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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Love Fashion, I Love Food

Food and fashion go hand in hand, though not always with positive connotations. I love food, especially when it looks cute. My favorites are those little chocolate-filled cookies in the shape of koala bears. I probably spent like half of my time as a little kid buying them from the Asian supermarket...

So when a designer incorporates food into his or her designs, or when an editorial features some sort of cuisine, my heart fills with joy. And honestly, who doesn't love eating. Even people trying to lose weight on Jenny Craig or whatever want to fill their stomachs with delicious things. You have to eat to survive, so why not make it worthwhile?

so pretentious

Jeremy Scott's "Food Fight" collection

A print from Scott's collection.

Though I don't completely agree with the quote, I would love to eat fries out of a Chanel container. It would make me feels so high class; so very luxe. The fries look amazingly svelte in the black-and-white container.

Crystal Renn in Vogue Paris October

I bought these cupcake-shaped bandaids today (they came with a "secret prize," a puffy cupcake sticker!). I would post the photos I took, but uploading is taking forever. So instead, here is a generic photo from google:

Soooooooooo much good. I would wear one on my forehead. Sursly. I would.
They've also got beef, bacon, pickle, cowboy and monkey bandaids, and there are probably more that I haven't seen. I actually bought the cupcake ones at the resort I am currently at, but I know Ricky's also sells them. 

GAWD I love food.

P.S. How delightful is this?

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