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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 8 - Episode 5

Project Runway Season Three model, Amanda Fields returns with her "model's Take" on episode 5.

Isn't it a beautiful thing when a model can come to her designer's aid in the midst of a crisis of inspiration? Casanova's model, Sarae gave him a pep talk from her heart. She knew that for him to be able to finish his work he needed to be confident. She is my favorite model this week because she showed compassion and talent! I am sure the other models are nice too - and will get their chance to shine in this way.

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Goodbye to Be Beautiful

Well that was the month that was and the Be Beautiful series is over. We saw the event that I helped to organise, You're Beautiful, Woman which was a tremendous success come and go. One thing that Be Beautiful has allowed me to do is get to know the beauty bloggers a lot better. I finally got to feature Erin Scandalous as Blogger of the Month as well as other great beauty bloggers. All in all I have had a ball and I hope you have too. I would like to take this time out to thank you for your support.

Episode 5 Trivia Contest

BPRs it has been a while since I have been inspired to create a trivia contest. This one was so rich with delicious details that I couldn't resist.

I have a season five DVD signed by Tim Gunn for the prize. (Thanks Mark Y!)

Please do not leave your answers in the comments, e-mail to Team BPR. The first person to get all of the answers is the winner.

1. After comparing Gretchen to Hitler, April predicts that she will "put her _____ on everything the team does."

2. On day one of the challenge, what color are Mondo's glasses?

3. What color are Peach's glasses?

4. Which designer is the designated "notion boy?"

5. What phrase is tattooed on AJ's back?

6. Which designer invented a new technique: The "blousonted" sleeve? :)

7. What is the name of Casanova's aunt?

8. What color is the top that Heidi wears for the runway judging?

9. Which designer wears a stuffed red heart for the runway judging?

10. Which designer predicts, "I'm going home."

Bonus Question: On the runway, Mondo is wearing a figural pin of what animal on his lapel? You don't have to answer this to win - it's just for fun.

Update: We have a winner! Congratulations to Jennifer L! I will post the answers in the comments.

COPENHAGEN - anne, fashion week ss 11, 08/12/10

I've posted all my photos of Istanbul Fashion Week on my visual diary.

berlin: leather basics

Monday, August 30, 2010

watermelon popsicle

Acne silk shorts, Gina Tricot blouse, Massimo Dutti shoes and ASOS bag

Last week eating Japanese watermelon popsicle with the boy and enjoying what turned out to be one of the last warm and sunny days of August.

Whopper Of The Week

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Networks

We just couldn't let this one pass by without comment. When Andy South asked the judges to base their decision on what they knew of the designers, CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award winner (how pretentious is that introduction each week?) Michael Kors had this to say:

"You know that's not how it works. This isn't about past history. It's about what we are looking at today. That's the truth."

Really, Michael? Anyone who has watched Project Runway for more than 10 minutes knows what utter crap that line was. Chloe Dao won Season 2 based on past history. How many times has Heidi asked "Who do we want to see more from?" in the judges deliberation? Did Gretchen's two wins really not factor in your decision at all?

Michael, please don't think that award gives you license to bully these young designers with nonsense. We love you for your snarky, accurate evaluations of the designs. But don't insult the intelligence of Project Runway fans by trying to make us think you start with a blank slate every week. Of course past history plays a part in your decisions, this is fashion. And this certainly isn't our first time at the rodeo.

Episode 6 Preview Video

ISTANBUL - fashion week bonus, 08/25-28/10

Don't Cry For Me, Casanova

Nearly lost in all of the Gretchen and Tim Gunn drama from Episode 5 was Casanova's "major, major, MAY-JOR diva moment", as Valerie put it. Sleep deprived and stung by a mild Tim Gunn criticism, Casanova laid down on the lounge sofa and had himself a good cry.

"I'm on the verge to loose my mind!" he wailed, as a parade of team mates tries to console him. "I'm even getting FAT!" Valerie, Michael D and Peach all tried to hold his hand yet it looked as if he was getting close to walking off the show. Credit must be given to his model Sarae Cart, who looks half his age yet became the wise elder and gave Casanova the inspiration to carry on. (And did you notice that it was Michael C. from the other team that encouraged Sarae to talk to him?)

It was a classic Project Runway "Make It Work" moment for Casanova. He busted out a fabulous pair of white pants to go with his lace top to take home the win and immunity for the next challenge. So good was Episode 5 that this scene took a backseat to the drama to come. But let's offer some late congratulations to Casanova. He turned adversity into something beautiful and it is those moments that make us love this show so much.

Tim Gunn Cameo At The Emmy's

The 2010 Emmy Awards did a funny send up of Glee in the open last night that featured a cameo from Tim Gunn. Check him out at the 1:53 mark.

berlin: cardigans out

Secrets of Alamut soundtrack from Prince of Persia movie

Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra

Good Life by Miley Cyrus

Strangest Creature Found On Earth


Art by Victoria Frances

Victoria Frances is famous Spanish artist who works in the Gothic style. Her paintings depict young women suffering from love to obsession of vampires. Artist has a collection from Venetian carnival scene.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pet Cloud

By Michael Casker.

Art by Amy Crehore

About Amy Crehore.

Underwater Fort

This is a clip of the short journey from the shore to a oxygen-filled underwater fort, named the bubble room. SaltySamaritan and his family has built it at the bottom of a Nevada mountain lake.
"The Bubble Room is an amazing, clear, underwater dome about 15 feet below the surface of an alpine lake. My brother and I designed and built the Bubble Room. When in the Bubble Room you stand in the sand 20 feet under water, looking out through the clear dome into the lake above you"
Where did this idea come from?
Jordan(brother and co-creator of the bubble room): I was in the shower, one day about four years ago, and I was just thinking about how cool it would be to have an underwater "fort" I wasn't sure how to make it happen at the time, but that's when the brainstorming started. So I called my brother Logan and we started talking about ways to do it.
Our original version was just a net stretched tight and secured to four rocks�one at each corner�and then a piece of plastic pulled under the net and an air bubble released into it from a scuba tank. Because the air is displacing water, the upward force of the bubble is equivalent to the downward force of the same volume of water on shore. So a bubble 10 cubic feet in volume would be basically 74.8 "gallons" of air at 8.35 lbs per gallon, which means a 10 cu. ft. bubble has 624.58 pounds of upward force! Pretty substantial.
Needless to say, by the time the bubble under the net was about the size of an average ice chest it had stretched almost 20 feet up to the surface then the net broke. via

Heidi At The Emmys

Photos: WireImage

Heidi Klum poses on the red carpet at the 2010 Emmy Awards in a Marchesa dress with husband Seal at her side. Project Runway is nominated again in the Outstanding Reality Competition category.

Shiny, tight and short - just the way she likes it!

Update: Click here for a closer look from Nick Verreos.

berlin: cotton

RIP Corinne Day

The legendary photographer died yesterday after being suffering from a brain tumor for years.

La legendaria fot�grafa Corinne Day muri� ayer tras una larga enfermedad

ISTANBUL - melis, fashion week, 08/26/10