una periodista licenciada. Estos cuatro a�os han pasado tan r�pido, en fin... el tiempo vuela. Y aqu� estoy hoy, a vueltas con el dichoso fular. S� que la foto de la derecha es de lo m�s horrible, pero estaba probando. Me gustar�a que me dijerais cu�l prefer�s, necesito muchas opiniones para decidirme!! Muchas gracias.

BPR Podcast with Kit Pistol

Laura K. interviews the always stylish Project Runway Season 4 designer Kit Pistol. Kit has a great career post-Runway and, among other things, is involved with Kiki Magazine and 'Dancing with the Stars.' We totally want to play with Kit Pistol Paper Dolls!

Click here for the podcast.

Hats off

How beautiful are these hats? I am completely dumb-founded by the sheer craftmanship invovled, and genius behind them. Nagi Noda is the Japanese artist/fashionista in question, having created adverts and the likes for many media based companies, as well as having his own fashion label collaboration. I stumbled across these in completely unrelated research to Susie Bubble's recent post Frutti Tutti, and even though they are by the same team, the final results are starkly different. I creative talent to be watched me thinks...

The images are shot by Kenneth Cappello, and you can view these images and the rest of his work on his blog. His blog features wonderful behind-the-scenes images of his fashion shoots and experiences.

THE londonfashiontrends SHOW - mexico city part 1 of 2

Thursday, May 29, 2008

LONDON - london college of fashion graduate exhibition, royal academy of arts + marylebone, 05/29/08

Christian Siriano on Ellen

Click on the photo to watch a 60-second recap of Ellen. It might take a minute to download.

Questions for Kit Pistol?

Our next podcast will be with season four designer, Kit Pistol. Please submit your questions for Kit to Team BPR. Thank you!

insomnia my friend

I can't sleep. So instead of going to bed I'm reading. I've been cleaning out my closet all evening and I even painted my's been a while since I last paninted them. Might give sleeping a try after all now...or maybe I'm going to read some more and go into work late tomorrow. G'night!

Reality Bites

It is almost June and as far as I am concerned almost officially summer time. That means lots of sporting activities like Wimbledon, The Olympics and Euro 2008 as well as another ordeal of Big Brother. Since it launched nine years ago, Big Brother has become an important part of our lives and the sometime controversial show changed the course of TV. Gone are the days when TV bosses aired lengthy shows and period dramas and instead they have been replaced by the reality genre. According to those guys at Wikipedia "Reality television is a genre of television programming which presents purportedly unscripted dramatic, unscripted situations, documents actual events, and features ordinary people instead of professional actors." We are talking about programmes like America's Next Top Model, I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here!, Project Catwalk and The Apprentice which are competitive based. Also 'so called' talent shows like X Factor and the show that is currently tormenting the country; Britain's Got Talent. I say so called because we all know that they are shown so people have someone to laugh at. Then there are the fly on the wall shows where celebrities make the decision of taking us into their world. For some famous bods this calculating move can pay dividends; The Osbournes and Jessica Simpson for a start, but for others it can be the kiss of death. It is not just celebs who make amusing viewings thought, non entities such as Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and The Hills posse are now household names. Although the contrived dialogue and convenient plots in The Hills have led some to wonder just how 'real' The Hills. Still real or not real, The Hills is now the number one show in the US and top show on MTV Europe.

This popularity has prompted other celebrities to sign up for a slice of the pie. Hence uber stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, who has a show coming out later this year. However more pending are the shows by former Bond girl, Denise Richards who is keen to prove to the public what a nice person she really is despite a nasty divorce from Charlie Sheen and a fling with Richie Sambora; Bon Jovi's guitarist and hubby to Heather Locklear who was also a close friend to Richards. Denise Richards: It's Complicated airs on E! (Entertainment Television) later this month. Joining her is Living Lohan which shows Dina Lohan - Mum to troubled actress, Lindsay Lohan. We see her juggling her role as parent and manager to younger sibling, Ali Lohan who attempts to follow in her older sister's foot step. All I can say is that I hope that young Ali does not go down the road that Lindsay has by drinking and clubbing in excess. Reading between the lines I think we can be assured that this documentary is all about Dina. TV critic, Mary McNamara sums it all up in her review in the LA Times.

You may think it's a coincidence...

When I was a child, I used to play with Barbies. They were my favourite dolls. Tall, beautiful, thin, they look like models, and they had so many outfits. That was the best part of it. I spent hours and hours changing their clothes all the time. A while ago I went with my parents to have dinner with friends of them. They had a little girl, about six years old, and she was playing with some not-so-cute doll. I asked her which doll was that, and she answered pretty offended: "This is a Bratz, you don't have it?". I told her I used to play with Barbies when I was her aged, and she was disappointed. Why little girls have changed their liking? Some days ago I find some coincidences. Models' physiognomy has changed. Now it's all about big eyes, just like Bratzs...
Cuando era una ni�a, siempre jugaba con las Barbies. Eran mis mu�ecas favoritas. Altas, guapas, delgadas, parec�an modelos, y adem�s ten�an tantos modelitos diferentes! Por supuesto, lo de cambiarlas de ropa era en lo que me entreten�a durante horas. Hace unos meses fui con mis padres y con unos amigos de ellos a cenar. Estos amigos ten�an una ni�a que tendr�a sobre seis a�os, y que estaba jugando con una mu�eca que en mi opini�n era bastante fea. le pregunt� qu� mu�eca era esa, y ella contest� bastante ofendida: "Es una Bratz, �t� no tienes?". Entonces le cont� que yo jugaba con Barbies cuando ten�a su edad, y ella puso cara de decepci�n, en plan, d�nde habr�n quedado ya las Barbies a estas alturas... Yo me pregunto por qu� las ni�as han cambiado tanto sus gustos en tan poco tiempo. Hace un par de d�as encontr� una coincidencia en el panorama de la moda. La fisonom�a de las modelos ha cambiado, ahora todo el sistema se basa en tener grandes ojos, justo como las Bratzs...

From The Mailbox

Here is the Jack Mackenroth sketch for Heather Tom's dress. The fabric is silk chiffon with a burnout floral pattern. Thanks Jack!

Emma is posting all of the news on Project Runway Australia. The Aussie version is in production now!

Click here to read an article about Victoria Beckham. Tim Gunn says he's blown away by how 'articulate' Victoria is about fashion.

Don't forget to watch Christian Siriano on Ellen today.

You have chosen "En Garde," the TRESemme-sponsored Season Four challenge as the one you would most like to see repeated in a future season of Project Runway.

Kate Moss Samples

Appologies about the poor image - I'm still learning

We got some Kate Moss for Topshop samples in at work recently (as far as I know, they are already in the shops, or have been, so I'm not breaking any rules!) and I am really loving the details and techniques used...all of which I believe could be done by the most novice customiser (except the elaborate machine embroidery, top left).

My favourite one is the viscose blouse with light blue circles appliqued across the neck band, falling down the chest. A great way to add drama, and could be tried with different shapes, fabrics (who says they have to be fabrics?!). The jersey t-shirt with a knotted cross-back - which reminds me of finger knitting as a child - is a wonderful detail, which in my opinion would benifit from a LOT more knotting...almost piled ontop of each other in a random fashion, creating a slightly rugged volume (there I go again about neck/shoulder sculpting).

I think over the next few weeks I shall try out some of these techniques and create small sample pieces (like little pieces of textile) and post them for all to see.

and a beautiful princess


To see tonight the 1st episode before everyone at midnight (London Time), it means 1am in Paris, 7pm in NY, 4pm in LA, 8am in Tokyo or 9am in Sydney, befriend The londonfashiontrends Show here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Laura Bennett: Case Clothed

Laura Bennett, Project Runway Season 3 finalist and glam girl about town, gives her fans the latest installment in her 'Case Clothed' series for iVillage. Click here for 'The Case of the Harrowing Heel Height' to get her slant on stiletto strategy.

STOCKHOLM - s�dermalm + strandv�gen + r�dabergsgatan + ess, f12, 05/27-28/08