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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs, I Want a Watch

Leaked photos of Dakota Fanning holding a bottle of Marc Jacobs "Oh, Lola!" perfume has raised speculations about whether she will be renewing herself as the face of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

As always, photos by Juergen Teller. (Sorry for the watermark on the 2nd one.)'s "Pick of the Day" is a La Mer wrap watch and it is absolutely dandy. It's nautical themed so the leather straps are blue and white, plus there are little gold chains attached to the straps complete with anchor, sailboat, lifesaver and starfish charms. 

La Mer also makes peace and tourist themed watches. They are equally dandy, if not even more dandy than the Portofino. So now I am deciding between saving up for either a La Mer watch, a Longchamp tote (from the "Planetes" collection), Miu Miu flats, a Marc Jacobs nylon tote, or Prada sandals. My wishlist is way too long. Man I am so materialistic. Not a great thing.

I read online that Abercrombie & Fitch is producing a push-up bikini top for their girls' line of swimwear. Now, 2nd grade girls can attract their 7 year old counterparts and consequently, get it on! YAY.
Unless you want your 8 year old to get kidnapped by pedophiles that hang out at public pools and beaches, you probably shouldn't buy an A&F bikini for your daughter. Bye. But in all seriousness, a plunging push-up top for grade-schoolers is ridiculous. It simply reinforces the idea that girls need to wear sexy clothing to look good and be "cool." The bikini is also completely sexualizing the 8 year old bodies that wear it, which is pretty creepy and gross. It's like those pageant girls who pile on eyeshadow and blush and fake tanner and end up looking like an oversized baby/Real Housewife. 

Photos: Dakota, A&F

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