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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camping and Crablegs

So for Memorial Day Weekend Jake and I went to Marysville, UT with Janell and Burk and camped. It was so nice and warm. The boys fished and Janell and I just kinda hung out and we found this fun little antique shop. I bought a little gold watch for $3.00. haha. I love it though. It's my souvenir from the weekend. We played this washer throwing game that we found at wal-mart like twenty times, but it is seriously like the most fun game. Then that night we went to this gas station that has been turned into a "restaurant". Jake and I had been there a year ago with his brother and some of their friends so that's why we decided to go back. They have unlimited crab legs and these giant servings of prime rib for pretty cheap and it is amaaaaaazing! It looks like the most white trash place ever, but I kid you not, it is sooooo good. I think I literally ate 25 crab legs (on top of everything else they give you). Ask Jake.
Anyway, then on Sunday, Janell and Burke had to head back, but Taylor and Devo wanted to come camping, so we headed back to Jake's family's house in Holden. They met us there, but the weather started getting bad and it was freezing! So...we ended up just having a fire and cooked hot dogs and smores there. It was really fun actually, but I don't have any pictures from it. Hopefully we'll get a good camping trip planned with all of our friends soon!

Gwyneth's Legs

I think this woman has the best legs ever. I want them. That's all.
O I guess I'll take her dresses too. Love the orange one for summer.

Country Strong

I have a new obsession...
This movie.
I loved everything about it. All the characters (and actors) and the story. I'm in love with Garrett Hedlund. I always wanted to end up with a with a nice voice is a plus :)
My three favorite parts I think were these:
1. When she sings to the little boy with cancer. The little boy was so cute. I cried :(
2. When these two sing together. I've posted this song on here before.
3. When Gwyneth sings "Coming Home". I also am obsessed with her dress. ahhh.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ten Letters to the World

Dear Prince Harry,
I do not find you attractive. I'm not sure why everyone else keeps talking about you like it's so great that you're still single. "Don't worry, Harry's still single." Gag me. You are a ginger and not cute.
Dear Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Piperlime,
Please stop having sales. My checking account and credit card still have not recovered from New York back in March. Plus I'm going to be a starving student again soon. And I have a shopping addiction that I need to find some kind of solution for.
Dear hair,
Please start growing. I wish you were long and flowy.
Dear body,
I'm sorry that one week I am so hard on you at the gym and wreck you on mountain bike rides, with tennis serves, and Lori's power pump class in an effort to be more active, and then next I decide to be lazy and stuff you with all kinds of food. I will try to be more consistant all around.

Also on that note,
Dear Gym,
I'm going to try and visit you more. I'm kind of being a bad friend that lies and says I'm going to come visit you and then ditches you for my cooler friends, tv and bed. But I miss you and it's summer, so we're going to hang out more.
Dear Miranda Lambert,
If you were going to steal my boyfriend, Blake Shelton, at least you could have worn a cuter wedding dress. Usually I like you, but right now we're fighting.
Dear Chedder-Jalapeno Cheetos,
Stop staring at me everytime I walk past you at the gas station. Yes, you are deliciously spicy and cheesy, but you also make my thighs jiggle and I do not have time for you right now. Plus you kind of look disgusting on paper.
Dear Weather in Utah,
I hate you. Period.
Dear Kelly Osbourne,
You are one lucky Biotch. I do not understand why you are on Fashion Police. You do not have cute style. Your hair is terrible. And you're not very funny. How you got that job and have kept it I will never know.
Dear I-15,
You're the worst part of my day. At some point in the day I get stuck somewhere on you and you make me late or it takes 4 times longer than it should for me to get somewhere. Really? I live in Utah, not Southern California. Can we please get this construction sped up a little bit? Thanks.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

forrest frame

I would love this bed frame please.
I would love this room please.

beach babes

love this pic

Kimmy's ring

Holy Cow! 20.5 carats? Is that even possible? Maybe I wish I was marrying Kris Humphries...?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zimmerman, my love!

Hallelujah! My suit went on sale! So I snatched it up! Woo hoo! Two swim purchases in one week! And both on sale!

Now come on sun....where are you?!?!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

A lot of people don't like this song.
Let me just tell you...
I'm OBSESSED with it.
It makes me want to dance everytime I hear it.
I also, just love Britney
Unless she is shaving her head or her extensions are showing.
But mostly I love her.

monday deals

By now you all know that I have a bad shopping habit. But I got some great deals today because I had to go to Salt Lake for some errands! I just have to share them with you all! I feel so thrifty! (ok if I was thrifty I would probably not be spending money, but I got everything on sale, and I've been wanting these things for so long!

1. The Gifting Charms Necklace
from Banana Republic
normally $29.50, but I got it 40%, and then another 20% off that! woo hoo!

Plus is says "xoxo", makes me feel like Gossip Girl :)
2. Washi Wrap Skirt
from Anthropologie
on sale for $49.95
3. Khari Bluewing Pillow
from Anthropologie
on sale for $49.95
for the bedding that I haven't bought yet, but it matches perfectly! :)
front and then the back

All of the Lights

So this weekend, a bunch of us went to...wait for it....Allure. Yeah, we did.
Haha, it was actually pretty fun. They have really good music, and how can you not love the light up dance floor? Not to mention, amaaaaazing people watching. I highly recommend it for that reason alone. Also, they have tons of screens which you can watch music videos on. I rarely see music videos anymore unless someone tells me to watch it or I look the song up on youtube for some reason. I swear I just stared at the screens or the crazy people dancing around me all night. Very interesting. Ha. Good times.
Jessica, Nicole, me, Janell
Me, Garett, Nicole

Sunday, May 22, 2011

perfect hair

I would give anything to have my hair look like either of these two!

Sunday Morning Humor

Don't you remember reading the comics on Sunday morning? Well I thought maybe you would enjoy some humor this morning. I found all of these here. I was literally laughing out loud. Maybe I need to get out more? Ha.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

first swim suit!

I bought this as my first swim suit purchase of the season! It's from Nordstrom and I'm waiting for it in the mail. I hope it's cute in person and I hope the weather gets better so that I can wear it!!!

Jake's Birthday

Last weekend I had a birthday party for Jake because he is in Boston this weekend and will be gone for his actual birthday. He is turning 30! Old man! JK! Anyway, we went to eat and then out for some dancing and fun in Salt Lake. A bunch of our friends came and it was a pretty fun time. If you didn't come you missed out! :) Thanks to everyone that came!
Taylor, me, Carly, (Ray in the back) Janell, Brit
The Birthday Boy and I
Carly, Brit, me, and Aislinn
Jake, me, Ray, Aislinn
Brit, Ray, Ais, me, Scotty