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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Katy Perry is Half Giraffe and Likes Vogue Eyewear

I decided to brace myself and watch Katy Perry's music video for "E.T." Besides the dumb commercial (featuring suburban teenagers and Kim Kardashian dancing) that Youtube forces you to watch, it was an okay experience. Some bits of the video would be really rad, if it wasn't Katy Perry � like the part where she's floating in space wearing a gauzy pink dress. And the bits that flip through images of DNA and flowers blooming and cells dividing. But not the parts that show animals mating. That made me uncomfortable and not because the monkeys were humping each other (it's all natural!), but because Kanye West was rapping about how he will "probe" you at the same time. Another thing that wasn't so great was the obvious product placement. Brand logos weren't flashed throughout the entire video, but near the end, when Katy is about to walk into the light with her albino, yet completely human looking lover, she bends down to pick up a pair of sunglasses that are so conveniently lying on the space-ground next to her. She puts the shades on in slow-motion and you can clearly see the "Vogue" logo printed on the side. Then her gauzy dress blows off in the space-wind and you see that Katy has giraffe legs!

The hair, costumes and makeup were pretty cool, I will admit.


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