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Sunday, December 31, 2006

More From The Mailbox

Robin Givhan from the Washington Post cites Project Runway in the last paragraph of this article: "They'll Still Carry Some Weight in 2007." Thanks Tilli.

Check out the second slide here on AOL's suggested New Year's Resolutions for TV Shows. Thanks Brenda.

From The Mailbox

The Reality TV Experts at MSNBC have named Project Runway the Best Reality Show of 2006! Thanks Patrick and Deb.

BERLIN - red red red, kreuzberg and alexanderplatz, 12/30/06

Friday, December 29, 2006

Fashion Friend - Couture in the City on The Femme Suit

Fashion friend, Couture in the City's Wendy O, writes:

The Femme Suit, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

The look: feminine suits. Who's wearing them: everyone! Not just for powerful business women and Hollywood premiers anymore, the femme suit is one of the hottest winter trends of the season. Whether casual and contemporary like Cameron Diaz, uber shiny and haut like Cate Blanchett's or dressy and winter white like Katie and Nicole, the femme suit can be worn in a variety of ways and styles.

Cate Blanchett in Armani
Nicole Richie in vintage

Read more on Couture in the City (click here)

Tim Gunn Hosting SNL? Make it Work!

Your BPR team is rallying the troops once again for a new mission. Wouldn't Tim be a great host for Saturday Night Live? Click here to sign the petition. Thanks everyone!

Drop the Fleurchons! Click Here to see Rungay's Feature on Laura Bennett's Baby!

All together now... Awwww....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

NEW YORK POST - London Fashion Trends in the "75 things we loved about 2006"

Wow, they put this blog on their favourite-of-the-year list which have been published in the famous "page 6" of the December 28th issue.

ZURICH - zukunft, kreis 4, 12/28/06

What Do You Want to See on SA?

I'm always trying to post interesting, informational, and fun posts that I think you guys will really like. But, since I'm no mind-reader, I thought I'd create a little post to let you give me some feedback (anonymously or not) about what you'd like to see here on Shopaholics Anonymous. So, please take a moment to vote for what you'd like to see here on SA and I promise to do my best to post more about the subjects you guys want to see more of.

Be sure to check as many options as you like (you aren't limited to one)

What Posts Would You Like to See?
More Street Chic Shots
More of My Outfit Pictures
More Online Finds
More Quizzes
More Pictures of My Purchases
More Trend Alerts
More How-To Wear Trend Posts
Free polls from

In case you're not familiar with the blog, here are some examples of the options in the poll:
1 -
More Street Chic Shots
2 -
More of My Outfit Shots
3 -
More Online Finds
4 -
More Quizzes
5 -
More Pictures of my Purchases
6 -
More Trend Alerts
7 -
More How-To Wear Trends Posts

Happy Voting and thanks for reading Shopaholics Anonymous :) My readers are the bestest!

Year-end Sale on all Kenneth Fron Necklaces is having an unadvertised to the public, year-end promotion for all BPRs. All necklaces are $50.00 while supplies last. There are only sixteen necklaces left and that will clear out the 2006 creations.

We look forward to brand new designs in 2007.

Click here to order the "Grecian Beauty" necklace pictured here.

Vote For Me on FashMatch!

Ok, dear readers...I'm on a mission and I need your help, pretty please. :) I'm trying to win a gift certificate on (an online outfit making site where you can make outfits and rank other people's outfit selections). I need your help upping my ranking on FashMatch - voting closes on Dec. 30, so the sooner you can help the better!

I'm trying to win a gift certificate to Nordstrom, and all you need to do to help is rank my outfit selections. The more votes I get, the better my chances are to win, so whatdyasay? How bout helping out a fellow shopaholic?

My Profile (click to view)

To vote, just click here to view my profile and scroll to the bottom of the page to see all my outfit selections. Even if you can only vote for one outfit, you'll be helping me out!

It seems the link may or may not be working correctly...
the URL is:
If that doesn't work, my username is "icegoddes5" and you can find me by clicking the "find" tab, then the first brown dress, then "view matches" - my outfit selection should be the first one there.

Leave a comment if you still can't get there and I'll see if I can find a working link again. Thanks!! You guys rock!

Fahionably Yours, D

ZURICH - hauptbahnhof and bahnhofstrasse, 12/28/06

More From The Mailbox

Attention Cleveland: Austin Scarlett will be making several personal appearances in your town January 5-7. Click here for more information. Could we get a field reporter? Austin is always gracious and kind!

Jay McCarroll is mentioned here as a designer with a cause.

Here is another article about the increasing popularity of sewing - all due to Project Runway I'm sure!

Gawker Stalker has a fun mention of Malan (scroll down to the last paragraph).

According to The New York Post, Heidi Klum has been vacationing in Aspen.

ZURICH - performance, la perla mode, 12/27/06

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How to Spend Your Book Store Gift Certificate

So, your friends and/or family and/or co-worker (you get the point) thought...what's a great AND safe gift to give someone? How bout a gift certificate to a book store? And that's how you wind up with that book store gift certificate instead of that fab new designer purse you've been oggling...though, really...who actually buys designer purses for X-mas?

Now comes the question for you blow your free pass to Barnes & Noble on celeb gossip mags? Maybe one of those hairstyle magazines so you can try out a new do for '07? Have you thought of investing in something that could bring you enjoyment for years to come?

If you're trying to figure out how to spend your book store gift certificate, how bout trying out Mixtionary for size. This coffee table book is a sure-fire conversation starter for years to come...not to mention you could learn some hip new slang words. Mixtionary is the self-professed book with "mixed-up modern words for the mixed-up modern world."

Mixtionary takes common words like "antiques" and "compliment" and "drama" and combines them to create modern slang words. For example, perhaps you have your very own "shoeru" in your clique. According to the book, a "shoeru" is a combination of the words "guru" and "shoe" for a meaning of "A deeply knowledgeable style queen to whom you can turn for guidance in the matters of footwear." Everyone has a girlfriend like this in their clique!

Not all the mixed-up-words have to do with shopping...they come in a number of subjects and styles. One of my faves is a combination of "blah" and "beautiful" for a new word "blahtiful," which means "A beautiful person who is vapid. A tragic discovery after encountering a demi-god of a man whose only appeal is his perfect face and physique." Now, haven't we all had a close encounter with one of these?

Get this book in time for your next friend get-together, and you'll have hours of guaranteed amusement as you all giggle over the hilarious and witty word combinations.

For details on how to purchase the book, either check out your local book store or
click here for a list of online resources

ZURICH - fegefoyertage deluxe, rote fabrik, 12/27/06

From The Mailbox

Project Runway is showing up on many best-of-2006 lists. First, this article from the Star-Telegram ranks Project Runway (Tim Gunn anyway) number seven.

This list from puts Project Runway first. This article states that the third season was as addictive as the first. The O.C. Register ranks Project Runway second. Richmond's Style Weekly calls Project Runway a "Winner in Prime Time." The Orlando Sentinel ranks Project Runway at number four.

Well, Project Runway will always be number one here!

Thanks Deb for these links.

ZURICH - auf der strasse, bellevue and kreis 4, 12/27/06

A Note From PR3 Model Katie Champion

I hope this message finds you well, and that you had a wonderful holiday :)

A friend of mine, Gloria Almonte, recently won the title of "Miss New York 2007" and will be competing for the title of Miss USA at the upcoming pageant. If you go here, you will see that her dress was the same fabric Kayne used for his outfit when they were in Paris. It goes to show that Kayne knows a thing or two about pageants! Anywho, a little shout out for Gloria.. she's a big PR fan, and was always supportive of me. Now it's my turn to brag about her :)

It was wonderful working with Laura and Bradley! They were both very kind and fun to be with. PR was a good experience overall, and I'm glad that it brought success to all the designers and models. I have remained in great contact with Bradley as well as Malan. Whenever I run into anyone from the show, it's always an exciting reunion! haha. Javi and I go out as often as we can, and I run into Nazri, Clarissa, and Alexandra every so often.

Things are going well these days! I recently signed with Elite Model Management's runway division. They are wonderful, and last Monday I got the chance to work with Nathaniel Hawkins for TRESemme. Amanda was there too! She flew in from LA for the day. We shot for an online video about new TRESemme products. The holidays are always a bit slow, so now I am down in Orlando, FL visiting my family for Christmas.


Katie Champion

ps. It was very nice to meet Trish at Malan's boutique opening! Thank you for mentioning my appearance in the Chocolate Show! You are so sweet :)
Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Are You Ready for Top Design?

Your BPR Team is taking on a new show! We are very excited about Top Design and we hope that you are too.

You can expect the same positive and upbeat treatment of Top Design that we have given to Project Runway. Also, we plan to offer some of the same features that we offer on BPR. These include:

1. Tbone's live-posting of each episode.

2. The famous "Party Post" every Wednesday.

3. The always emotional "Reactions" post at the end of each new episode.

4. The "Congratulations" post to the winner on Thursday morning as well as the

5. "BTD Love" post to the departed designer.

6. Of course we wouldn't forget the "Who SHOULD HAVE won?" and "Who SHOULD HAVE been off?" polls. These are always interesting.

7. How about some recappers? Who will take this on? BTD needs a Recapalooza!

8. Hopefully we will have interviews with each designer as he or she leaves.

9. Hopefully we will get some previews of upcoming episodes.

10. One of our favorite features is the "Speculation" post where our readers get to predict what they believe will happen in an upcoming episode.

11. Any news coverage or articles that become available will be linked to in BTD. Once again, we aim to be "All Top Design - All the Time!" If you see any news coverage of Top Design or especially if you personally know any of the designers or personalities from the show, please write to us at Team BTD.

We have been hesitating to commit to this because we don't know much about the show. Will it be good? Will we like it? Blogging is only fun if we like the show. Otherwise - forget it!

Well, fortunately your team has been able to see part of the premiere episode already (no we don't know the results) and we will give you a little glimpse of our impressions. Check in with Blogging Top Design tomorrow for Laura K's take on the first episode.

So, is anyone getting excited about Top Design?

Another Project Runway Trivia Quiz

Hi! This is BPR Alex, and I was inspired by your latest quiz to make another one. It is 25 questions, and I tried to make them increase in difficulty from easiest to hardest. Answers are at the bottom. Thanks for reading this!

1. Who is the winner of Project Runway, season 1?

2. What is the last name of Season 3 designer Laura?

3. How many judges are there normally per episode, including the guest judge?

4. Who is the only designer to have ever been disqualified from the show?

5. In one challenge of season 3, designers had to make a cocktail dress using what two colors?

6. Who won the Season 3 challenge, Desgner's Best Friend?

7. What was the name of the episode that featured a designer walkoff?

8. Which season 2 designer was known for doing impressions of Tim?

9. Who finished their garment for Innovation in season 1 in the quickest time?

10. Which season 1 designer walked out of the reunion show?

11. Which season 2 designer often asked his/her model to do outrageous things on the runway, such as clawing the air and roaring, and flaunting her behind?

12. What is the name of Zulema's alter ego?

13. Which designers finished 3rd place out of the 5 teams in season 2's Banana Republic challenge?

14. Which season 2 model did not want to wear a piece from Diana's lingerie line?

15. What was Jay McCarroll's nickname for the model Morgan?

16. When Miss USA gave the season 3 designers a debriefing on what she wanted her evening gown to look like, what color group did she say that she preferred?

17. Who is the only designer to have never been in the "IN-group" during a runway judging (i.e. was always kept on stage as one of the highest or lowest scores) and have made it to the final 5?

18. For her Designer's Best Friend outfit, Angela Keslar told a story about the director of a children's art camp in Paris. What was this camp's name?

19. Which judge said, "The back is like Carmen Miranda on acid."

20. What Sarah Hudson song was playing during the Sarah Hudson runway?

21. Which designer asked, "What's a Stevie Nick?"

22. In season 2, three members of the top 4 stayed with the same model the entire season. Who is the odd one out?

23. What was the first garment to ever walk out on the runway?

24. Andrae Gonzalo gave a nickname to his ice-skating outfit. What was it?

25. From the front, how many red and blue "bloodlines" are visible on Starr's infamous tumor dress made during Season One's Envy challenge?

Click here for the answers.

Thanks Alex - this is perfect for December 26th.

BPRs how about some more Project Runway Trivia?

LAUSANNE - le noel costum� des tilleuls, 12/25/06

Monday, December 25, 2006

From The Christmas Tree

So, did you have any Project Runway gifts waiting for you under the tree this morning? BPR reader Megan sends along this note:

Hi to all of you,

My sister-in-law is the person who got me hooked on PR. For Christmas, I've made her a version of Michael's coffee filter dress. Plus, I added a nod to Angela.

I cheated -- by using a store bought slip -- but I hand sewed each of the filters to it. Suffice it to say, it took me WAY longer than 2 days! Happy holidays!


PS Isn't it amazing how often the phrase "make it work" is applicable? It's my new mantra; instead of freaking out (my usual MO), I decide to MIW.

What a beautiful, amazing gift Megan! We hope everyone gets a little Runway love today.


Since last summer, it's like every media in the world wishes to treat of street style blogs. I get nearly one request a day. It's incredible. Here's a selection... (France), December 06:

WWD (USA), December 06:

Blond Magazine (Germany), December 06:

Elle (Italy), November 06:

People (Sweden), November 06:

Video - Heidi's 'Wonderland'

Thanks, Megan!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Videos - It's a Project Runway Holiday

Team BPR is celebrating the holiday but still tries to bring you a smile! First up, Heidi singing 'Santa Baby.'

Next we have a couple of fan videos that demonstate how the Project Runway Soundtrack can make an amateur production seem more polished. Click here for part one and click here for part two of Project Runway - North Pole Edition.


I wish you a Merry Christmas.
Jag �nskar dig en glad jul.
Les deseo a una feliz Navidad.
Ik wens u vrolijk Kerstmis.
Ich w�nsche Ihnen ein fr�hliches Weihnachten.
Vi desidero un Natale allegro.
Desejo-vos um feliz Natal.

I hope you are all going to get amazing new clothes today to create stunning outfits that I can capture soon on the street. See you around.

LAUSANNE - loft caf�, 12/23/06

VEVEY (my hometown somewhere in switzerland) - on the street, rue des deux march�s, 12/23/06