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Sunday, March 27, 2011

If Jessi Slaughter Had a Wikipedia Page...

I thought I would post this "history" of Jessi Slaughter since she doesn't have a Wikipedia page. A lot of people are confused about her story so I did some research.

Jessi Slaughter (given name: Jessica Leonhardt) is a 13 year old girl whose celebrity touts a very long backstory. Her fame began when a user on Stickydrama, a tween gossip site run by a 31 year old creep (read more here), called then-11-year-old Jessi a slut and linked her to "Blood on the Dance Floor" singer Dahvie Vanity � Jessi was an avid fan of BOTDF and a photo of her and Dahvie had been posted online. Apparently, their relationship was a "friends with benefits" sort of thing. Jessi denied everything and posted this response on Stickydrama:

Muh mom has read this and is talking to Dahvie on the fone right nao!
So I would shut your mouths if I were you!
I have muh life and Dahvie has his.
We are just friends!

In response to all her "haters," Jessi posted a video on Youtube under the name "Kerligirl13," stating that we are all jealous of her beauty as well as her "perfect boyfriend." Jessi tries to clear things up by informing us that no, she is not 9 years old, but 11. She also adds a lovely bit in which she tells us get AIDS and die. Jessi had been vlogging for a number of months before recording the video that made her famous (you can watch some of her early vlogs here).

The video caught the attention of 4chan, a site full of internet-savvy hijackers responsible for the popularization of internet memes such as Pedobear and Rickrolling. 4chan soon found Jessi's personal social networking profiles, address, and phone number, posting them online for public access. Members of 4chan ordered $1,000 worth of pizza in Jessi's name and considered forwarding call-girls off Craig's List to her address. Others prank called Jessi and her parents, posing as the police. Jessi even received death threats. In response to the chaos, Jessi posted another video to Youtube (known as "You Dun Goofed") showing herself crying and wailing. Her father, Gene Leonhardt, appears in the video as well, yelling about how everyone who left hate comments on her videos will be "backtraced" by the "Cyber Police" and will get in serious trouble. Jessi and her family were becoming internet memes of themselves as her videos gained millions of views. They appeared on Good Morning America to speak out about the troubling events that had transpired. Her father also addressed the rumors regarding his possible sexual abuse of Jessi.

Jessi was placed under protective police custody once her videos went viral. Police also investigated prank calls referencing pornographic photos of Jessi that had apparently been posted online. In July of 2010, Dahvie Vanity was accused of the statutory rape of a 16 year old Californian girl. Consequently, police investigated Jessi and Dahvie's reported relationship and ultimately charged the singer with her rape. Jessi was ordered to stay off the internet until July 21st, 2010 � she complied, but one month later (August of 2010), she posted a video to her friend's Youtube account gleefully stating that she is back and coming out with a clothing line. The latest footage of Jessi is a recording off Tinychat in which you hear her and Gene arguing about her internet use. Gene curses at her and and near the end of the video, you can hear him slapping Jessi.

 Two days ago, on March 25th, a number of sources announced Gene pleaded not guilty to child abuse charges. The police reported that Gene slapped Jessi in the mouth, causing her to bleed. However, Gene (who appeared intoxicated), claimed his slap was a response to Jessi punching him. He also stated that the blood on her mouth was fake. Gene was released on a $5,000 bond.

Jessi's mother, Dianne, seems to turn a blind eye to her daughter's internet use. In an interview with Momlogic, she defended Jessi: "The officers said there were videos, but Jess denied making them. Then my mother-in-law called and said there were videos. But I haven't watched them. I can't be in the room 24/7." Dianne refused to view the very videos that made her family "famous." She also discussed Jessi and Dahvie's relationship: "Jessica helps a person write song lyrics. He's in a band, and people are jealous because she knows him and they became friends. She's been to one of his concerts and they've become friends."

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