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Monday, August 31, 2009

Amanda's Take - Season 6 - Episode 2

I have worked with Monique Lhuillier many times and was so happy she filled in for Michael Kors on this episode! She is a wonderful Mom and always talks about her little boy, Jack!

One thing you can really see on the runway is that how a model feels in her clothes directly reflects how she will walk in them for the judges. Even if it may not be the best look of the episode, if SHE likes it, she will make it look good. There aren't any models this season that are disastrous. Thank goodness! See? Offer the models a prize at the end that involves money and see who wants to participate NOW!

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Heidi Klum Talks Runway with LA Confidential

Click here for the article.

Here is a highlight:

LAC: So season six is in LA, season seven is in New York, and season eight will be back in LA?
HK: Right. The great thing about shooting in LA is that we get more big-time celebrities on the show. Our designers get so hyped up when we bring out these international superstars.

LONDON - broadway & bricklane market, 08/29-30/09

Preview Video - "Rumble on the Runway"

Here is the first preview for Episode 3 of Project Runway and we have a team challenge; "Rumble on the Runway" is the title of the episode and it offers "the biggest challenge yet." Speculation anyone?

And, Tim Gunn on the beach in a sports jacket?

Lee Mattocks

I've known about this guy for some years now, but it was only recently I met him. His name is Lee Mattocks, and he is the best friend of my housemates sister! Currently studying an MA in Fashion Artifacts run by Dai Rees at CSM, for which he was awarded a 15,000 Harold Tillman scholarship (from The British Fashion Council and Jaegar) and a 1,000 scholarship from the Embroiderers Guild if he incorporates embroidery into his final collection. Intrigued? You will be...

Fashion Artifacts is a course which is designed to push accessories to the limit, blurring the boundaries between fine-art and fashion, helping the students to create bespoke, luxury accessories. Lee's work however, originates from embroidery. After studying a textiles degree at Goldsmiths, he became a scholar of the Embroiderers Guild and regularly shows with them around the country (although, having never strictly trained in embroidery...only in fine-art). He developed an amazing technique using a Bernina sewing machine, one which I still can't get the hang of, varying the tension and stitch lengths to eventually draw pictures images with.

These images really do not do Lee's work justice, you need to see the pieces up close and personal to feel the texture and brilliant colours used. The detail is immense.

If the embroidery wasn't enough the MA has opened up many doors for Lee, allowing him to experiment and perfect the use of many different mediums within the field of accessories, enabling him to carve bespoke fittings - brass cast fittings based on birds and hands and acrylic mirror moulded into the leather. With a lack of innovative and exciting fittings in the accessory world, Lee has chosen to focus on them to push his creations further, giving them a unique edge and playing with the art/fashion boundaries.

This bag is called the 'Dali for Gala', which was chosen to feature in the 20th Anniversary of Lulu Guiness at the V&A last year. It is part of an eight piece collection derived from the perspectives employed by Salvador Dali and his obsession with his "wife" - although he was gay she was his manager was involved in a large number of his greatest works. His research is heavily rooted in Surrealism (which I am told was actually a spiritual movement, not an art movement) and religion, with the hand fittings of the 'Dali for Gala' bag taken from religious practises - when a saintly figure died in history, they cut off their hands and sent pieces to churches all over the world, as they believed they would still perform miracles. This is just a snippet of the research that Lee has done, and his knowledge of critical theory and art history means his work, like any good artist, is entwined with references to the past.

I don't know if I have done Lee's work justice or not, but I shall let the images speak for themselves. He tells me that he's currently working on his final collection, which incorporates one of my loves, taxidermy, and is aptly named 'The Surrealist Museum'. It's based on the way historical objects are displayed in museums creating a narrative which is completely divorced from its origins. 'The collection has a very basic narrative running through it of an owl catching a rabbit. In "Palace" bag it appears in the background of the embroidery and gets closer and closer, bag by bag with the fittings gradually developing depending on the narrative - the last bag is all rabbit with brass talons as fittings.' I shall post images as soon as I can, but in the mean time we can look forward to this collection of bags being shown on the catwalk at the V&A sometime next year...fingers crossed they can find a designer to match!

Monday Morning Mailbox

Heidi and Seal are expecting a baby girl in October but they haven't decided on a name yet. Any suggestions?

Click here for an interview with Ari Fish from RealityWanted. Here is a highlight:

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Despite being eliminated first, are you happy with your experience on Project Runway? Would you do it again?
A. Ari: I genuinely enjoyed being eliminated first and wouldn't have had it any other way. The only way they could get me back on that show is if they promised to get me out of there first, again.

Click here to watch Nick Verreos on the red carpet at the 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Click here for a new interview with Project Runway: All-Star Challenge winner, Daniel Vosovic on

Click here for "Product Runway Wrap-up" from

Kevin Christiana has joined the list of designers showing at Fashion in Detroit!


Sept. 2-7: MOSCOW, this time I got my visa and I'll be shooting for ELLE Russia!
Sept. 9-17: NEW YORK Fashion Week
Sept. 18-22: LONDON Fashion Week
Sept. 23: LONDON, lecture at University for the Creative Arts Epsom
Sept. 24-26: MQ VIENNA Fashion Week
Sept. 27-29: LONDON

Sunday, August 30, 2009

H&M Magazine

A few months ago I heard mutterings about a magazine for H&M but that was as far as it got; well to my ears anyway. However, while I was on a shopping mission for my holiday oh and for some goodies to serve my post holiday depression, I ran into copies of the H&M magazine. So being the mag addict that you all know and love I scooped it up along with my new items. I decided I would save reading the publication till I got on the flight to Atlanta. I wish I could say it was worth the wait but sadly it wasn't. I was expecting something along the lines of the ultra lush asos magazine but unfortunately that was not the case. H&M magazine is A4, glossy, 82 pages thick and has all the makings of a great magazine but somehow misses the mark. Content wise it focuses on fashion and the trends that we should expect to see in the autumn but it also looks at the hip places to shop in Moscow and how to shop smart. There is only one article that stood out to me which was called Teenage Takeover which was a look at cool teenagers such as Jenny Humphrys, Cory Kennedy, Pixie Geldof and Jourdan Dunn and how they now dictate fashion. Apart from that there is very little in H&M magazine that inspires me, it all feels very remote and cold (an editor's note without a picture of the editor is not a good start to a magazine.) From the bland cover of model Angela Lindvall, the unimpressive layout and unimaginative use of fonts and colours. It is difficult to see who the magazine is pitched at as the feel is too serious for teenagers yet just not chic enough for twenty something fashionistas. H&M magazine will be one publication that I will have no qualms in parting with when I do embark on some more decluttering.

H&M magazine is published quarterly and is available in the stores.

Animal Heads

Both Topshop womenswear and River Island menswear merchandising teams on Oxford Street have gone a little animal crazy. Have they taken inspiration from the latest Prada lookbook perhaps?

LEGO House Construction

This two-story Lego palace, which resides in the middle of a vineyard, sports a working bathroom, and is covered inside and out with bricks pieced together by 272 Legos. Over three million bricks were used to build the Lego pad -- that's over 816 million Lego pieces all together!


They're at it again:

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Have a recap to share? Send it along and we'll add it to the looza!

LONDON - australian crowd, broadway market, 08/29/09

kerala (india): lea

this is lea from paris. find out some bits more about here on

Saturday, August 29, 2009

L.A. Candy: Review

When Lauren Conrad hanged up her stilettos and called in time on The Hills everyone wondered what she would do next. Well she decided to put pen to paper and write a book. L.A. Candy is the story of Jane Roberts a sweet 19 year old who moves to LA with her best friend Scarlett when she lands an internship with one of the best event planners in town. While Jane attends to the whims of her demanding boss, Scarlett gets stuck into her studies at University of Southern California. The racy life of LA is a far cry from the safe haven of Santa Barbara and Jane finds herself drawn to the diet of cute guys, designer clothes and cool clubs. So when she is approached by a producer to star in a reality version of Sex and the City which is called L.A. Candy, she and Scarlett jump at the chance. In a few months, the show catapulted Jane into stardom and she is LA�s new IT girl. However as she soon finds out fame comes with a lot of baggage and Jane has to distinguish between her real friends and those who are just out for what they can get.

I was very sceptical when I heard that Lauren Conrad was releasing a book. I mean we have all been here before with Z list celebs releasing book after book. Jordan, Madonna, Pamela Anderson and Naomi Campbell, eat your heart out. However I must admit that this book is a really good read. It is well written and the characters may be a touch cliche but they definitely evoke feeling; whether it is compassion or loathing. You find yourself caring about what happens to these people. This is the first release from Lauren�s three-book deal and judging by the huge cliff hanger at the end of the book I can only assume that there is a sequel lined up.

Tattooed hands

I found some really cool tattooed hands photos! Wanna have it too!
Most of the tattoos here are done by Tattoo Andy from Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton Mass. Just you could see his colours- check out this monkey tat2 first! Whatta colours! :P


As I've now been paid from my wonderful new job, I spent the day shopping. Not much to report, however I did pick up the new issues of POP and LOVE magazines. I have always been a lover of POP, and I wanted to see if after Katie Grands departure, it retained the quality and innovation I remember. LOVE is obviously Katie Grands new venture, so I had to see what all the hype was about. I have to say though - I am not impressed LOVE. As Queen Michelle pointed out a few weeks ago, the issue is dedicated to under 21s. I have absolutely no problem with this, however the entire magazine is riddled with stereotypical, rebellious teens. Apart from a small feature on Tavi (who also happens to be on the cover of POP), there is no emphasis on the intelligent, mould-breaking youth of today that who are surfacing all over the Internet, and beyond. Not to mention Pixie Geldof splattered all over the magazine - I'm not sure if it's the same outside of London, but she is constantly in the London papers and to be honest...I've had enough.

As a 25 year old fashion designer I love my magazines, but I have to say this is the first time that I cannot relate, at all, to a glossy fashion mag. After all the hype that has surrounded LOVE magazine, and Grand's previous work with POP, I am extremely disappointed.

POP on the other hand is impeccable. I haven't yet read it cover to cover, but what I have seen has beaten all my expectations. Over recent months, one of the main reasons I stopped buying the glossies was because they started to blend into one. Maybe I've just had magazine overload, but it felt like they all had the same adverts with very similar editorials, opinions and nothing really to shout about. POP on the other hand has exploded back onto the scene with plenty shout about, which can be noticed as soon as you pick it up.

It is a very brave move putting fashion blogger extraordinaire Tavi Gevinson on the cover. To us bloggers she is (most likely) a daily read, however we can be guilty of living in our own little microcosm, and the rest of the world won't necessarily understand how a 13 year old American has managed to get on the front page of the launch issue of POP. The magazine is at the very fore-front of fashion, acknowledging and understanding the experimental DIY culture of the blogosphere and accepting the explosion of opinions now flooding the web, as Dasha Zhukova explains,

'Smart, talented young women like Tavi stand on the frontline whether magazine executives choose to recognise it or not. We are entering a new era of global growth, not just economically but culturally...Traditional media may continue to glorify the 15-minute famous, but in the end it is young women like Tavi who hold the winning hand.'

As I said, I haven't properly sat down and read POP yet - I want to save that for my hungover Sunday morning in bed, with a nice cuppa - but it immediately strikes me that taking time out was the prefect descision. Their comeback issue excels even their previous editions, with new editorials which are brilliantly styled, various page sizes and weights with mini-mags inside the main one and a plethora of interviews, opinions and artistic genius.

POP one. LOVE nil.

Episode 2 Online - "We Expect Fashion"

Don't forget that you can watch Project Runway Episode 2 online (click here for and On Demand through your cable provider starting today.

Project Runway Australia - Season 2 - Episode 8

Click here to continue.

Click here for the recap from Reality Ravings.

LONDON - clodagh, shoreditch house, 08/28/09

another day goes by

Skirt - H&M; top - Zara; belt - H&M; tote - BikBok; Gladiators - from Japan

^ =P

Weekend News

Attention McLean Virginia: Tim Gunn will be at the Tyson Galleria on September 19th. Click here for details.

Project Runway Season Six designer, Qristyl Frazier visited her alma mater, Stephens College last night. Click here for more.

Click here for a fresh look at Kenley Collins and her new line.
Jail inspired her.

Click here for an entertaining look at last night's designs from The Cut.

Friday, August 28, 2009

An Ondo Lady in Atlanta

Well last Monday I set off on my adventures to the USA. Now we all know that America is a very big place what with 52 states and all and my goal is to see as much off it as possible. So I decided that a trip to Atlanta to visit relatives would be a great way to spend the vacation. I missed out on the Olympics in 96 so I guess this trip would be as good as anything. I flew with Continental Airlines with a stopover at Cleveland, Ohio; the plane ride was pretty cool with the small screens on the back. I watched the Beyonce film, Obsessed which was as tedious as I thought it would be and My Life in Ruins which starred, Nia Vardalos who starred in my Big Fat Greek Wedding. The changeover at Cleveland was a tad dramatic mainly because I had forgotten to write down my Uncle�s address so I was subjected to a bit of interrogation from the officials at immigration. After they had satisfied themselves that I was not a terrorist I was let through and made my way to the gate for my connecting flight to Atlanta. I must have looked lost because a toilet attendant asked me if I needed help and escorted me to the gate. On the way she asked me where I was headed and when I told her she gave me a puzzled look. �Where?� she asked. So I repeated what I said. �Ohhhh Aaaaat � laaaan � naaaa!!!,� she exclaimed.

Just over two hours later I was in Atlanta and ready for action. Last year I was in Dallas and Fort Worth which were cities on a very small scale but Atlanta is a very different proposition. The city has an amazing history and has always been the home of the Black middle class and in particular a certain Martin Luther King. It is also where the Black Universities such as Morehouse and Spellman are based hence the fact that the place is dubbed the Black Mecca. Downtown Atlanta is where a lot of things are such as CNN, Coca Cola, Georgia Dome, Georgia World Congress Centre and the Olympic Park. The place is also very easy to navigate because you can walk to most places or take the subway or bus which is called MARTA. Altantans are a friendly bunch and don�t expect to sit down alone for two long because some Southern dude will come marching up to you for a chat. Like I said, people from Atlanta are friendly. Canada and New York beckon next week and I cannot wait to get to Canada because I have been dying to go there since like forever.

Well my blogging will be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks so please bear with me. Updates will be published as soon as I can step to it.

More from Tim Gunn in USA Weekend

Click here for the full interview.

Here is a highlight:


Christian Siriano (winner, Season 4): "I had confidence, but he showed me how to be a little more humble in my work. He never said, 'I don't think it should be that.' It was always, 'It could be something else.' It was always about what you could do to make it better."

Chloe Dao (winner, Season 2): "What I got just by being around him is his level of generosity and how grounded he is."

Nick Verreos (contestant, Season 2): "To try to conduct yourself with class and decency. And to be upfront with people, but not to be so personal in terms of getting into people's characters."

Christopher Straub (contestant, Season 6): "He told me to work on my design -- don't work on someone else's, don't try to please someone else -- work on your own. It's one of the most important things I've ever been told: 'You need to find what your identity is and focus there.' "

Andrae Gonzalo (contestant, Season 2): "It's always important to ask questions instead of making judgments."

Daniel Vosovic's Spring 2010 Collection

Daniel Vosovic's Spring 2010 Collection is inspired by athletic wear. We can also see how it relates to his winning All-Star Collection.

Click here for an interview with and to see a slideshow of the full collection. Thanks Jill.