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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Christian Siriano Designs Available at Intermix

Several of Christian Siriano's designs are now available at Intermix. Click here to shop online.

Giles Deacon bites back

Deacon has matured. He has learnt to accept criticism. But there are limits. �There are few commentators I take seriously,� he says. �Despite often ridiculously grand titles, most of the front row are ignorant: they can�t tell a print from a jacquard. What can anyone learn from what they have to say?� The geek bites back.

Giles Deacon ha madurado. Ha aprendido a aceptar las cr�ticas. "Hay algunos comentaristas a los que tomo en serio" ha dicho. "A pesar de los a menudo rid�culamente elevados t�tulos, la mayor�a de los que est�n en primera fila son ignorantes: no pueden diferenciar un estampado de un jacquard. �Qui�n podr�a aprender algo de lo que ellos tienen que decir?". El cretino la devuelve.
(*) traducci�n libre

source: The Times

Tuesday News

Renee K noted that Nick Verreos was seated several rows in front of her at the World Skating Championships in Los Angeles on Saturday. She sends this report:

During the resurfacing of the ice, I saw him stand up and turn my way. I pointed at him and crooked my finger signaling him to come up to my row. (Picture of him walking in the aisle). Surprisingly, he did. What a delight!!! I can only add to the others who have posted about meeting him to say that he couldn't have been nicer. He looked fabulous.
Thrilled, I introduced myself, told him how much I enjoyed his work and also told him I had been looking for him the entire time to which he replied, "You know I love figure skating, especially the outfits." I said he should have been there all week as there had been some doozies. Anyway, he agreed to having a picture taken with me.
Of all the wonderful things I experienced during the event, I have to admit, this one was my personal highlight.

In other Nick news: Attention San Antonio - Uncle Nick is coming to town. And if you are really ambitious, a quick scoot up I-35 will earn you a visit with Elisa Jimenez and her new affordable line of fashions. Two of our favorites in Texas on the same day!

Haunch of Venison: Mythologies

At the weekend I trundled on down to 6 Burlington Gardens, which shares a building with the Royal Academy of Art. The contemporary gallery Haunch of Venison has taken temporary residence in this stunning building, with it's exhibition 'Mythologies'.

'Turning the 21,500 square feet gallery into a giant cabinet of curiosities, 'Mythologies' will feature work by over 40 international artists, including major figures such as Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Sophie Calle, Christian Boltanski, Tony Cragg, Kiki Smith, Bill Viola, Keith Tyson, Simon Patterson and Damien Hirst, alongside emerging talents such as Carlos Amorales, Jamie Shovlin and Nicholas Hlobo.'

Taxidermy and the idea of a 'cabinet of curiosities' has always appealed to me (and here) - I have two framed butterflies hung on my bedroom wall, the backdrop for my computer is an image of a flamingo head I took at the Natural History Museum and I also have fond memories from my childhood of running to my neighbours house to examine his collection of cased insects and stuffed deer heads. Some may find this obsession with dead creatures bizarre and morbid but to me they are fantastical, and simply beautiful!

Although the exhibition is not for the faint-hearted, there is a lot more to it than preserved animals. It explores the buildings previous occupation as the Museum of Mankind, reflecting on the museums original ambition to explain the world and its many cultures. This is obvious as you wander round (picking your jaw up from the floor) as there are over 40 different artists work on display, all showing their unique take on the theme of Mythology.

If anyone has a few hours to spare in London, I strongly recommend you visit this exhibition. It blew my socks off, and I'm sure it will yours. Oh and did I mention, it's FREE! I don't think there's a more perfect way to spend a recession trodden Saturday. It's only on until April 26th, so get your skates on.

Some of you have been asking me to post images of my Uni work. I have posted about it before, so I won't bore you again...but the link is here. The more time goes by, the less I like my final collection. I am proud to have accomplished what I did, however with the knowledge and experience I have now this work looks rather amateur. Never quite satisfied eh?!

acne heels


I neeeed them - especially in beige <3!

REYKJAVIK - nordic fashion biennale, bonus

My Closet, Your Closet, Her Closet...

What would any lady, that has style, should have in her closet? Apart from the inevitable white shirt, classic jeans, black simple heels, Chanel set, a favorite jacket (without which we can not, for all the good!), with time we have created extravagant, sophisticated or chic needs as a consequence of trying to be different, and keep self-consistency.
In addition to your favorite wine, gynecologist, delicious cakes, phone, well-straight closet, notebook, agenda, hairdresser, favorite flowers (mine are Kala and yellow roses!) and flower shop, here's what we still need...

Pertly short skirt or dress...
New era for jeans! Torn jeans or look like your boyfriend...

We need a lot of high heels but different colors!
Really huuuuge bag
Beautiful coctail ring
Large scarf

Print type of clothes
Long gloves
Fur! Required.

Some gorgeous clutch
Over sized sunglasses
Some incredible blazer-jacket, you can wear with everything
Spectacularly necklace
My choice for 'Wide Leg' look
Thin belt
Adorable hat, huge of course
Oh, yes, you need tie like this!
Flowers on the shoes, handbag, clothes. My choice is a flower in the hair.
Harem pants
Simple, lovely maxi dress
Some detail on your head
Something unique!
Piyama for daily dose of glamour
Boysfriend'd shirt as your dress
Longer cardigan
Yes, you probably have a black leather jacket, but you need one more, in some fresh color
Cigarette pant
Jewel clothing
Between boots and shoes
Sailor look with stripes
One awesome dress you'll never wear
Vintage dress
Nude shoes, you can wear it with everything!
The perfect winter coat
Novelty purse
Something from Lacroix, for example - Lace, as clothes or just like a detail
Chic tunic
And, some gorgeous gown...

Enjoy, darlings!