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Friday, June 30, 2006

Camp Project Runway

Well, my summer camping experiences were never this fun. Lucky campers at Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, NY (about 95 miles north of NYC) got a chance to try their hands at Project Runway challenges without having to worry about being told that they were 'out.' Click here to watch their video.
Thanks, Mike.

Chloe in the Houston Chronicle

Click here for the article that tells of Chloe getting her car and showing her collection.

It also shows a bag much like the new Chloe Carry On with the Tim Gunn catch phrase. You can purchase this limited-edition tote (in signature Chloe blue) if you click here
Thanks Christopher.

paris paris, 06/29/06

jaeger le coultre party, mus�e rodin, 06/29/06

opening of a new silvera show room, silvera universit�, 06/29/06

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Digital Camera Suggestions...Anyone?

Hey guys!

Sorry about the lack of "street style shots" with my jewelry recommendations. My digital camera has been on the fritz and I haven't been able to take any photos for the last couple weeks. I probably just need to buy some rechargeable batteries, but my preference is to buy a new camera. The one I have currently is a couple years old and though it works pretty well, it's fairly large and doesn't fit into all my purses (and is a bit heavy).

Anyone have any recommendations on cameras that are lightweight, compact, and takes pretty good shots? I'm not going to use this camera for anything too fancy, so just something mid-level should work. I'm looking to spend $250 or less.

Any ideas?

Click Here - Chloe Dao Slideshow

Photographer Jonathan Wing generously shared photos with us that he was able to take from the press box at the Chloe Dao fashion show at the Art Institute of Houston. You can click here to see yesterday's show.
Thanks, Jonathan!

Green Goddess Dress

Sorry for the lack of post last night, but my SO was flying home all the way from San Fran (I'm on the east coast) back from a conference, so I thought I'd dress up to pick him up from the airport. I thought it'd be cute to look good for him, so this is what I wore last night:

Dress by Banana Republic

Santino at Vidiots

BPR's newest L.A. field reporter, Christine, sent us this fabulous report about Santino's appearance at Vidiots (A local video store.)

Santino at Vidiots - June 27, 2006

My husband and I attended the Santino / Season 2 DVD launch party at Vidiots in Santa Monica on Tuesday night. We live in Venice, and were really stoked that this event was so close to our place! We arrived early enough to get a seat pretty close to the front. Before long, the whole store was full of fans. It was a really nice turnout.

They had a large video screen set up and were projecting episodes of season 2. Before anything exciting happened, I went and bought my copy of season 2, so when it was time, I could quickly hop in line to meet Santino!

Click here to continue.

From The Houston Bureau - Chloe!

Did you know that BPR is so cheap, we don't even pay the cab fare for our ace field reporters? Such are the vagaries of blogging. There are some perks, though! One is the chance to wine and dine with your favorite Project Runway designers. Our trusty scribe Pleightx checks in from Chloe's party last night:
Pleightx and Chloe at the Art Institue of Houston.Chloe�s party was held at the Art Institute of Houston in a small white tent in the parking lot. The crowd mingled while sampling cocktails and canap�s. The sponsors for the evening included the Art Institute of Houston, Time Warner Cable, NBC/Bravo and Saturn Motors.

After a few announcements, Chloe came out to warm up the crowd. She said this is a preview of her new Spring Collection. �Hope you like it. There�s even sportswear,� she remarked. We would also see some men�s fashion from her store mate, Adam Vuong and his Adam�s Apple menswear line.

The lights dimmed and the music started. The first group of eight models came out all dressed in white. These cool sporty looks had some pretty lacy and frilly pieces as well. Then the male models came out. The crowd (who were mostly female) erupted in a roar. Then Chloe's second group of girls came out. This time, there were a lot of bold colors, including some nice solid greens, blacks and colorful prints. After that, we had some more menswear. Then the last group of Chloe's girls came out. This time, the colors were a bit muted, with soft brown/beige/pink tones. There were lots of lacy, flowing, feminine contoured pieces � which we�ve come to expect from her. Compared to her OFW collection, this was quite a departure.

Click here to read the rest of pleightx's report from Houston, including Chloe getting the keys to her new Saturn Sky Roadster!
6 looks from Chloe Dao's Spring Collection.

New Blog Entries - Tim/Daniel Vosovic

Click here for Tim's Take: The Season 3 wrap party.

Click here for Daniel's Bravo Blog: The EW 'Must List' photo shoot.

Click Here - JustJared's PR3 Episode 1 Pics

You can click on each picture in his gallery for a larger view.

Thanks, Charlotte!

Angela's MySpace Blog

Season 3 contestant Angela Keslar has posted a blog entry at her MySpace site, touching on her experience from the filming of Project Runway:

...winding down from the project runway experience has been a full time job in and of itself!!!! i've been napping a lot, which is very uncharacteristic of my energizer bunny self. i still feel like i'm being watched, which is actually a good thing because you should always watch what you think, say and do.... in that sense, being on a reality tv show was almost like... a spiritual encounter. there's always an Observer whether or not we are aware of it. having a camera as your Observer, though, is a weird little trip.

Click here to read the whole thing...

we love jack afterparty, maxim's, 06/28/06

on the way, la perle, 06/28/06

opening "until it makes sense - james brooks" and "recent works - jack pierson", galerie thaddaeus ropac, 06/28/06