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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tim Visits EMc2 - Signs More Bobbleheads!

BPR's Big Adventure - Part Five

I called Emmett on Friday night just to confirm exactly the best way to get to EMc2 from my hotel. He suggested that his friend Erin McDonnell, a jewelry designer could come by and pick us up and that we could all go together.

Sure enough Erin called in the morning and met us downstairs. She was lovely and if you have been to EMc2 you have seen her beautiful jewelry designs.
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And the Winner of the September Contest Is...

And the Winner of the September Contest Is...


Congrats to ShopDiary who just won the fabulous indie designer necklace by
Stones on String

Here is the winning entry:

Thanks to everyone who entered - please be on the look out for next month's contest and be sure to enter!


Nick Verreos dishes with the best. Could you imagine Nick and Laura Bennett providing the commentary track on the Season 3 DVD? Why yes, I could.

I kinda like the episode Eric3000 saw better...

Kora: rants, raves, and sharks galore...

Raechel should be studying, instead she's back recapping again!

Capitol Hill Barbie knows how to rock the house, too...

Ed Hill at TVGasm has been having fun with these all season long...

Schnaufblog: "Come, lifelong endurance cage!"

Mags didn't have to throw her chair at the TV this week...

Elisa: wimpy, wussy, wambly judges...

Bad Girls: answers the call for more Laura snark...

Not one, but two conspiracy theories from Allison this week...

Thanks recappers! You make the week go by so much faster.

Birthday Greetings From BPR

Friday, September 29, 2006

More From The Mailbox

Here is an AOL interview with Zulema Griffin and here is a link to a photo gallery from her recent show. Congratulations Zulema! Thanks Liz.

Here are more photos of Zulema's collection from Fashion Ledge. Thanks Alden.

From the Mailbox

This link has video of Wendy Pepper on "The Most." Thanks Susan.

Here is an article in my hometown paper about this weekend's event with Kara Janx. My son Daniel and I are going. Who else?

Here are some more photos from Emmett's Sale: This is Dalin, Nick, Julia and Kathryn. Hi girls! It was fun meeting you!

Below is Dalin (Duckie) and Tim!

Speaking of Emmett, I received this note today:

Dear Blogging Project Runway:

We have been overwhelmed by the LOVE for Tim Gunn and have been packing up bobble heads and t shirts and shipping them out! (So much for the glamourous life of designing!)
The shipments are on the way so look for Tim Gunn in your mail box!

Also the REAL Tim Gunn is coming by this weekend and offered to sign more t- shirts and bobbleheads for those BeePeRs who missed out the first time.

If interested place your orders and specify if you want a signed t-shirt or bobble head in the comment field.
here is the link:

To order a Bobblehead or T-shirt

Can't wait to see you at our next event!

Last, from Chris, here is a link to a finale show critique from zoozoom. Spoiler Alert - you will see photos of several designs.

Fleurchon Friday!

Fleurchons at Anna Molinari. Thanks Sammy!
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Fashionable Makeup Bag

Check out the new makeup bags by MAC Cosmetics. Sleek and chic, use these cuties to carry your newest fall makeup buys. Bags come in 3 styles and feature a shiny, crinkle-textured outside and black/white graphic pattern on the inside.

Price ranges from $15 - $22.

NOTE: Image from

Attention: Chicago!

"Celebrity Couturier" Nick Verreos is coming to the FlatFile Gallery tomorrow night! For more information click here. Could we please have a field reporter? I will try to get passes.

From The Mailbox

Need new checks? You can order these featuring one of Robert Best's Barbie designs!

We wanted to be sure these were actually licensed designs and here is Robert's response:

Yes, they do sell checks with photos of Barbie that I have designed - and that is in fact one of them. I think there is a series of checks with pictures of the "Barbie Fashion Model Collection" which is designed exclusively by me.

There are MORE! Thanks Allison.

Next, BPR reader Chloe V interviewed Alison Kelly for her school paper. You can read Alison's answers here.

Also, it looks like Wendy Pepper will be on THE MOST with Alison Stewart TODAY at 3:00 on MSNBC. Should be fun!

Finally, here is a great article from Entertainment Weekly following up on several of our favorite designers. Thanks Celia.

PARIS - beaubourg + happy therapy cocktail, ora-ito gallery + antoine marquis opening, france fiction + black calvados + le baron, 9/28/06

PARIS - salon de la jeune cr�ation exhibition opening, la bellevilloise, 9/27/06

Ready to Commit to a Favorite Designer?

Team Jeffrey
It's time to get a Gravatar to show everyone who you want to win Season 3! Right click on the image of your choice. Then 'Save picture as' to save the image to your desktop; give it a name like 'TeamJeffrey' or 'TeamLaura' or 'TeamMichael' or 'TeamUli.' (For Mac users, click on the desired image and drag it to your desktop.) Then go to upload your new icon.

Don't have an existing Gravatar account? Go to to sign up! It's free, easy and tied to your email address; just remember that upper and lower case does matter to get your Gravatar to appear. Your new Gravatar is approved in a couple of days. The next time you comment, remember to include your email address in the provided space. Your email address won't show up in the comments but your Gravatar (once approved) will appear. This should be fun!

Top 5 Looks From Season 3

It's time! We're teaming up once again with our friends at Television Without Pity for the popular "Top 5 Looks Poll". Now that everyone has had a chance to see all of the designs and challenges this season, which 5 are your favorites?

Probably the easiest way to look at all of the dresses is to go to Bravo's Rate The Runway page where you can sort by episode. To keep everyone consistent, list your five favorites by number, designer(s) name(s) and challenge like this:

1 - Robert Best "Wall to Wall" challenge
2 - Michael Knight "Iconic Statement" challenge
3 - Angela/Laura/Michael "Macy's" challenge
4 - Uli Herzner "Dog" challenge
5 - Andy Cohen "Weekend In The Hamptons" challenge
(Well, that last one wouldn't count, but you get the idea...)

We'll tally the results and reveal your Top 5 picks in a special countdown leading up to the premiere of the Season 3 finale on October 11. Who from Season 3 will join Andrae Gonzalo as a Top 5 Looks champion?

Wait, is this Monday?

FourFour is served early! Click here.

Click Here For BPR on eBay!

Click here to see the auction for the pink shirt.

Click here to see the auction for the Goodie Bag. Thanks Angela and Ivona!

Click here to see the auction for the black shirt.

If you are interested in these items please place your bids because I actually have TWO of each. Two pink shirts, two black shirts and two goodie bags. (Second goodie bag is missing the program and the ticket - actually they were not part of the official goodie bag but they were in there so I included them....hope that makes sense....) The second item will be offered to the second-highest bidder. Good luck and thank you for supporting the BPR Scholarship Fund!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Transcript of Tim's Podcast #11 - Editorial

BPR would like to thank "Christine the lawyer" for transcribing this podcast. Our roster of transcribers continues to grow and it is very very gratifying to realize that we are a true community! Thank you Christine!

Hi, I�m Tim Gunn and this is my podcast for episode 11.

In our last episode, Vincent and Angela were brought back. And if you recall they were brought back because they were the only two designers who had won challenges and then been eliminated before that episode. Keith would�ve been among them had he not been disqualified. But we had Vincent and Angela, and the only way that they could stay on was to win. And they didn�t win, so they left and our dear Kayne departed also. And Laura was the winner. Laura finally won a challenge and she earned it.

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From The Mailbox

Here is an article featuring Katy Gerdes. Hi Katy!

Something fun from North Jersey. Thanks Valerie.

Here is link to FABULOUS photos of Jay McCarroll's collection. Notice the SHOES please....

For those who don't mind being are equally fabulous photos of the PR Finale Collections. Thanks for these links, Alden.

Angela has really been busy! Thanks Susan.

BPR hearts Maureen Ryan!

Last Call for Contest Entries - Win Indie Jewelry!

Ok guys, I have 4 entries so's not too late to send me yours. Just send me a picture of your latest shopping spree to win the beautiful handmade necklace by Stones on String

Click here to see the entries so far

Click here to see the "official rules" for how to enter - it's pretty much just sending me a picture, but I gotta have "rules".

Remember, winner is randomly selected, so even if you enter now, you have a good chance to win!

Video - Getty Images of Each Collection

Back by popular demand - we are bumping up our OFW show photo links so they are easier to find. This post has links to the popular "large" photos of each collection.

These are videos that I created using Getty Images of each collection coupled with the Project Runway theme composed by Harold Barefoot Sanders III. Each video shows the twelve garments in the correct order.

Also, after each video, we have included new photos from that are large enough to show great detail.

Jeffrey's Collection:

Click here for HUGE pictures of each garment.

Uli's Collection:

Click here for HUGE pictures of each garment.

Laura's Collection:

Click here for HUGE pictures of each garment.

Michael's Collection:

Click here for HUGE pictures of each garment.

OFW Collections Without Watermarks

By popular demand, we are bumping up our links to the OFW shows from the Final 4 so they are easier to find.

Click on each designer to see images from the individual collections from New York Magazine and First View. You can also click on each image for a larger look or play a slideshow of each of the designers' garments.

ETA: ALL of the designers had twelve looks. One of Laura's wasn't included by New York Magazine. You can find it here. One of Jeffrey's wasn't included as well. You can find it here.

Banana Republic Is Having a Sale!

Banana Republic, one of my favorite stores at the moment, is having a huge sale - save up to 40% off!

Here are my picks:

These shoes are great...I have them in black - they're simple, versatile, and actually pretty comfy

This dress is perfect for fall! Grab it...quick!

A steal at 14.99 - pair it with almost anything or use it for fall layers!

The good stuff goes quick at this store, so hurry in to find the best picks!

NOTE: Images from

LA Fans, Don't Forget!

Project Runway designers will be at Alpha Wear tonight. Click here for more info. Send us your reports - thanks!

Twenty Autographed Bobbleheads at EMc2

I spoke with Emmett today and asked if there are any more of the Tim Gunn autographed bobbleheads left. (Remember Tim returned to EMc2 on Sunday and signed a few more!) Anyway, as of today there are about twenty left. Click here to order. Be sure to request the AUTOGRAPHED bobble (same price!)

Click Here To Order YOUR BPR Tank!

Click here to see everything in our Cafe Press Shop.

Early Recaps

And there many to choose from!

Do you know who Ninotchka Garcia de Castellanos is? The Manolo does!

Mark Harris at EW: what does the Sun-Maid raisin lady wear out on date night?

Uli has scrunchy face at Getting To Maybe...

Tiffany thought Michael was dunzo...

Amber: it's a hippy love fest!

It's a kinder, gentler Moi; this week....

Missed Bradley on last night's episode? Minxknits captured it.

Fritter does the twists...

Jayne thinks its better with a decoy...

The Lipstick Mystic thinks its better without a decoy...

Toyuke and Miz Shoes round out the pack.

Just another Reason to Love Laura Bennett

Thanks to Rich for this great screencap!

In October, the worldwide hunt continues

After an exciting month in New-York, I plan a not too bad month of October. First, Paris Women SS07 Fashion Week from next Sunday. Obviously great. And then from October 18 to 22, I'll be in Iceland for Airwaves. A festival "in the tradition of cutting-edge music, all night parties and general debauchery". I look forward to capture the weird aestethic of the local kids. Some of my photographs will be published in WAD Magazine (special North, December). For those who haven't seen all the NY pictures, here they are. For those who were missing the Paris style, it comes back online tomorrow.

From The Mailbox

Last night's outcome appears to be very popular based on your reactions so far. But we have 3 more weeks until we find out who won! We'll do our best to keep your PR fires burning in the meantime. On to the mail!

Here is a very well written, insightful look into the life of Jeffrey Sebelia by John Albert in the LA Times Sunday Magazine. It's a must-read. (Note: you may need to register with LA Times to read this. It's worth it.) Thanks Suzanne.

CB Sports is trying to make a comeback and it looks like Season 1 designer Nora Caliguri is on board. Thanks Alyssa.

Newsday has a brief reveiw of last night's episode up. Thanks Christina.

They were handing out "Ugly Betty" compact mirrors at the Bryant Park tents. And now look: Jeffrey gets a mention in this New York Times review of the new series. Hmmmm.

Here's a cute AP story on Lessons to be learned on the "Runway'.

Attention Daniel Vosovic fans! There's a new interview in the Windy City Times. Thanks Valerie.

Congratulations Uli!

Uli, your designs have been consistently excellent all season. Very early, our readers predicted that you would be one of the finalists. We thought you "should have won" the Mom Challenge and the Couture Challenge in addition to the dog challenge.

You have many many fans here on BPR - Uli- we would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Reactions To Episode 11

It was the final challenge of Season 3. Next stop, Olympus Fashion Week! Post your reactions to Episode 11 here. Don't forget that Mom is watching! Make sure to read the commenting guidelines before posting.

Episode 11 Party!

Two weeks since our last party? It seems like two months! With an extra week of preparation we fully expect everyone to be well fueled and ready for fun tonight.

All are welcome to the party, but please remember our commenting guidelines. Love them or hate them, we do ask that you respect them. Thanks!

Now then, who's joining us tonight?

BPR Live Play-by-Play: Episode 11

It's the final challenge episode of Season 3. The final 4 will get pared down to the Final 3. Or will it be 2? Maybe all 4 get eliminated and no one shows at OFW! No, that can't be. We saw all 4 show at OFW. But how many will count? Tune in to our Live coverage of Episode 11 to find out.

This thread is for Tbone's exclusive use. All others can belly up to the Party Room bar above.

Transcript of Tim's Podcast - Black and White

BPR once again thanks Laurathelawyer for her excellent transcription service. Are YOU available for this job? I don't want to wear our faithful transcribers out and I'd like to spread the job around a little more. Please let me know if you would be available to do this for your fellow BPRs. Thanks!

Hi, I�m Tim Gunn, and this is my podcast for Episode 10, which is our Black and White challenge.

So� last week in Paris we had an initial judging of the designers� work by Catherine Malandrino. Then we returned to New York and had our full court press with the judges�Heidi, Nina, and Michael, and our guest judge Richard Tyler. Jeffrey won his second win in a row, so he�s tied with Michael in that regard. And Vincent was out.

Click here to continue.

From The Mailbox

First, Wendy Pepper will be on "The Most with Alison Stewart" on MSNBC tomorrow at 3p ET. Perhaps we will get Wendy Pepper's take on the whole Jeffrey/Laura kerfuffle. Like last time, we're not sure where this will happen in the hour, so we'll have to watch the whole show! Thanks Tricia.

Did you mean to get Angela's Macy's outfit? Well, good thing you waited because now it's on sale! Thanks, Janet.

Visit Kora for descriptions of many of the vintage inspirations behind our favorite designers' collections.

Here is a Fashion Week article from South Florida's Sun-Sentinel. Ummmm... Florida - by the way - we could use some news about Uli here! Thanks Laura S.

Alison Kelly's new website is coming soon! Be sure to sign up for her e-mail list. Thanks Nathan. Nathan also wants to let us know that the site was designed by Boom Design Group. So if any of you are looking for a website designer (Hint to Laura, Uli and Michael) please check them out!

Here is a note from Diana Eng. I asked her who her favorite was!

Hi LK,

Laura's was my favorite. She managed to add sparkle without making it look like a figure skating costume. They were elegant and sometimes a bit sassy.

Hope to see you next time you are in the city!

the last NY Fashion Week pictures, 9/14-17/06