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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ask Mindy - Bluefly's Accessory Specialist

Introducing your opportunity to "Ask Mindy" any questions about the Bluefly accessories used on each episode.

Our first question is from Jennifer F.

I write because I am DYING to buy the shoes that Monique was wearing on episode 9 - and I can't find out who the designer is/ where to get them? Any way you could help me out here? Many thanks - Jennifer

Those were great shoes - the Report Signature black leather 'Downey 2' cut-out pump with 4�'' patent stiletto heel. Unfortunately the style is sold out, but there are several similar styles still available.

The Sage by Michael Kors,

The Rizzo by Boutique 9,

And this strappy black platform from Cesare Paciotti.

Did you know that you can win a piece of Project Runway history? One accessory from the wall is awarded each week. Click here to enter.

If you have a question about the accessories featured on Project Runway please write to Team BPR. Thanks Mindy!

Jay McCarroll Prints now Available From The Colony

Click here for more information.

On the road

Due to the unpredictable nature of road trips, most likely I won't be able to post until next Sunday. Hope you have a great Easter break!

Debido a la impredecible naturaleza de los viajes de carretera, probablemente no ser� capaz de postear hasta el pr�ximo domingo. Espero que teng�is unas buenas vacaciones!

Broadsword Handle Umbrella

Broadsword Handle Umbrella($40) from thinkgeek.
"The Broadsword Handle Umbrella is gorgeous. Its massive handle looks like you could draw forth a blade and cleave the raindrops in twain before they even had a chance to hit the ground."

Backpack � with Wifi detector

Wiffinder� 310 Backpack has integrated a networks Wifi detector, with a screen that shows to the hour and the level of the WiFi signal when it is desired. Designed to take your laptop up to 15.6" with all its accessories.
*For laptops up to 15.6".
*Integrated WiFi finder.
*Integrated clock.
Price �34.

We�re all babies inside

Shot by fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg, the ads features �real people� rather than models, and contain the new Evian strapline: Live Young.

LONDON - soho, 03/31/10

Rasa you're a star

my current model favorite: Rasa Zukauskaite

Boss Orange wants your design!

about 3 weeks ago i mentioned to you that BOSS ORANGE is inviting everyone to design a t-shirt inspired by a parrot and over 600 designs have already been handed in. Boss Orange's creative director Eyan Allen will choose the best design which will then be produced as a special edition as part of the new collection. sweet, ey? if my design skills were any better than they are i'd actually be tempted to do a bit of drawing and feathering myself, but for those of you who are skilled in the field - definitely give it a go! my favorite so far by the way, is the top left one with the bright colors. i would wear that any day.

for more info and to send in a design visit the Boss Orange Facebook page and become a fan if you think it's cool that Boss Orange is giving young designers a chance to promote their work.

good luck to all designers!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meeting Tim Gunn

There is nothing quite like the first time.

Project Runway recapper extraordinnaire Jennifer Eolin, aka The New Old Biddy, made a rare appearance on the streets of New York without her trademark hoodie. She was off to meet her idol! Would she piddle her pants? Squeal like the fangirl we all know she is? Don't miss her post on meeting Tim Gunn.

Another Preview of Episode 11

This one with an....interesting edit.

From the Mailbox

Tickets are now available for Christopher Straub's April 25th fashion show in St. Paul, MN. Click here for more information.

Christian Siriano has been named one of Crain's "40 Under 40 - New York's Rising Stars." Click here for the story. Congratulations, Christian!

Click here to see Valeria Leonova modeling for The Limited. Thanks Katherine.

Styleite takes a look at Emilio Sosa's episode 10 graffiti print.

Tim Gunn on Superhero Fashion Trends

Click here for more!

PARIS - lavinia, rue des pyramides, 03/11/10

Photos of my 1st day in Reykjavik are up on my visual diary.

PRINZ editorial

last month i went to london to shoot an editorial for german lifestyle magazine PRINZ. the story was "a night out in london". for those who cannot get their hands on the latest issue of PRINZ, i've posted a few outtakes below.

to see more of my work visit

Monday, March 29, 2010

From The Mailbox

Project Runway Season Two designers reunite! Nick Verreos visits Chloe Dao's Houston Boutique. Click here for the story.

Which designer created the best fabric in episode 10? Click here for the poll.

Click here for JordanBaker's recap of episode 10.

Please check out Kenneth Fron's latest necklace designs. Everything is brand new!

Easter Cuties

E11 Guest Judge: Jessica Alba

Photo: Lifetime Network

Project Runway taps into some serious Hollywood star power this week with guest judge Jessica Alba. It is setting up to be the most intriguing episode of the season with the promised return of an aufed designer and the answer to the Maya Mystery. This is one you don't want to miss!

Simple Shoes biodegradable footwear

The 2010 shoe line of Simple Shoes will include their first collection of biodegradable footwear. The outsoles and midsoles break down to dirt in a landfill in 20 years.
Plus they are made from sustainable materials including hemp uppers, recycled car tire bottoms, organic cotton linings, recycled plastic bottles and foot beds, and water based glues.
Simple Shoes developed EcoPure which is a pellet mixture containing tiny microbes. These microbes begin to eat away at the compounds that hold the materials together until what is left is dirt. It is Ecopure that is added to the midsoles and outsoles.

Toucan Solar Powered MP4 Player

Enjoy the exciting world of multimedia wherever you go using natural sunlight and daylight!
Ecotopia introduces the Toucan, a solar rechargeable MP4 player with 4 GB internal memory. The Toucan charges in sun-, day- or artificial light by using the integrated solar panel. Automatically charge your MP4 player by facing the solar panel towards the light. Of course, you can also charge the Toucan by USB-port or with the included AC adapter.
The Toucan comes with 4 GB internal memory to ensure that you always have a huge multi media library available on this compact and good-looking MP4 player. You can even expand your memory by using SD mini cards, in the Toucan SD-card slot. Price �86.80. Buy

berlin: underpants overground

Fashion's Other Half

They say that behind every great man is an equally great woman but I would say that the same works both ways, particularly in fashion. The fashion world is full of wonderful female designers who have made a huge impact on the industry but interestingly enough, a lot of these women have the support of their husbands who are there to catch them when they fall. From Vivienne Westwood to Mary Quant and Alice Temperley these top notch fashion designers are just one half of fashion's super couples. A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal did a profile on Miuccia Prada and her husband and business partner, Patrizio Bertelli who they describe as fashion's most successful husband and wife pairing. It got me thinking about all the other women fashion designers who work hand in hand with their other halves to build their fashion empire. So I did a bit of digging around and this is what I have come up with.

Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli
Prada was founded by Mario and Martino Prada in 1913 and the company was handed down to Mario's grand daughter. Miuccia and her husband Patrizio in 1978. Since then the couple have turned the brand into a fashion powerhouse. In the 90s Prada was the name on everyone's lips with the launch of stores in Paris, Madrid and New York as well as the iconic Prada handbag which everyone wanted to get their mitts on.

Mary Quant and Alexander Plunkett-Grene
The original pop idol, it was her partnership with hubby, Alexander which led to the birth of Bazaar, the iconic clothes store on Kings Road. Mary then went on to make her own range of clothing and introducing the mini skirt and hot pants.

Barbara Hulanicki and Stephen Fitz-Simon
While Barbara Hulanicki entranced the world with Biba, it was her husband Stephen who acted as her rock and even gave her the idea to get into fashion. Biba was the aspirational brand of the 60s and every stylish lady wanted a slice of it.

Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren

It was punk maverick, Malcolm McLaren who spotted Vivienne's talents and set up shop with her on Kings Road. The premises on Kings Road went under many names such as Let it Rock, Sex, Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die and Seditionaries. The duo went on to launch a fashion label together. 

Alice Temperley and
Lars Von Bennigsen
The lady who put the ooomph back into Brit fashion with her collection of tea dresses. Former Saint Martin's graduate, Alice Temperley launched her label, Temperley London with her hubby, Lars Von Bennigsen. He is now CEO of a brand that consists of gorgeous boutiques across the world, a bridal collection a diffusion range called Alice by Alice Temperley as well as numerous A list celebrities as fans.

THE OBSERVER - march 21st: paris fashion week

Read the whole column here.
Photos of Berlin & of my 1st day in Reykjavik up on my visual diary.


Zara shorts, old H&M blouse, necklace from eBay