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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Coathangers -- "Never Wanted You"

Lo Res Shoes

The United Nude Lo Res is part of an new semi-automatic design method by United Nude.
An object is digitially scanned into a 3-D computer model and re-generated into various resolutions. The Lo Res shoe is part of an automated design revolution.
For me they seem like Cinderella Shoes, from glass or from crystal, beautiful!!! Price $250.

The awesome elephant mosquito

By Thomas Mangold.

Bluefly-Cam Episode 3

Mange, Mange, Mange!

Photo by Kamy Motesharei

When my boyfriend Kamy and I were exploring Italy last summer we discovered a few phenomenal places to eat. Unlike the last time I visited with my bff Alice, not every place we went to was famously spectacular. But I remembered that Alice and I did get a local recommendation for a pizzeria in Florence that none other can top. When Kamy and I were looking for the place I had no idea what it was called or where it was...only that it was near Piazza de Santa Croce. Finally, it hit my eye like the big pizza pie! Il Pizzaiuolo, I confirmed it after I had another taste of the Bismark (pictured above). It's the most heavenly pie and one of the most memorable dishes I ever tasted. I would probably not be ordering a pizza with ham and egg had I not previously discovered how incredible it is. We were also so pleased with the meatballs we went back again and again.

Photo by Sofia Shershunovich

We also visited a little village called Vernazza, which is a popular spot in Cinque Terre where outside our rented room you could always see and hear an elderly local yelling "Mange, mange, mange!" at the tourists who are gobbling up gelato, pizza and calzone all day. Mange we did. Our accommodation provider Egi, who reasonably rented us a very cute room with a giant rock authentically sticking out of the wall by the shower, said that the best place to eat was a local bakery called Il Pirata delle Cinque Terre. Another place you will not be sorry to eat at again and again. The twin brothers who own the restaurant are hilarious, one cooks and one serves...the one that cooks get's testy with the server for taking all the spotlight for his cooking and frequently emerges from the kitchen to stir up some entertainment for the customers by comically arguing with his brother. Incredibly inexpensive, it seems like everything at the restaurant is pure perfection. Including the unmissable ricotta cannolis, delicious carpaccio and the house wine isn't bad either. The brothers act strict about their reservations, so you better get there before 9am if you want hot from the oven pastries, and be sure to make dinner reservations the day before. Don't miss either.

The �40 Wonder

When in Rome...DO as the Romans' do. Hang out in Trastevere. As any tourist who hates to be a tourist knows - you do not go into any touristy places in Italy. We were tired after what seemed like a 3 hour hike to the Sistine Chapel and stepped into a gelateria by the Vatican. Asked for a couple of scoops of ice cream, to which a smart-ass waiter said, "Don'te worri, I wille make-e niiice for youe!" After these words we immediately began to worry. What came next was a scary, everything-under-the-sun topped fiasco, but not as scary as what came next - the bill for �40. Anyway...the best gelateria is on the main square in Trastevere area, where the locals go to eat. It has lovely restaurants, an amazing atmosphere, especially in the evening, and a rightfully popular Blue Ice Gelateria. You should definitely be popping by there on the way back to your hotel, which if you're not the tourist's tourist you also booked guessed it, Trastevere.

From The Mailbox

Pamela Ptak and Marla Duran are joined by fellow designers, Georgiana Torrella and Judy Reinford in a toast to season seven. Thanks Judy!

Georgiana, Judy, Pamela and Marla

Click here for Carol Hannah Whitfield's episode 3 blog for

Click here for Christopher Straub's recap of episode 3 for

Click here to watch a new Tim Gunn video on


Dear Sweden,

To celebrate the launch of my book in your kingdom, I'd like to invite you on

Thursday 4th February 2010,
from 18.00 until 20.00
at K�ken, Restaurang 1900, Regeringsgatan 66, Stockholm

for a glass of wine, a book signing session and a discussion (Facebook).

In cooperation with the Press Club Desken, Rodeo Magazine's Johan Wirf�lt and me will talk about the future of fashion blogging.

Bookstore Papercut will be in the place to sell the book.

From 20.00, we'll have an after-party at the same place (Facebook)!

20-23: Nanna Waktel & Idy Pyk
23-02: Linda-Katarina Anderberg & Karolina Stenstr�m

Vi ses!

Amanda's Take - Season 7 - Episode 3

Project Runway Model, Amanda Fields returns with her take on episode three. Thanks Amanda!

Are the opening credits different? I love it; it feels more personal and fun.

My jaw dropped looking at the clothes from the curatorial department of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My goodness. Simple fit with exquisite detail is breathtaking. That billowy pink Balenciaga coat reminded me of Chloe Dao's finale collection! I love high end looks! Drama!! When Tim called out the team leaders.. I was thinking: obviously one of these people will be out! (They always eliminate the leader of a team!) Jesse saying "I don't want Ping to pick me..." I can already tell they are in the bottom three.

A great model would never sell out a designer. As I have said before, sometimes I may not understand or necessarily like an outfit that I'm modeling, but I wear it as if it is the hottest new thing. Oh Megan WHY!? (PS I wrote this BEFORE Models of the Runway came on!) After understanding that she is new to the modeling world, I will cut her a little slack. I am sure she won't make the same mistake again. I know I have always been talkative, but not negative.

After seeing the outfits this week (not made out of burlap) I can see that the eliminated designer, Pamela, from the last episode was not to blame for making the model's butt look big. You can see in the form fitting dress this week. It is a matter of opinion as to her body being runway material, I am simply stating that Pamela should not have been blamed.

Click here to continue.

The eternal magic of the cape

Capes were first fashionable during the late 19th century and from the Fifties to the mid-Seventies. The last two seasons they have done a very discreet comeback in very different shapes, materials and colours.

Las capas se pusieron de moda a finales del siglo XIX y aparecieron de nuevo en los a�os cincuenta, para alejarse definitivamente a mediados de los setenta. Desde hace un par de temporadas las capas han protagonizado una discreta vuelta en diferentes formas, materiales y colores.

Maisons such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chlo� or Viktor&Rolf have showed capes in their Pre-Fall 2010 collections.

Casas como Yves Saint Laurent, Chlo� o Viktor&Rolf han presentado capas en sus colecciones Pre-Fall 2010.



I've had a brilliantly relaxing weekend - drinking wine and playing cards, buying new magazines and DVDs, watching said DVDs and generally hanging out with my friends. I couldn't ask for anything more. Last night when we were playing cards Christina Aguilera's Fighter came on, and reminded me how beautifully creative the video is. I love it, and her! Apparently she's back with a new album in April....


Christian Dior Spring 2010 Haute Couture Backstage


Uncle Nick wants to give the PR designers a fashion history test...
David Dust travels to the lake. BIG LAKE!
Eric3000, based on the novel 'Push' by Sapphire...
Cliffie has no trouble casting a shadow...
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Lorraine never got to make her halibut...
Maxthegirl thinks Ping shopuld stay just for the fun of it...
Second City Style keeps the unoffcial PR quote archive...
Jordan Baker was not sad to see Ping ponged...
And Toyouke tells it like it is...

Thank you recappers, see you again next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Update: Don't miss The Mysterious Q, Elisa, and Una LaMarche!

Have a recap to share? E-mail Team BPR to get in on the 'looza.

Welcome to Fashioning February

The beginning of the year may start on New Years Day aka 1st January but for a lot of people it does not actually get going till  February. After the madness of Xmas and sheer utter indulgence most people spend January in a slumber wincing at their credit bills and bank statements and counting the days till pay day. Come February everyone's mood has lightened, people have a bit cash in their pockets and have gotten used to the new year. This is why Fashion Week is such a blessing; this combined with the awards season gives everyone a reason to get all dressed up to party. I decided to put together Fashioning February which will be an editorial celebration of fashion focusing on New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. The month will be packed of features, interviews and profiles on the fashion scene and its fashionsistas. It all kicks off tomorrow with a profile on mega Blogger Susie Bubble who is February's Blogger of the Month, then there is an interview with the lovely, Gisele Scanlon, author of the iconic The Goddess Guide and The Goddess Experience, there will also be a three part feature on the fashion industry plus two bloggers based in NYC will tell us about the favourite icons from that city. So I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and let the start of Fashioning February begin.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Armadillo Feet

Kelis- From "My Milkshake Brings all the boys to the yard" fame has now pretty much scared all the boys from the yard. What the hell is she wearing? No words can describe the hilarity of the outfit she wore to the Data Awards yesterday. She paired controversial Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes with a pink leather catsuit, facial jewelry, Grey hair extensions, false eyelashes, Givenchy Spiked Headband and upper thigh sweat.

In the case of Kelis' outfit we should rename these Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes, Alexander McQueen "Im-a Dildo" Shoes.Sorry, McQueen she did you no justice.

Lady Gaga wore and bedazzled in a pair of Armadillo's and matching outfit in her Bad Romance film clip and looked farkin hot in them.

Daphne Guinness, who was also seen in this pair, is a hailed style icon and collector of rare Haute Couture clothing. Through her journalistic work she has revealed her fetish for armour style materials used in creating designer fashions, thus the Armadillos were right up her ally.At least Lady Gaga and Daphne made them look far more desirable then aforementioned pink panther above.

BPR Podcast with Ping Wu

Project Runway Season Seven designer, Ping Wu talks about her experience on the show.

A highlight: Ping tells us what she wishes was included in episode three.

Click here for the podcast.

Click here for Ping's website. Thank you Ping!

berlin: animal print & denim

Episode 3 Online - "The Highs and Lows of Fashion"

Don't forget that you can watch Project Runway Episode 3 online (click here for and On Demand through your cable provider starting today.

BARCELONE - 080 barcelona, 01/26-28/10

More Barcelona blue sky and beach on my visual diary.

Get the creative juices flowing...

Recently I have had a huge desire to start sketching/painting/collaging again for myself. Working in a creative, albeit corporate environment all day let's me express myself to a certain degree but clean technical drawings and photoshop are not what I grew up loving. I used to spend hours and hours of my childhood sketching and interpreting anything I could find, I would create wonderfully mazes in my school maths book (I had, and still have a mini obsession with geometry and the symmetrical delight of squared paper).

Over Xmas I made myself a beautiful black, suede covered sketchbook (which I should show you in another post). Now comes the time to fill it!! I've been drawn to collage recently, not because of the huge trend for collage in fashion editorials now but purely because of the instant nature of it, and the speed with which you can quickly create an amazing visual, which I will use as a base to start sketching or painting.

Matthew Craven is a mixed media artist who reworks vintage photographs, giving them a new graphic quality.

Maurizio Anzeri is another mixed media artist who works into vintage photographs, but he uses embroidery and string-art techniques to add an eerie dimension to the portraits.

Charlotte Cory is an artist and writer who counts the Queen among her customers! She also has a collaboration with All Saints at the moment on a range of t-shirts baring her prints (if only they had men's versions!). She is also currently exhibiting here in London at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Runway Rundown with Chris March - Season 7 - Episode 3

Tim Gunn's Video Recap - Season 7 - Episode 3

More here about Jay's immunity.

Congratulations, Mila

The visit to the museum seemed to energize you and and you stated that you felt that this challenge was your first chance to truly express your point of view. This was most assuredly a 'WOW' on the runway from the moment Lorena displayed the batwing silhouette showing off the color block construction for maximum effect. Matthew Williamson noted that your look was sportswear inspired, clean and graphic and you sold Heidi Klum for she would love to have that coat. Michael Kors applauded that you showed separates and the judges found the ensemble exciting and modern. Bravissima, Mila!

This post is only for positive words for Mila Hermanovski. If you have negative commentary or something to say about another designer, you may do so in our Reactions post here.

Image courtesy of

BPR Love for Ping Wu

Every season of Project Runway needs a free spirit, a visionary, an artist; this year that role firmly belonged to you. You embraced every challenge and threw your heart and soul completely into it. You seemed reborn with each new opportunity to express yourself and it was a pleasure to watch you respond to your garments on the catwalk. You came to learn and to meet the other designers but you left as an unforgettable part of Season 7. We were intrigued and you got us talking and isn't that what making art is all about?

This post is only for positive words for Ping Wu. If you have negative commentary or something to say about another designer, you may do so in our Reactions post here.

Image courtesy of

Tea Submarine

The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew.


Walter Van Beirendonck AW10-11, via Sonny Photos.

I'm all for humour in fashion - it's taken waaayyy too seriously these days, but I'd feel a bit stupid walking to Tesco with a rhino horn sticking out of my c***!

Poll - Episode 3 - Your Turn to Be the Judge

Photos: Top view is 'Look for Less' and bottom view is 'Signature Look.'
1) Amy/Jesus 2) Anna/Emilio 3) Anthony/Seth Aaron
4) Ben/Janeane 5) Jay/Maya 6) Jonathan/Mila 7) Jesse/Ping
Photos courtesy of Click to see a larger view.

You've seen the designs on the runway and now it's your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors Matthew Williamson.

Click here to tell us who you thought should have won the challenge.

Click here
to tell us who you thought should have been auf'd.

broken hearts club on video

last week i went to broken hearts club and posted the photos of it on here. that day i also did some filming, which i finally got around to editing last night.
here it is:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reactions To Episode 3

Photo: Lifetime Network

Project Runway returned to a couple of familiar venues in Episode 3 as the designers faced their first team challenge of Season 7. What did you think? Post your reactions to Episode 3 here.

Episode 3 Party!

Photo: Lifetime Network
Come along now designers, we are off on another field trip. Be careful as you cross the street and really, you should all hold hands so no one gets lost. Jay, I know how important it is for your hair to look perfect in the city, but if you get hit by a racing cab, it will not matter anymore.

It's Thursday night party time at BPR! All are welcome as we cheer and jeer the 14 remaining designers in tonight's new epiosde of Project Runway. Just click on the comments under this post and join the fun!

BPR Live Play By Play: Episode 3

Well i'd do anything for a Blonde-Dike

Kanye West and Amber Rose were seen hotting up the town in one-piece leather ensembles, leopard print scarves, skinny jeans and matching Air Jordan sneakers. Amber Rose was also seen wearing Vintage Alitalia Sport 550 sunglasses. These amazing aviator sunglasses were designed for sporting purposes in the 1980's, but now their merely used as stylish paparazzi blockers. As Kanye's Stronger lyrics professed, "well i'd do anything for a blonde-dike", that must have included sharing his sunglasses, as the frames Amber's sporting, actually belong to Kanye, who has been seen wearing them several times, but i guess he knows, sharing is caring, just like he like sharing microphones...